Fresh Start


From top: clipping from the Nationalist and Leinster Times newspaper on Friday, February 11, 1994; Tom Dempsey; Fine Gael campaign video for Mr Dempsey

Jack Power, in The Irish Times, reports:

A Fine Gael local election candidate who was previously convicted after embezzling £63,000 from the public health service in the 1990s, is now running for a seat on Kildare County Council.

Tom Dempsey, a former priest and publican, is standing as a candidate for Fine Gael in Newbridge, Co Kildare.

…“I want to make it clear I did not benefit personally from any of the payments I made,” Dempsey said. Following the court case his legal team agreed a repayment plan, and he “paid back everything that was asked”, he said.

“I deeply regret my actions at the time, but felt that I was doing everything I could to relieve people of great hardship. I have atoned and made a fresh start,” he said.

Former priest who embezzled £63,000 running for Fine Gael (Jack Power, The Irish Times)

Clipping: Irish Newspaper Archive

Pic: Tom Dempsey (Facebook)

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35 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. postmanpat

    Sorry (you caught me) . Scorpion and the frog. Imagine all the stuff he was never caught for. There it is folks! The man is untrustworthy , if you vote for him you are a moron. This isn’t a FG Blushirt bash. I don’t care what party he is from. This fella is in it for the presents, perks and insider knowledge to help himself gain personal wealth. People like that don’t change. Sure they might all be at it but this fella is DEFINATLY at it. The odd are 100% he will steal again. I doesn’t matter how he chooses to distribute the wealth , its not his to spend. Stealing is stealing. Vote for someone else.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            trick question though

            more curragh than newbridge. am I right or am i what?!

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I understand where you’re coming from but no, ’twas Newbridge. Unfortunately.

    1. johnny

      HAHA good one Bro-yeah the post is about who’s visited Newbridge,you nailed it again, probably only thing you’ve nailed in an awful long,long time……..or like ever!

        1. johnny

          -yeah Rob if it was a SF candidate you’d be channelling your inner 11 year old all right,reminding us of some bombing/shooting from the ’70’s,or perhaps MaryL would be making an appearance…….
          -So Rob what you think, yet another suitable FG candidate?
          But lets get back to Bro’s bum,his foot(sock)fetish,imaginary sex parties that happen only in his head, but whatever we do please do NOT discuss this post……..

          1. Brother Barnabas

            there’s nothing you can say about my bum that hasn’t already been said

          2. millie st meadowlark

            You know Johnny, if you don’t like the inanities posted by Brother B and others (including myself, I’d say) would you not just ignore him rather than allowing yourself to be bothered by them?

            There are plenty of posters I disagree with or find tiresome so I largely try to ignore them.

          3. johnny

            You bore me Bro,its all so trite,cliched and out dated,this is an important post about a convicted fraudster running for FG-who when challenged,respond with oh its long time ago,everyone deserves a second chance….

          4. johnny

            oh i do Mille-Bro like’s wander over and trow shapes under mine, when he’s not engaged in puerile nonsense.

          5. johnny

            -another great post derailed Bro-great work but sure lets talk about your feelings,thanks Bodger, this is really not getting the media attention it deserves,he’s a convicted fraudster and x priest,can only imagine if he was SF !

          6. Cian

            johnny, your lack of consistency is incredible.

            If this were a SF candidate you’d respond with oh its long time ago, everyone deserves a second chance. This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who.

            Personally, I think FG messed up here and shouldn’t have accepted/run Dempsey as a candidate.

          7. johnny

            But he’s not a SF candidate now is he Cian-that’s the point-duh!

            His BFF,FG MEP McGuinness is no stranger to priests now is she…….

            “Leaked proposals from a senior Irish politician, backed by powerful Christian lobbyists, raise stakes in European elections, where the far right is pushing for big gains.
            The report recommends more direct meetings between religious associations and the parliament’s rapporteurs – who handle legislative proposals drawn up by the European Commission, as well as other key documents, including draft strategies.”


      1. Papi

        Little johnny, biting every hook that passes. When you’re a big boy, you’ll understand you don’t have to. Now check some soup for me.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Aye. Quite a while ago. Regularly. Can’t remember the pub but when the owner wanted to clear the premises he used to put on a high pitched sound on the PA system that went through your brain and he had the pub empty in no time.
      The Talk Of The Town restaurant (is it still there?) was great on a Friday night.

  2. TheQ47

    Not in any way excusing it, but he’s hardly the only one.

    Michael Clarke, in Sligo was “found guilty by a jury in January 2002 of conspiracy to steal a Department of Agriculture pay order for almost £27,000 and two charges of handling stolen Department cheques.”
    RTÉ news ( 12 Mar 2002
    He’s been an Independent Councillor in Sligo Co Co since 2009 (

    1. Truth in the News

      And what about his other running mate former Fianna Fail now Independent
      Joe Queenan subject of a SIPO inquiry as a result of a rather interesting
      RTE investigates documentary.

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