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Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar shakes hands with candidate Peter Casey at the Presidential election count centre at Dublin Castle on November 27, 2018

This afternoon.

Via The Irish Times:

Peter Casey has put his name on the ballot paper in Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s Dublin West constituency as an “obvious protest vote” against the Fine Gael leader, while focusing on winning a seat in the Donegal constituency.

On Wednesday morning Mr Casey, the businessman and former presidential candidate, submitted his papers to contest the Dublin West race, having submitted papers to stand in Donegal on Tuesday. There is no restriction on a candidate running in multiple constituencies.

Peter Casey to stand in both Donegal and Dublin West (Irish Times)

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Last night.

RTÉ One broadcast its final live debate with MEP candidates – this time with candidates from the Midlands-North-West constituency.

Taking part in the debate were Green Party candidate Saoirse McHugh, Independent candidate Peter Casey, Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy, Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness, Fianna Fáil TD Brendan Smith, Solidarity–People Before Profit candidate Cyril Brennan, and Independent MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.

At one point, Ms McHugh, 28, from Achill Island, responded to comments about migration made by millionaire businessman Mr Casey, 61, saying:

“Millionaires blaming migrants is an old trope and it’s boring.

“There’s real repercussions to this absolute nonsense.

“Go on Dancing With The Stars if you want attention.”

In fairness.

Watch back the debate in full here (when it’s uploaded).

Green Party’s Saoirse McHugh tells Peter Casey ‘to go on Dancing With The Stars if you want attention’ on RTE Prime Time debate (Lauren Kelly, The Irish Sun)



Last night.

The ‘Big Debate’ on Virgin Media One.

How was it for you?

European Election candidate Peter Casey

“I don’t want to go there [travellers], I think that has been done. I think a more important issue however is migration.

It is great that we’ve got wonderful diversity . . . We have a skills shortage, so we have to bring in people who can contribute.

What we can’t afford is to become a haven for freeloaders: people who come in because they know that Ireland won’t deport them and will give them accommodation, will give them education, will give them medical services.

Ireland cannot afford that and still provide the proper welfare state for people who are in Ireland.

We should take in our fair share of refugees; however, we can’t afford economic migrants to come in and we shouldn’t be forced to.

We [should] put them on a plane and give them a ticket back . . . it is very simple . . . under the European act…

We have 200 different nationalities in Ireland at the moment. They are entitled to bring in their relatives from other countries.

We have 535,000 immigrants at the moment, so we’ve got a wonderful diversity. You don’t need to worry about that . . . you need to worry about maintaining, protecting Brand Ireland.”

European Election candidate Peter Casey.

Casey turns his guns on ‘freeloader’ immigrants (Stephen O’Brien, Sunday Times)


Former presidential hopeful Peter Casey

Laura Slattery, in The Irish Times, reports:

Peter Casey, the candidate in October’s presidential election, is recording a series of “individual reports” for Newstalk, the radio station owned by Denis O’Brien.

However, a spokesman denied that he was being given his own regular show or that he was a potential replacement for the weekend slot vacated by George Hook.

Mr Casey, who finished second in the presidential election with 23 per cent of the vote, is understood to be authoring several 15-20 minute segments for the Communicorp station, which will run across its main weekday shows.

Presidential candidate Peter Casey is Newstalk’s latest recruit (The Irish Times)


Ryan Tubridy and Peter Casey on last Friday’s Late Late Show

Ahead of last Friday’s Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy teased his RTE Radio 1 viewers about the show’s guest list promising appearances by former President Mary Robinson and recent Presidential runner-up Peter Casey.

Mr Tubridy told his listeners:

“Peter Casey, of course, [will be] joining us as well tonight. We’ve heard a lot about Peter Casey but I would argue that we haven’t seen a lot of the man who got over 300,000 votes, numbers ones don’t forget, in the Presidential election, but obviously came second.

And we will put everything to him and it will be a fair and reasonable exchange and that’s happening tonight among other things….”

Later, he added:

“…..A texter says ‘I’m actually I’m actually embarrassed that Peter Casey is going to be on the Late Late on the same night as Mary Robinson, the chasm between them is so huge and it is really not mannerly to have them on the same night but I love the show but seriously come on, she deserves to not have her message diluted by populism’.

