Meanwhile, In Killarney


This morning/afternoon

Via Radio Kerry:

It’s understood the allegations relate to the Killarney Electoral Area…

The allegations centre on the charge that a person gathered up forms for applications to the supplementary register of electors, got them signed by members of the public, and then may have had an individual Garda stamp them without being in the presence of the people the forms relate to.

Preliminary enquiries into allegations of interference with Kerry’s Supplementary Register of voters (Radio Kerry)

Pic: Rollingnews

Radio Kerry‘s Jerry O’Sullivan writes:

Like all journalists I have been told lots of stories over the years of polling card and voting  shenanigans on various election days in Kerry – this one seems to have more substance to it…

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12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Killarney

  1. BS

    I knew the fine people of Kerry couldn’t be thick enough to vote in all those Healy-raes

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Google Ads can sometimes be gas.
    When I click into the Radio Kerry article, there’s an ad inserted for a Killarney Fianna Fail candidate whose placement as an ad is not immediately apparent.

    1. italia'90

      I’m getting an ad from the same felleher here too ;)

      Can I ask if anyone from Killarney, who’s logged into FB, tell me if the same ad is appearing on their FB feed please?
      Many thanks in advance.

  3. Dan

    Not true. Gardai don’t break the law, sorry i meant gardai are above the Law
    Same difference?

  4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    I know it says Killarney Electoral Area

    But aren’t they standard forms to register to vote anyway
    Like any Garda Station / Desk Duty Officer can sign

    Any chance they could be registering voters in Cork Dublin Mayo whathaveya

  5. Truth in the News

    There is no doubt about it, some patriotic citizens may have several votes and this
    is not specific to Kerry, its nation wide, one begs the question if there was a suspect
    vote and a tight margin, would it lead to an election being declared void.

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