How I Voted


Local and European ballot papers in North Dublin this morning


Pic via Eoin O’Malley


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      1. Mickey Twopints

        Amazing how well his writings on Irish life resonate even 50-odd years after his death.

      2. scottser

        ‘the domestic password in the endemic conspiracy of petty lawlessness’
        top drawer old boy

  1. Joe Small

    I voted up to number 7 for EP elections, 6 for local elections. Is it just me or are there more loons on the ballot this year?
    Is Broadsheet backing Gemma for Europe or do they just feel she’s more Presidential material?

    1. Cian

      Full of loons – especially the MEPs (Dublin region).

      I went all the way to 19 – just to put the crazy anti-abortion fellow last.
      and filled in all the numbers for local candidates..

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And in doing so you’ve also prevented anyone tampering with it. If boxes are left blank then the ballot paper could have other preferences added. Not that that would happen in Ireland. Adding voters to the electoral register is far easier especially when they’re dead postal voters.

  2. Spud

    I spoilt my vote this morning…

    I took it out for a lovely breakfast, followed by a lovely walk around the park..

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    All this votin’ an’ pencillin’ will have me worn out later – only a post-election cocktail in the local will replenish my weary democratic soul.

  4. Jonboy

    I went to number 10 on the EP one as I couldn’t stand the thought of GO’D or Gilroy getting in

  5. Nigel

    I used mine to resign as UK Prime Minister and leader of the British Conservative Party.

        1. anne

          “There’s a haze over Shankill over chemtrails.” Ah fecking hell.. she needs help.

  6. Jake38

    I watched “Chernobyl” on Sky last night.

    Obviously that got rid of any lingering tendency I might have had to give my 16th and 17th preferences to Solidarity/People before Profit.

    1. edalicious

      Coincidentally, I was just listening to a doco about Wells Fargo on my way to the polling station. That had a similar effect on me, obviously.

  7. milk teeth

    People really will complain about anything – how can you have an issue with someone jokingly saying vote early vote often?

    1. TheQ47

      Here’s an interesting use of the phrase from a Dáil debate in 1933:

      Thomas Kelly, Fianna Fáil: “…personation would be no harm. It is a good turn. If a man is dead and you knew the opinions he held while alive, what harm would it be to vote for him? If a poor man is sick in hospital and not able to get out, surely it is a good turn to see that his vote is registered. If he has gone away and his neighbours know his opinions, I do not see any harm in personation. I think I encouraged a lot of that class of thing in my day. […]

      General Richard Mulcahy, Fine Gael: “Are we to take these as instructions to Fianna Fáil candidates in the Dublin elections?

      Kelly: Yes; vote early and often


      1. The Old Boy

        That’s a remarkable debate. More remarkable is that it causes comment, but not too much uproar on the Cumann na nGaedheal benches.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      and my foreign divorce to be recognized, apparently I’m still married here,
      raises hairs on my back to write that

      1. Lush

        Beside Europe, what other stuff are you voting on over there today Janet?
        This is my first time voting here in France; I haven’t taken citizenship so it’s only in municipal and european elections, but i am quite excited.
        Have 34 different parties/lists to choose from, bit mind bloggling.

      2. millie st murderlark

        I didn’t know you had been married Janet. Somehow the divorce makes you sexier to me.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          yeah back when I was young and knew it all I skipped down the aisle ;)
          so Lushie apart from amendments local council and European parliament,
          People before profit for me

  8. ReproBertie

    The far right populists appear to be failing in the Netherlands. Exit polls have Forum for Democracy in third on 11% and Wilders’ Eurosceptic, anti-muslim Freedom Party on just 4%. Nothing official until Sunday of course.

  9. Lush

    Beside Europe, what other stuff are you voting on over there today Janet?
    This is my first time voting here in France; I haven’t taken citizenship so it’s only in municipal and european elections, but i am quite excited.
    Have 34 different parties/lists to choose from, bit mind bloggling and there are some distinct bizarros amongst them.
    Sadly it looks as though our friend Marine is going to do rather well.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      yeah she’s gaining ground all right,
      sorry my reply seems to be above there on your voting Q

      1. Lush

        Thanks J.
        I would appear to have posted twice; still not au fait with the comments section technology.
        Big bisous from a very wet Saint Émilion.

