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  1. Mickey Twopints

    Eventful couple of days coming up with the neighbours over in Downing Street by the look of it.

    BohJoh by teatime? Grayling for the most hilarious pyrrhic victory in human history? M. Francois, who will enact emergency powers and lead a fresh invasion of the Normandy beaches (leading from the rear, naturally)?

    Either way, batten down the hatches, cause we’re going to be hit with the backwash!

    1. eoin

      The Telegraph reports

      “The Prime Minister was accused of bunkering herself in with “the sofa against the door” after she refused to meet Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid who were expected to confront her over her “disastrous” new Brexit deal.”

      It’s not clear if “the sofa against the door” is figurative or literal, it really could be either because other media describes her barricading herself into her offices.

      Will today see a total wipe-out for the Tories in the European Parliament elections for 73 seats?

      1. bisted

        …at least there will be some actual data to analyse, rather than the discredited ‘opinion polls’ so beloved of MSM and Broadsheet commenters…

        1. Mickey Twopints

          I’m not sure how much store we should put into the outcome of the UK elections for the EP, either way. It’s obvious that it has become a protest vote for those Brexiteers who feel disenfranchised, and much of the discussion amongst those who campaign for Remain seems to centre around tactical voting engineered solely to frustrate the Brexit “Party”.

          Very few of the votes appear to be destined for their intended purpose – the democratic election of actual representatives to the EP.

          1. bisted

            …despite the fact that the UK electorate clearly indicated that they wanted to leave the EU…their wishes, democratically expressed, have been betrayed. This result will be interpreted in ways that will suit every interest group but it will represent another indisputable part of the democratic process…

          2. Mickey Twopints

            Their democratically expressed wish to exit the EU has been shown to be undeliverable, except in ways which will be extremely damaging. We can see overwhelming incontrovertible evidence that the UK voters were intentionally and systematically fed a diet of lies during the BREXIT referendum campaigns.

            But of course you know this, and yet you repeatedly parrot the same claims.

          3. ReproBertie

            The UK government has been tearing itself to pieces for a couple of years now trying to implement the results of the referendum without destroying their economy. Apparently that’s a betrayal to some people who didn’t consider the complications of leaving.

  2. Verbatim

    Terribly shocking that murder of a young man, wheeling a buggy, my first thought was it was filled with drugs, but no, wheeling out his young child! Another form of corruption that is left to thrive in little old Ireland.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        I don’t get the link tbh but this probably isn’t the forum to discuss it…..

        1. Catherine costelloe

          I thought the sun headline “Best friends whacked” quite dreadful. It’s cold blooded murder leaving families and communities distraught .

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Typical. I don’t even glance at that rag even when I know it’s there. I have a Sun Protection Factor and life is better with it on. Try it.

          2. postmanpat

            “A DRUG dealer” The SUN is great for learning to READ English as a second LANGUAGE. The writing is kept SIMPLE and the important WORDS are in CAPITAL letters.

        2. dav

          @bertie it was discussed on Morning Ireland this morning when the question was asked for the reasons behind the shootings

  3. eoin

    Last night, details of the changes to the Times Ireland business emerged. The paper, which was launched just two years ago, sells around 3,300 copies a day and employs 20 people. Seems all 20 are being made “redundant”, but, unless they’ve been there for two years, they won’t receive any redundancy. I’d guess maybe five of the 20 have been there for the full two years. And redundancy will be “statutory”, which, say, you’re getting €60,000 and have two years service, will be only €3,000 tax-free (2 years * (2 weeks * €600) + €600).

    “Staff members who spoke to The Irish Times said that there is considerable anger and disappointment over the terms of severance being offered.” reports the Irish Times today.

    The Times Ireland isn’t totally closing down, it will produce a digital version, and employ three journalists who will be required “to produce four to six “news or politics” stories per day “to be published in the Irish section of the Times website ”

    So, no more investigative or analysis work which was what gave the Times Ireland its only real journalistic distinction.

  4. eoin

    Hilarious to see the ideological tug of war over that embodiment of British industry, British Steel.

    The lefty Morning Star demands the collapsing business be nationalised.

    While the Financial Times reports the Tory business minister says the British government will be the majority investor in the business, or, to put it another way, the owner.

    So, lefties and righties are united it seems.

