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Olga Wehrly twasks:

Are you for REAL? Cupcake cases with allergy warnings? This is grossly irresponsible – how can these not be a complete danger? How would allergic people know to avoid these?

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  1. Username already in use

    I don’t see an issue. It’s packed in a factory that handles nuts and is labelled as such. If your allergy is that severe surely you would check everything for allergy advice?

  2. kellMA

    To be fair; you dont injest cupcake cases usually (although children have been known to) so it would be easy to not even register this. My reaction was initially “jesus OTT” but children do eat cases sometimes so it actually makes sense. BUT i agree that the warning (for the reason its not an obviously injestible material) should be a bit more prominent.

    1. Spud

      Thankfully I don’t have any serious allergies, but I would hope those that do are well aware of various foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs that may be susceptible to cross contamination. I presume as it’s baking supplies, they are made in an environment with other baking foodstuffs.
      Don’t think it’s ‘grossly irresponsible’ given that the advice is given.
      Also, don’t a lot of shampoos have nut oils? It’s not as if you take a swig of them in the morning, so I’m sure same logic applies.

    2. George

      A person with a severe peanut allergy would not need to eat the paper to have a reaction.

  3. ciaran

    in fairness some nut allergies are so sensitive that opening a packet of nuts on an aeroplane near someone can cause a reaction, so they don’t have to eat the material. if someone has a serious allergy they read everything for allergy advice. seems pretty responsible to me, I think you are looking for an issue where there is none.

  4. scottser

    see, now you’ve made me use capitals.
    LOOK AT ME!!
    don’t look at me

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