‘His Legal Bill Is Being Paid Out Of The Taxpayer-Funded Office’


Former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan; former Garda Press Officer Supt David Taylor at the Disclosures Tribunal in Dublin Castle last year


In the Four Courts.

Supreme Court judge Peter Charleton, who oversaw the Disclosures Tribunal in respect of its terms of reference (a) to (o), which included the examination the treatment of Garda whistleblower former Sgt Maurice McCabe, heard submissions from various parties in relation to costs.

He said his final decision on costs will be posted on the Disclosures Tribunal’s website.

Further to this…

Shane Phelan, in the Irish Independent, reports:

Former Garda commissioner Martin Callinan will not have to pay any legal costs in connection with his representation at the Disclosures Tribunal, despite its findings he waged a “campaign of calumny” against whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

Mr Callinan was represented by the Chief State Solicitor’s Office at the tribunal and his legal bill is being paid out of the taxpayer-funded office’s resources, sources have told the Irish Independent.

However, former Garda press officer David Taylor, who assisted Mr Callinan in the campaign, could have to pay some or all of his costs.

Ex-commissioner Callinan’s tribunal legal bill set to be covered by taxpayer (Shane Phelan, Independent.ie)

Charleton considers submissions for tribunal costs (RTE)

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13 thoughts on “‘His Legal Bill Is Being Paid Out Of The Taxpayer-Funded Office’

  1. phil

    Seriously , when you guys are ready for the revolution , give me a shout an tell me where to stand and what to do , if it has to be violent , so be it …

  2. eoin

    Thanks Frances Fitzgerald, you’re the best!

    (As an aside, why was the State Solicitors Office acting as solicitor for former/retired commissioner Martin Callinan, while, last year, still employed by the Gardai, Dave Taylor engaged a private firm of solicitors).

    Anyone want to have a stab at Martin Callinan’s legal costs? €1,562 a day for senior counsel, €1,041 for junior counsel, plus a handful of state-employed solicitors? I would have a stab of around €500,000.

    Again, thanks Frances Fitzgerald, you’re the best!

    1. eoin

      A reminder of the team of barristers representing Noirin O’Sullivan and Martin Callinan


      1. Rob_G

        Should we turn up outside their houses with pitchforks and torches? They are duty-bound to represent their client, you muppet

        1. GiggidyGoo

          The reminder I think is the standing of these people, and the number of them, and the cost associated with engaging them – not the people themselves. That probably went over your head though?

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Clouseau should be punished for his campaign of calumny. People go to jail for not having a TV licence. Black Bin Bag man gets away scot free.

  4. Mike

    I had heard way back when, that the State would be footing the bill and therefore influence the strategy.
    As in, if he hired his own legal team, he could tell them to do his bidding and represent his interests as he decides is best, but in this case (as he isn’t employing them), if they decided not to defend certain points they could choose to do so without his input or approval.
    Anyone able to endorse that? Could be total $hite-talk like… :-)

  5. realPolithicks

    That’s incredible, is Ireland capable (or willing) to hold anyone to account for anything?

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