Kane And Able


Journalist Conor Kane

Following on from RTÉ’s former South East Correspondent Damien Tiernan quitting his role in February after 23 years, due to an apparent “frustration at not being able to get stories on air”

RTÉ announces:

RTÉ News is pleased to announce the appointment of Conor Kane, as South East Correspondent.

Currently a freelance journalist in the south east region, Conor has reported on news and sport for national and local media, including RTÉ, over the last number of years.

He has previously worked as South East Correspondent for the Irish Independent and a senior news reporter for The Irish Examiner. Prior to this he worked with The Roscommon Herald, Wicklow People and People Group Newspapers (Wexford), and The Nationalist in Clonmel.

He is a journalism graduate from DIT with over 25 years media experience and has a wide range of contacts across the region.

Conor is a native of Fethard in Co Tipperary and lives in Clonmel.

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Pic: RTE

2 thoughts on “Kane And Able

  1. eoin

    I see David Murphy, the former economics lad at RTE is now “political coverage editor”. Another political bod, that’s exactly what RTE needs.

    The other economics lad, Sean Whelan was supposed to be going to London to replace whats-her-name Mitchell, but RTE seems to have left both where they are.

    Vincent Kearney in Northern Ireland is a big improvement on the Wright lad.

    RTE’s foreign correspondent doesn’t even rise to the level of useless.

  2. Mr. P

    I know this is important to the Montrose clique and they all think they are terribly important…., but to everyone else it holds the same weight as “Simon from accounts has stormed out because nobody cared what his job was”

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