I understand that and appreciate the point but the nature of the show is you get all class of opinion. We would have asked Mrs Robinson on to the show a long time before we knew Peter Casey was to be such a big story which he became and what you call ignorant populism was something that resounded and resonated with over 330,000 people in this country so you cant just dismiss that out of hand either.

You don’t have to watch the interview with Peter Casey. You’re welcome to watch the interview with Mrs Robinson and see how it goes. There’s no rudeness intended at all. It’s just the nature of the show. that varies with twists and turns along the way. It’s quite a programme in that respect. I accept what you’re saying to a point but you’ll also see where we’re coming from I hope..”

Good times.

Friday; That Seemed To Go Well

Last night.

The Late Late Show on RTÉ One.

Ryan Tubridy and Presidential runner-up Peter Casey.

A sloppy ambush, you say?


Watch back here.





Peter Casey at Dublin Castle on Saturday

‘…While his detractors worked themselves into a frenzy over his comments about Travellers, it was his remarks about Ireland becoming a welfare state and his expression of sympathy for “people who pay for everything and get nothing in return” that really struck a chord with voters.

That message is similar to one we have been preaching for some time. It is why we backed Mr Varadkar as a future leader of Fine Gael as soon as he presented himself as an alternative to the suffocating consensus that was slowly killing robust political debate.

Not any more. Mr Varadkar has become yet another social democrat, and left those on the centre right without a party to represent their interests.

Fine Gael strategists would be unwise to dismiss Mr Casey’s vote as an aberration. The businessman’s campaign was shambolic and his public utterances were often bumbling, incomprehensible even, but by actually speaking his mind he managed to breach the stultifying political correctness that sanitises most statements made by our career politicians.

Sir Anthony O’Reilly used to quip that a gap in the market was not enough to create a business; there had to be a market in the gap. Mr Casey has found the gap. Now, is there a party up to the task of exploiting it?’

Editorial, Sunday Times Ireland edition (behind paywall)


Sunday Times




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Michael Taft: The Anti Politics

Former presidential hopeful Peter Casey at Cabragh Bridge, Thurles, Co Tipperary on October 18, during his campaign

This afternoon.

The Traveller families at Cabragh Bridge in Thurles, Co Tipperary have released the following statement:

“Different elements of the media are now asking us for our opinion about what seems to be a big support for Peter Casey in the presidential election.

Our family has already gone through hell because of the hatred directed against us in all of this. And we have had to learn very quickly that the media were happy to play a very big part in it all.

Nobody seemed to want to know the truth because it was getting in the way of a good sensational media story.

It was a good story that we were demanding houses so that was what was printed – even though we never even asked for houses in the first place.

It was a good story that we demanded stables built and acres for each family, so that was what was printed – even though we have never even asked for this.

At no time did the media question the [Tipperary] County Council here about the real story and how they used us and whipped up public opposition so they could go back on their original agreement.

Only a couple of journalists even wanted to know the full story and even they had a problem getting the truth printed.

We have suffered from all these lies and hatred and our children have suffered.

We have never got a fair hearing and, when people are asking us now what we think about the election, we are talking only to journalists and interviewers that we can trust.

Are we surprised at the big amount of support for Casey?

No. We are not.

Casey was able to pick the worst of people in Irish society and set them up against each other. When you get the settled people to put the blame on the Travellers for everything, then nobody needs to question who is really responsible for the terrible conditions the government has people living in.

A lot of settled people saw through these lies, and we would like to thank them for their support in our dignified protest when Mr Casey decided to ‘visit’ us.

Casey probably now feels he has got somewhere through using us and and all the Traveller community in a hate campaign.

So we know he will keep going and there will be probably a lot more Caseys coming out when they see this works.

We have learned a lot from this very big ordeal we were put through.

We are asking the media now to learn from it as well.

Please check out the facts before you use people in this way – no matter how popular it might be to run down Travellers.”

Via Eileen Ní Fhloinn

Pic: Ben Sweeney

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