Swings And Roundabouts


Four Courts

Further to Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey taking action after she fell off a swing at the Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street, Dublin 2…

Solicitor Simon McGarr has made some observations about the wider issue of personal injuries cases in Ireland.

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8 thoughts on “Swings And Roundabouts

  1. Cian

    Nice article.

    One addition, The SCA has a second remit (mentioned in line one of SCA Annual report) – which is to help to reduce the number of claims by reducing the number of accidents.

    “The SCA manages claims brought against the State. It also provides risk management services, advising and assisting State authorities in minimising their claims exposure.” (my emphasis)

    or from their website:
    “The SCA’s risk management objective, and statutory duty, is to advise and assist State authorities and healthcare enterprises on measures to be taken to prevent the occurrence, or to reduce the incidence, of acts or omissions that may give rise to personal injury, property damage or clinical adverse events that could subsequently result in claims”

  2. Dan

    Lawyers. The same profession that defends rapists and murderers and looks for clemency for their clients even after they have pleaded guilty to terrible crimes

    1. SOQ

      I’ll not go into the details but I met a barrister recently who soon curtly told someone that they were not entitled to statutory redundancy because they were employed for just under two years. This was the reason he was employed- to tell them this. Says a lot about the management- FG/Labour obviously.

      I would have just gave her a decent handshake wished her well and be done with it but, that’s just me I suppose.

    2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      They see themselves as Guns for Hire
      And they make no excuses for it either

      Same as my own game
      Once I’ve been formally appointed to Act
      I have to adhere to the legislation and statutory conditions set out
      And comply with my obligations etc for my licence and insurance

      We don’t set the rules
      We just work by them

    3. Nigel

      They defend people charged with rape and murder, the same defence all of us are entitled to should we ever be charged with a crime. One of the most important principles of our legal system, of any legal system, is that everyone is entitled to a proper defence.

      1. Barry the Hatchet

        It is very troubling that people apparently need to be reminded of this.

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