How You Voted


Tonight, at 10pm.

Red C exit polls* from the local and European elections for RTÉ and TG4 – as presented on The Late Late Show.

*They come with a margin of error of 4 per cent.

Strong support for Greens in Euro elections topping Dublin poll – exit poll (RTÉ)

Overwhelming support to ease divorce restrictions – exit poll (RTE)

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26 thoughts on “How You Voted

  1. martco

    fuppsake. anyone who voted for her should be ashamed of themselves. that’s a sickner.

      1. Col

        I feel disheartened by the sizes of the FG & FF bars. You hear people complaining about housing, broadband, children’s hospital etc. But they vote for the status quo.
        (expecting some joke about their early stuff)

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          It’s like they can do whatever they want and people will still stay loyal to them regardless
          ( kinda like me and Morrissey I suppose )

  2. eoin

    based on likely transfers and assuming the above are accurate (in reality there’s a +/- 3%) (and results last time when there were 11 seats), here’s my tuppence worth

    FF, looks like 1 (Billy Kelleher) (1)
    FG, looks like 3 (McGunness, Fitzgerald and Kelly) (4)
    Greens, looks like 3 (0)
    Independents, looks like 3 (Ming, Clare and Mick) (3)
    SF, looks like 3 (3)

    Micheal Martin won’t be happy at all at all at all
    FG won’t be over the moon at all, but they’ll get Frances to Brussels
    Greens will be overjoyed
    SF will be happy enough with the numbers but the % will be a concern

    Some of the results may be very close indeed.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      If both Ming and Walsh are on 10%, transfers from McGuinness to Marie Walsh will probably see her pip Ming, but Saoirse McHugh is the surprise here.

      1. eoin

        If the quota is 25% of the vote (there are four seats in MNW), then, if McGuinness is on 25%, there won’t be anything by way of transfers. However, who knows, between the margins of error and the assumptions about stickiness for transfers, and the fact 2,3, 4, 5,6 and 7 are statistically bunched together, all mean there’s uncertainty. So, it’s just my tuppence.

  3. JumpingForJoy

    Please God let’s hope they got it wrong with Fitzgerald, the only place she should be going to is jail!

  4. tom

    hahahaha. This is what people want. They wantt the stable mainstream groups and honorable left. The cranks and rabble rousers are fooling nobody.

  5. Kevin Higgins

    If those projections are correct Fitzgerald is in trouble and Fine Gael are likely to lose one if not two MEPS

    1. martco

      how so?
      will she not get Durkan’s almost entirely?

      here’s hoping that +/- 4% goes in right direction

      1. Kevin Higgins

        Nobody ever transfers 100 per cent and Duran’s vote is probably a mixed bag rather than hard FG She will struggle. As for Deirdre Clune 9% even in a five-seater looks bad

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          Durkans will travel to Francie

          And I think herself and Cuffe are a bit closer than the exit is saying

          BTW I also reckon Carthy will be a lot closer to McGuiness when that 1st Count is called

          And Casey will be morta

    2. Otis Blue

      It’s a pretty underwhelming vote, I’d have thought.

      Still, it’d be a shock if she didn’t come through.

    1. Col

      Clearly. I can only assume it’s an “I’m alright Jack” kind of vote for a large part. Which I can understand after what many people went through during the recession, but I feel we need a change.

  6. George

    FF split their vote again and have helped improve Peter Casey’s chances. The margin of error is 3% so Gemma might have received as much as 3%.

  7. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    If ye’re up to it watch the South’s Transfers

    They’re going to be all over the shop
    A good chunk of Clunes (she’s a gonner) may well go to my oul’ pal Billie – who I’m still expecting to top the poll
    And Malcolm the Wexican’s will travel in big numbers to Mick

  8. eoin

    First count for the Euros in Dublin with (exit poll in brackets)

    Cuffe 17.5% (23%)
    Clare 12% (12%)
    Frances 16% (14%)
    Lynn 11% (10%)
    Andrews 14% (12%)

    Sadly, I think Barry Andrews might be too far ahead, and based on the local results which is showing advances for FF, Barry may just edge Lynn for the fourth seat. But remember the above are less than 70% of the total, there’s a lot to play for still. I would have though Lynn was more transfer friendly in Dublin than Andrews but there’s some anecdotal reporting that Andrews is getting a heft of #2s.

    It’s not over until it’s over.

    Also RTE exit poll was 5.5% out on Cuffe in a poll that was supposed to have +/- margin of error. Red C?

  9. :-Joe

    Who the Ff/g voted for Frances and Barry the two biggest politcal frauds from Dublin.

    Absolutely useless to issues in Ireland in the European parlament, apart from deepening the spectrum of damage, lining the pockets of and towing the line to foreign globalised corporate financial hedge funds, anonymous sharholders, criminal enterprises, arms and legs and head dealers and various other money laundering interests in and outside of the EU.

    You’re a bunch of number one level, high functioning unique kinds of eejit’s. It’s like voting for a discriminatory tax on being an eejit.

    I used to think it was propaganda, lies, coercion, control, manipulation, tribalism, group-think, wisdom of crowds, psychopathy, moral extremism etc et etc.. confusion, delusion etc etc… that could explain these kind of idiotic expressions of repeated self-harm.

    No, you had more than ten, TEN credible alternatives to choose from, therefore ignorance is not even a reasonably viable excuse…

    You managed to beat the odds of another social darwinism test by selecting one of the two worst possible candidates and most likely gave your second transfer to the other…

    You are responsible for the consequences of the Ff/g party establishment self interest, for what’s been going wrong in politics, from now on and up until the next election.

    Whatever your excuse, you’re nothing short of being eejit’s…


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