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  1. Kevin Higgins

    Trump is coming ? Is that what the piggy-like (no offence to pigs) breathless grunty noise is ?

    1. Mickey Twopints

      And it’s going to be a low key visit so we won’t get an opportunity to show him just how welcome he is.

    1. eoin

      Interesting pardon, is it all related to Conrad Black’s flattering book about Trump?

      Of course, the pardon is meaningless, he still defrauded his company and that’s what the courts decided and why he spent years in a Florida prison. But at least he didn’t raid his company pension fund or hack journalists data, wha?

      1. johnny

        Fascinating chap, read his biography which i highly recommend,dont agree with any his views politically or anything, but he’s great fun and fabulously witty, quite the presence (or was) can be a little dominerring in conservation,but overall a very nice decent man with yeah a few failings like us all.
        He was neighbors with POTUS for many years in PB,Barbara his current wife is a really great writer and fabulous company also, they were regular’s on the dinner party/charity circuit,he owned the Telegraph for years.
        Nice witty funny larger than life character, almost like a throwback to a different era i wish him all the best, the guy who took him down is a neighbor in hampton’s and he’s now passed, was a very nasty piece work a miserable git.

  2. eoin

    Trump bans Hauwei in US because its technology can be used for spying by the Chinese govt.


    Hauwei has been insinuating itself into Western economies and societies and one of its main weapons is funding research at universities. Many universities including Oxford, MIT and Stanford have already cut ties. What about Ireland’s national centre for hazing excellence, TCD? They’re accepting funding from Huawei for research. What sort of research, I don’t know. After the HIV butter, maybe Herpes yoghurt or Syphillis cheese.

    1. bisted

      …watched Jason Bourne on Film4 last night…looked identical to the Hauwei scenario except the CIA were the bad guys and Snowden was referenced often…much more believable…

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Ring trying to buy votes? With free beer? Whatever next?
    Every trick in the book being rolled out at the moment. Wexford Co.Co. has delivered a full colour brochure about its successes and various projects it’s done, in the process of doing, contemplating, via an AnPost drop two days ago. And photos of all of the incumbent councilors in the county on the back page with their political party (or not) details. “Look at us and what we have done for the county-you know who to vote for”
    Just in time for the local elections. Paid for by us. Non-elected but standing-for-election candidates being given a raw deal by the incumbents.

    1. eoin

      “The Lord Mayor of Dublin invited customers of four pubs from his electoral ward into the Mansion House two weeks before the local elections for “an evening of entertainment, refreshments, food and music”.

      Mr Ring has been Lord Mayor since June 2018 and is a councillor for the north inner city. Diageo provides 120 kegs of beer, about 10,560 pints, to the lord mayor’s office free of charge each year as part of a long-standing tradition. It is served to guests at events and receptions hosted at the Dublin city centre venue.

      Mr Ring surpassed this free allowance in January and Diageo agreed to supply an extra 30 free kegs, although this also ran out in March. Dublin City Council then bought 71 kegs of beer for €15,280 after the second allocation ran dry.”

      Reported the Irish Times yesterday. The IT and Times Ireland have been tick-tacking for the past week in exposing questionable behavior surrounding ex-FF, now Independent local councillor Nial Ring.

      1. martco

        “big” Phil Hogan pulling an electioneering stroke for FG/EPP?

        (a bit like the FAI being insolvent) I never woulda seen that coming

        1. eoin

          Ah no, is the FAI insolvent? Only six weeks after Sports Ireland (chairman, Kieran Mulvey) gave the FAI nearly €1m of taxpayer money; the €1m grant was paid a fortnight after revelations about questionable loans at the FAI.

          I wonder will the FAI ask its honorary life time chairman for a dig-out, I hear he’s (nearly) in the clover again after the State decided to award him a €5 billion contract.


  4. eoin

    And so concluded the closing arguments in the Gerald Kean v Irish Daily Star in the High Court yesterday. The jury will be considering the case today. Gerald took issue with an article by Mick O’Toole in the Star in 2016 about the Criminal Assets Bureau seizure of documents from Gerald’s law practice, for the purchase of a property in Dublin by someone linked to the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation. Gerald says the report was defamatory, the Star denies that.

    More later when the jury makes a decision.

  5. eoin

    Jebus, the entire media and many politicians are out batting for the manufacturer of the Spinraza drug.

    The HSE is currently (re) evaluating the drug on cost/benefits grounds.

    “The price being sought by the company Biogen, which manufactures the drug, amounts to €600,000 per patient for the first year and €380,000 every year after that.” says RTE

    We’re apparently just one of two EU countries which hasn’t given the green light for public funding of the drug. The NHS in the UK has just approved it, but there’s no word on how much Biogen is charging them. Biogen know Ireland has the biggest health budget per capita in the EU, they’re not going to offer us a low-ball figure now are they? Look out for lots more blackmail.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Never fear – Novartis is here. Zolgensma is meant to be a one time treatment and sure isn’t Novartis getting tax breaks here? They’ll surely cut us a deal. Although….Biogen has a plaque over a door here. Why? For tax reasons?

  6. eoin

    “I’ve just received the expenditure by @HomelessDublin for the 2018 period. The figures are to say the least outrageous. A total of €141,147,361.00 was spent in Dublin alone.” tweets Anthony Flynn who runs one homeless charity in Dublin.


    Didn’t Deputy Catherine Murphy establish Dublin City Council built 21 homes for social housing in 2018?

  7. Johnny

    How’s that out dated fiber working out,please come join us in 2019.

    ‘SpaceX is targeting Thursday, May 16 for the launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. SpaceX’s Starlink is a next-generation satellite network capable of connecting the globe, especially reaching those who are not yet connected, with reliable and affordable broadband internet services.‘


    1. rotide

      Johnny, satellite broadband has been available (and has been useless) since the 90s. Try to keep up.

      It serves a purpose, but that purpose is never going to be mainstream.

      Fibre is FAR prefereble to satellite. If you don’t believe me, sign up for it.

      1. SOQ

        I am in the IT game rotide, and I use satellite, as does some of my rural clients. Fibre is obviously preferable but we live in the real world.

        Please, tell me what average localised business function satellite is not suitable for? Genuine question. And if you answer latency I come right back at you now by saying that with only on rare occasion is text not transmitted.

        1. SOQ

          I am at this stage convinced that connectivity speeds is the new geek snobbery. So what it that email arrives five minutes late? It was cached and then sent.

          MS 365 processes can delay, without any explanation, until end of day ffs.

          1. SOQ

            Rant 2. Even on this site, comments only appear at the refresh speed of the underlying platform. Get a friggen grip.

  8. johnny

    Boy scouts are in the news here…The Perversion Files.
    “For decades, the Boy Scouts of America has closely guarded a trove of secret documents that detail sexual abuse allegations against troop leaders and others.

    “The most complete public accounting of the abuse so far came in 2012 when the Los Angeles Times published a searchable database of 5,000 files and case summaries that are part of the Scouts’ blacklist known as the “perversion files.”

    Seven years later, more details are emerging about the scope of sex abuse in the youth organization. A researcher hired by the Scouts to analyze records from 1944 to 2016 testified earlier this year that she had identified 7,819 suspected abusers and 12,254 victims.”


    Here are the perversion files if you click on the case/complaint the entire file is here-the complaint and response.

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