    1. bisted

      …remember living in England when the same ideological tussle went on over the coal industry and we know how that ended…sides were equally polarised but the interesting casualty were the liberals who became a laughing stock…they were dubbed the ‘pit pony party’…

      1. martco


        I do my best to understand the Brits & their complicated goings on but I certainly can’t.
        I don’t know any group of people (race?) who have done so so many great things in the world..science, engineering, manufacturing, various social & political constructs…whilst also having done so so many stupid, arrogant, harmful, destructive things.

        tis like watching an alternative universe where the Beatles didn’t break up & doggedly kept going & ended up doing wedding & 21st’s

        The death of an empire…and it’s been dying since as long as I can remember

        the chaos of it all

        1. Cian

          Do the two go hand-in-hand? If you have an empire it provides the resources and scale to have many great *and* harmful things. Smaller countries have less potential (to do both).

          1. martco

            oh definitely. the objectionable thing for me is is they leveraged the beginnings of it all certainly via the pillage route, slavery, you name it nefarious deeds. all the big hitters did. it never would have happened any other way. then that’s mixed up for me with some of the great things that came off the back of all that. both disgusting & fantastic. confusing.

            now for some reason they can’t move on, or at least thats the propaganda, dying wasp

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            Do once-empires continue to practice and profess imperialism? Britain, Germany, France? Can’t see it in Spain and Portugal.

          3. martco

            hard to say @Spag they all have blood on their hands, don’t they?
            far as I can see the Dutch & Belgians are the ones who seem to have managed best on the PR front. oh and the Vatican.

            as regards the ordinary joes on the street that I’ve experience of – for me the Brits far and away are the worst for hanging onto those notions & romanticising them….whilst gamely battering their way thru weddings & 21st’s :)

  5. eoin

    The battle for hearts and minds for the €2bn/€3bn/€5bn/€11bn National Broadband Plan is intensifying.

    Tuned into the Virgin 11pm show last night to see Denis Naughten and Terry Prone, Naughten was promoting the Granahan McCourt deal to the hilt. Don’t know about Terry Prone, couldn’t take the propaganda any more.

    Meanwhile the Irish Examiner reports today “The consortium developing the State’s multibillion-euro national broadband project has been accused of “bringing nothing” to the plan amid claims a separate company is part-funding its investment. ”

    It looks so sleazy, Ireland engages a Boston investment company with no discernible skills in this area, which had numerous secret meetings with the Minister responsible for procurement, becomes the sole bidder for the biggest public contract ever and changes the composition of its syndicate in the very last month of a multi-year procurement process. The investment company is putting up €220m for the contract, but we don’t know the source of the money or who controls the investment company. The government gets the process auditor for the procurement, who runs a one-man consultancy business, to give the procurement a clean bill of health, and claims that’s “independent”. And the contract cost increases from €500m to a supposed max of €3bn in six months.

    So sleazy.

    1. martco

      can’t get my head around any of this anymore.
      it’s obvious there’s a scam afoot & very well exposed now yet they continue to push for it.
      what is the real deal here? who’s getting sort€d?
      is it just as simple a scam as the {some unknown [granahan (DOB—>FG) mccourt] investment entity} or is there something even more murky going on?

      1. Simon'sTell

        National Children’s Hospital.
        National Broadband Plan.
        Climate “Emergency”
        Migration Compact.

        It’s all a scam to steal your money.

        Remember the banking scam? Same poo, different bumholes.

        You are but cattle to the slaughter for them. Even if you stop voting for the puck3ers they’ll just rob the elections anyway.


        1. millie st murderlark

          Just because you put ‘Fact’ at the end of a claim, that doesn’t make it true.

          It just makes you sound like a Domestos ad.

          1. millie st murderlark

            Please provide *credible sources* to back up your claim re climate change being a big elaborate hoax.

            And I think we’ll just leave the migration topic alone, lest we give you an excuse to start ranting about the nasty ‘furrinurs’.

          2. Mickey Twopints

            I see the Peter Casey support team have discovered Broadsheet.

            Bet they have to stick out their tongue while typing, though.

          3. Simon'sTell

            Look outside your window – and beyond the nose of your own smugness – and tell us which part of this grand soft day is an “Emergency”?

          4. millie st murderlark

            Grand. So you’re full of Demestos and absolutely no facts.

            Thanks for clearing that up.

          5. Simon'sTell

            No climate emergency. No facts to prove there is one. Just dogma, lies and distraction.

            Taxes won’t change the climate. Are you foolish enough to think they will?

          6. millie st murderlark

            So, as I said. You’ve got nothing except blind adherence. That’s fine. But don’t state as a fact when you cannot prove it as such.

          7. Simon'sTell

            So tell us edalicious, what is the emergency?

            Is it an invisible,? Is it a secret? Only known to the initiates? And the rest of us have to suck it up, paying through the nose as an act of faith?

            The onus is on those who claim the emergency to prove the emergency.

            If you can’t prove the emergency then there is none.

          8. millie st murderlark

            I’m pretty sure you can find a plethora of incontrovertible proof once you take off the blinkers.

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