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  1. Adama

    Y’know I’m sorry for those 2 dauphins William and Harry. It can’t have been easy losing their Mum so young. But as someone who lost their parents young give it a rest. The absolute vacuum you both inhabit means anything you say is codswhallop to 99.99% of humanity. Shut it.

    * Yes I was in the pub.

    1. Ron

      There it is. The most stupidest thing anyone will read today. Drink definitely suits you.

          1. Ron

            oh Pee Pee. your so edgy with your opinion. Where do I subscribe to your newsletter? I bet it has wonderful pictures and cartoons in it. When you see the general level of intelligence on this from people like you it starts to make sense why Ireland is such an incompetent incapable mess. They say people elect politicians in their own image. doesn’t say for much for the voters.

      1. Mickey Twopints

        I see you haven’t had that hug yet, Ron.

        Beautiful morning, sun shining, birds singing, get out there!

        1. Ron

          your fixation with hugs is really creepy. Just the fact that your an OAP makes it even creepier!

          1. Mickey Twopints

            Space cadet.

            A very unsuccessful one.

            Pay wasn’t great but the shiny uniforms were cool, and we were each issued with a free goldfish bowl and a ray gun.

            Have you ever seen Uranus up close Ron?

          2. Mickey Twopints

            Why do you reject the overtures of brotherly love, Ron?
            Don’t be afraid.
            You don’t have to live such a lonely and bitter existence.
            Be kind to yourself, let the sunshine in.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Finished the box set of Celebrity Juice already?. What’s next? The box set of Jeremy Kyle?

  2. eoin

    €160,000 damages (so far) for solicitor Gerald Kean, after a jury decided yesterday that he had been defamed in a Daily Star story by Mick O’Toole in 2016. The case isn’t over yet, Gerald is also suing for breach of privacy and that will be heard before a judge only (no jury) next week. What are the costs in the case which had a 6 day hearing? You probably wouldn’t get much change from €200,000.

    It’s good news for the taxpayer (Revenue Commissioners) presumably. According to the Irish Times earlier this year

    “Solicitor Gerald Kean owes the landlord of his former office building in Dublin city centre almost €180,000 in unpaid rent and other debts. According to records obtained from the Dublin city sheriff’s office, Mr Kean has a civil order secured against him for €179,317.37, alongside more than €100,000 owed to the Revenue Commissioners.”

    While I think yesterday was a bad day for free speech in this country, I also saw the front page of the Daily Star yesterday which was blazened with a story about the Lucan child murder trial and the headline “15 brutal torture methods”, so, good enough for them.

    A feature of this case was who alerted Mick O’Toole to the CAB visit to Gerald Kean. Gerald claimed it could only have been the Gardai and that such communication wasn’t lawful. Mick said in the witness stand that it wasn’t the Gardai. Maybe, we’ll have more light thrown on this next week as it is relevant to privacy.

    1. eoin

      Interesting day overall for free speech in Ireland yesterday.

      Former TD and minister, Joe Costello settled his case with the Mail and an apology was read out by the Mail saying its article was wrong. No word about damages but I’d be shocked if Joe wasn’t walking away with a wad of cash.

      And then, three kids, around 7 years of age, walked away with an overall total of €14,000 after being wrongly shouted at by a security guard at Iceland in a way which suggested they were thieves, yes, it was that subtle. In some ways, Iceland was lucky because a false accusation of theft in a shop seems to carry a benchmark award of €20,000.

      And the Times Ireland reports a FG councillor has gotten €20,000 from a Sinn Fein activist for something posted on Facebook.

      Ireland is in desperate need of libel reform, the removal of jury hearings for defamation, a serious damages test before a case can be taken and a menu of more reasonable awards. In the long term, our democracy suffers if we don’t reform the system.

