‘Go On Dancing With The Stars If You Want The Attention’


Last night.

RTÉ One broadcast its final live debate with MEP candidates – this time with candidates from the Midlands-North-West constituency.

Taking part in the debate were Green Party candidate Saoirse McHugh, Independent candidate Peter Casey, Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy, Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness, Fianna Fáil TD Brendan Smith, Solidarity–People Before Profit candidate Cyril Brennan, and Independent MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.

At one point, Ms McHugh, 28, from Achill Island, responded to comments about migration made by millionaire businessman Mr Casey, 61, saying:

“Millionaires blaming migrants is an old trope and it’s boring.

“There’s real repercussions to this absolute nonsense.

“Go on Dancing With The Stars if you want attention.”

In fairness.

Watch back the debate in full here (when it’s uploaded).

Green Party’s Saoirse McHugh tells Peter Casey ‘to go on Dancing With The Stars if you want attention’ on RTE Prime Time debate (Lauren Kelly, The Irish Sun)



15 thoughts on “‘Go On Dancing With The Stars If You Want The Attention’

  1. dhaughton99

    Saoirse McHugh, who also has zero political experience. Maybe she and the other thick, should run for the local elections before running for the big prize.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Patricia McKenna had eff all experience

      And as far as I remember she topped the Dublin Constituency poll

  2. eoin

    I’m getting quite sick of RTE manipulating these debates, first the attempted decap of Mick Wallace so that a FFer might get the fifth seat in Ireland South, then RTE giving Simon Coveney’s opinion that a hard Brexit has never been so likely (really? In the past three years?) with the subtext we need FG to maintain an even keel in these troubled waters, to, RTE “political coverage editor” David Murphy giving FG pride of place on every candidate listing, to, last night, the positioning of Mairead McGuinness right next to RTE moderator David McCullagh so she was in practically all the shots of the moderator and the panel and did anyone use a stopwatch on her because she appeared to have more time than anyone else.

  3. Nigel

    Typical Green Party hypocrisy how much carbon was released into the atmosphere by that SICK BURN!!!

  4. Birdie

    Chill out folks. I think she is more than capable so she’ll get my vote.

    She’s a new generation of greens so worth a chance I stand of the rest of the staleness of the broth midlands line up.

  5. Birdie

    Hate you autocorrect and my lack of proofing. “Instead” and “north” were the words I wanted to use.

  6. Truth in the News

    The real winner was Casey and there is little point in attacking him as he is
    only articulating widely held views on whats going on and the widespread
    public opposition to uncontrolled immigration, and come the next general
    election, the establishment are in for a shock and indeed RTE too:

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