It Was A Very Good Year


Pat O’Mahony writes:

25 years ago [last Tuesday] I saw The Auteurs in the recently-razed Tivoli Theatre, Dublin. 1994 wasn’t a bad year at all in fact at the old Francis Street venue, was it?

In fairness.

Pat O’Mahony (Facebook)

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19 thoughts on “It Was A Very Good Year

    1. nigel

      Maybe if the demolish Supervalu the receipt might just be worth saving even for just the points on your loyalty card
      Unlike you I spent many a night enjoying some of the bands that played there

  1. McVitty

    My God, price certainly wasn’t a disincentive – just put aside 3 weeks pocket money and go see Oasis or Manic Street Preachers in their breakthrough period. Damn you Live Nation/TicketMaster!

  2. aoh

    Live Aid 1985. Wembley. £25 a head. Went with my two sisters, one brother and his girlfrend. £125 between us all.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I send to see Dickie Rock 35 years ago. Cost one pound one and one pence. No receipts given.

  3. Cú Chulainn

    And Pat needs to get a life. He might like to listen to Jon Ronson’s butterfly effect series.. the one about the guy and the stamps.. rings a bell..

    1. Cú Chulainn

      And, not that I want to have a go at Pat.. but, in 1994 Ireland had a social and cultural revolution, and its wasn’t in the Tivoli Theatre, not then anyway.. poor old Pat missed it then is still missing it now..

      1. nigel

        Actually Dublin was alive and the Tivoli was part of that
        Street art mother red caps vicar street little venues brought the likes of Jonny mars jonnie thunders
        Sadly when the tiger arrived Ireland experienced a revolution fed by greed hardly cultural

        I remember pat Mahoney remember the dice man I remember the likes of the benzeni brothers aka hothouse flowers also Christopher daybel who recited poetry on Grafton street
        I remember guggi I remember pete short who sold in Dublin and then colourful Simon carmody
        I remember the coffee inn
        Mcgonagles the pink
        Then we had the likes of the waterboys who adopted Ireland like other international artists

        The Tivoli theatre played a major part and without that vibe we would never of had Alan parker who made the commitments as he saw a Dublin alive with talent but that was 1991
        Sadly only a few years later we sold our souls and are experiencing the reality of this now

        1. Lilly

          Christopher Daybel, ‘do you read poetry at all’ in his plummy voice. Whatever became of him, was his poetry any good?

          1. nigel

            I do not know one day he was no longer there

            I bought some one day and it was not too bad

            Also I remember a guy a simple guy who played the accordion on Grafton street
            You could hear him for miles he had a shrieking voice

            He used to busking and spend every last cent buying lunches for homeless kids

            He too disappeared but one day years later there he was in Galway

            Apparently he left Dublin because he was beaten up
            He was being looked after by the religious orders

  4. Royal M

    Considering Bill Hicks, Rage Against the Machine and Jeff Buckley all played the Tivoli around the same period – meh

  5. Liam

    loved the Tivoli – you could hang around afterwards and meet the bands; had a chat with Oasis after that gig and a somewhat worse-for-wear Evan Dando who was hanging around with them at the time.

    Also – I’d forgotten how late those gigs were.

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