  10. Joe Small

    I read that the Aussies had their election on a Saturday and they have BBQs, etc. at the voting centres. They even have a democracy sausage. Sounds tasty. If even we had the “I voted!” stickers it would be nice. Just to make a bigger deal of it all.

    1. ReproBertie

      I got an “I voted” sticker in Dublin this morning. Do they not have them in the sticks?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The ones in Kerry say ‘I voted 200 times today’ duly witnessed by one Garda.

  11. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Went to 5 in the EU (Dublin)
    4 in the local (Kimmage Rathmines)
    And Yes

    Can also confirm less than 40% Turn out in box 321

    One thing to flag
    So ye won’t have a little shock when the EU tallies break
    FG are going to come in strong in Dublin
    Yes they have a strong Constituency here
    That has gotten stronger
    And they will jump a good 10 percentage points from 2014
    But Durkan and Fitz are side by side on the ballot paper
    1 and 2 together or 2 and 1

    That will do two things for sure
    – Limit transfers to other candidates as loyalists will go straight to 1 and 2 and if they fancy anyone else they have to travel the pencil up and down looking. And if you saw the rollout: Andrews at the very top and White at the very bottom. Cuffe and Daly might get a scratch.
    Gilroy and Higgins might also benefit.

    – award the pair of them a good few freebies: strong imagery and boldly standing out like a double thick highlighted stripe
    And anyone who has ever tallied or hung around a 1st Count will tell you this is a thing
    Appearance and Location on a lengthy ballot
    Most of them unknown and unrecognisable Independents with shabby pics don’t get noticed as the voter looks for someone to add a preference to

    I should have ran meself as I would have been sandwiched between Durkan and Fitz
    And those accidental Prefs would have made me look a bit decent

    In a big total poll of circa half a million votes
    There’s a few thousand there to be got just on location and appearance on the ballot

    Can’t wait till tomorrow now

    Expect Labour and Greens to do well in the locals folks
    Soc Ds to pick up in the areas they also have a National Presence
    And a big return to the Big 3

    BTW Aontú won’t be worrying anyone

    1. Liam Deliverance

      I love your insight to matters like these and other legal ins and outs, thanks Frilly

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        No thanks needed Deliverli
        I love this
        I’m in me element at elections
        Especially cranky ones
        The next 48 hours is like one long orgasm

        I haven’t had a day off since Easter so I was telling pals I was going to stay home tomorrow and monitor the feeds and track the tallies

        But shur’ who am I kidding
        I’ll probably be in Punchestown before the boxes open with a clipboard and me big calculator for the collating

        1. Liam Deliverance

          LOL – any chance there will be an end to that embarrassing spectacle of winning candidates being lifted aloft by their faithful!? So cringy! -Enjoy your day regardless.

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            You won’t see it with the locals anyway
            And I think Alan Kelly’s carry on will make newly elected officials think twice

            But you know the Returning Officer could insist to desist
            from the candidates and or their agents and supporters

            I know for a fact one Returning Officer has murder when there’s hooping and wha’howing even though she rings the candidates days ahead to ask them to conduct themselves a bit more genteelly
            Maybe the solution is to have them all up on a stage like in the UK
            And not in a mosh pit with lads sipping all day since they arrived at the Count Centre with the dawn chorus
            But it does make great telly tho’

  12. martco

    1-5 in EU
    1. Clare D.
    2. Aisling McNiffe
    3. Lynn B.
    4. Gillian Brien
    5. Eilis Ryan
    blankety blank rest of field

    1-4 in Locals


    news is saying just now that Dublin turnout is pisspoor, I suspect that’s bad news :(

    1. millie st murderlark

      Just back from voting and it was very busy down there with a good crowd still coming. Not quite last year’s ref kind of turn out or from the marriage ref, but better than I’d expected, considering how poor the candidates were this year.

      Clare Daly got my number 1. No votes to the traditional parties if I could absolutely help it because fupp them.

      1. martco

        found it tough voting for Clare…we need as many of herself as we can get to keep showing up the muppets & their snakey plans & clever tricks.

        but she deserves a shot & who knows maybe she can be more potent over there
        (unlike you know who)

  13. Otis Blue


    1. Green
    2. Wallace

    Etc nul points


    1. Indy
    2. SD
    3. SF but for candidate rather than Party
    4. Indy


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