      1. rotide

        Depending on what was said 20k could be completely reasonable judging by the amount of people that take Facebook as gospel

      2. rotide

        I’m not sure why you think this is a free speech issue since all the examples (and one is in the UK) seem like examples of people falsely accusing people of things

  3. eoin

    Is that the worst steamiest pile of crap you’ll ever read in an Irish newspaper by Niamh Lyons in the Times Ireland today?

    “up to €1bn” of gold (equiv of around 28,000 kgs) in a ship that was sunk off the coast of Donegal in 1940, says Niamh.

    I’m sure Niamh took a look at wikipedia and found the entry “In 1995, salvagers found Empress of Britain upside-down in 500 feet (150 m) of water. Using saturation diving, they found that the fire had destroyed most of the decks, leaving a largely empty shell rising from the sea floor. The bullion room was still intact. Inside was a skeleton but no gold. It is suspected the gold was unloaded when Empress of Britain was on fire and its passengers evacuated. ”

    Apparently the salvagers think there is gold still down there and they want Ireland to reduce the 7.5% tax on the gold to 4% if it is landed in Ireland, the salvagers also want to hold onto the gold and not leave it with the Irish government for its owners to claim it. Who might the owners of 28,000 kgs of gold be, you might ask. The British govt.

    Heap of poo.

      1. deluded

        Apple crumble is $3.50 in Jamaica while a slice of Banoffee is $1.70 in Barbados and those are just some of the pie rates of the Caribbean.

          1. SOQ

            Imagine the irritability from those who on principle don’t hold a passport or have no intention of holding one, upon reading your comment?

            I do not hold a passport btw.

    1. realPolithicks

      The brits pretty much invented piracy (or privateering) as they liked to call it, so this just continues the tradition.

  4. eoin

    RIP Azzam Raguragui

    “Leaving Cert student Azzam — who aspired to be a doctor — was knifed in the leg and twice in the chest at Finsbury Park in Dundrum as he and pals were spending time together there ahead of going to the Mosque for Friday prayer last week.”

    Gardai are still appealing for info,

  5. SOQ

    The Brexit polarisation of Britain appears to be manifesting itself in electoral support. Farage on one side and the Lib Dems / Greens on the other, both doing very well if polls are anything to go by. All ably assisted by the dithering of May and Corbyn of course.

  6. SOQ

    Funny story of the week has to be Sikhs getting hot under the turban because Gucci has launched its own brand of similar style hats. Turbans have been a thing on the club scene for a number of years now but, mainly worn by women. Now that it is catching on with the fellas, all of a sudden it is a big issue it seems.

    Dear God, please save me from your followers etc…


        1. Mickey Twopints

          Well, the Muslims are on Ramadan and the Buddhists and the Bahá’í are busy this week.

          Oh, sorry. You meant why was Rotide conflating Sikhs and Hindus? Easy mistake to make. They’re all brown people from the same sub-continent. How is anyone supposed to tell them apart, I ask you?

          1. SOQ

            I worked on an IT project in London with a very camp gay Silk and an old Irish Catholic nun. Great craic they were- they took turns to invite the Jehovah’s Witnesses in for a cup of tea, then played good cop bad cop on them.

            confused.com wasn’t the word for the look on the Jehovah’s faces when they were leaving.

          1. nigel

            Actually drinking is frowned on but permitted in certain circumstances like celebrations

  7. eoin

    Front page of the Indo today is a naked advertisement for the government five days ahead of the elections. “Look at FG and what they will be doing about housing by the end of this year”

  8. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Deleted for flagging Minister Eoghan Murphy’s article in the Indo


    Lads link articles here all the time

    Or was it ’cause I linked one’ah me
    Saving it up for one of yere pal’s pals huh


    No denying it now lads

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Only gave mention to the article by quoting its headline
        Work for word in italics

        And linked one of my own
        From over there in the corner
        That plugged long term residential leases last October
        Budget thingy

        I did say the paper ‘ Indum’ tho’

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Ah it made it

      Must be that 5g Chemtrail tailback

      Ta Broadsheet

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