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Mark Costello, of The Irish Field, writes:

Tough times for many working in media these days but did you know The Irish Field is almost 150 years old and going better than ever?

This weekend is a big moment for us in The Irish Field as we have given the entire publication a makeover. We think the new look makes the paper a much brighter read. Still the same content but hopefully presented a lot better.

Like the Irish Farmers Journal, we’re part of the Agricultural Trust, which is arguably the ideal ownership model for a media company these days. There is no single beneficiary – we answer to a board of volunteers who represent our sector and any profits are invested back into staff, technology, market research or even grants to. Print is thriving for niche publications like ours.

In fairness.

54 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. eoin

      There’s money yet in print media despite all the gloom and doom. Just produce decent content which your readers want and can’t find elsewhere and present it well. It’s far more difficult these days of 24-hour news, online and social media.

      That’s why I never understood how the SBP could lose so many readers when the economy (and business) was booming.

  1. Roger Opinions

    The west brits and their sky news opinions weigh in…

    Joe Rogan hasn’t tweeted yet about May, I don’t have an “opinion” yet.

    Brutish polithicks won’t distract you from being Irish or the relentless march of death, just FYI.

    Same at it ever was, same at it ever was.

    There is no spoon etc.

    1. shayna

      West Brit? Surely that’s as offensive as anything that can’t be published? I first heard that back in 1997 – Huídi Béag’s in Bun Béag New Year’s Eve – my brother (Big Mick – not ironically named) was told he was a West Brit by a local. (Big Mick went to UUJ – he kinda has an accent). It wasn’t pleasant what ensued – sure, tables overturned – of course fighting, funny no-one called the gardaí. It ran its course – the band started playing again – no-one mentioned West Brits again.

  2. Ron

    I really feel for Maurice Mc Cabe tonight. How disgusted and let down he must feel watching Fitzgerald be rewarded by the electorate, if the exit polls are correct.

    The usual way I suppose.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Well Ron

      Even If Maurice isn’t reading this
      T’would be good to know anyway

      That vote is a party vote
      Fine Gael could put a wheelbarrow up
      And it would still get 15,% in Blah Cliath

      1. eoin

        I’m deeply confused!

        Didn’t the Irish Times opinion poll have Frances on 22% (exit poll says 14%) and Ciaran Cuffe on 9% (23%).

        How could the Irish Times get it so wrong at all, at all, at all.

        What’s the term Vanessa used? “push poll”? Surely not.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          It was definitely a push poll to give advantage
          And loads and loads of free meeja

          However it will now have the effect of raising expectations and FG – particularly Frances,
          And just not meeting them

          Well hopefully anyway
          The voter will now be more savvy when being presented with blinged up and dolled poll results

          Like – just basic cop on

          Eamon Ryan had 12. something 1st Prefs in ’14
          And they were still recovering the hiding themselves and the eFFs took in 09

          And now with a well established momentum around Green Party policies and candidates the IT thought Cuffe at 9% was credible

          I have my doubts about those exits anyway
          But shur’ we’ll all know for sure soon enough

        2. Rob_G

          Did you not say that Frances Fitzgerald would be lucky to keep her deposit, eoin?
          ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            I knew I spoke up for him alright

            You can see I didn’t anticipate the collapse in Boylan’s vote
            And Cuffe didn’t get a look in at all

            It just shows
            Wait till the full field is at the starting line before ya open yer trap

  3. martco

    looks like that brassneck Bailey wan is making a self-inflicted fool outa herself

    apparently she’s been nicely caught out bopping away at Longitude a couple of days after the catastrophic accident & just 3 weeks later ran the DL Bay 10k in 53 despite the serious nature of her soft tissue injuries.

    her da & the party machine must be dead proud, sure at this rate she’ll be an MEP in no time atall!

    I guess that privileged well heeled Dalkey & Killiney Compo Cheats Cheat Us All, wha?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      didn’t lick it off the ground

      her father was a serial and systematic liar

      caught out dozens of times- no doubt got away with it hundreds of other times

        1. martco

          wow, omfg that’s spectacular stuff altogether!

          thanks for that @Bertie, somehow it’s cheered me up (in a it’s just so bad you have to laugh….these people need to get some urgent ahem counselling, ha)

          I wonder would the Dean have grounds to sue her atall? I would expect her to lose & costs etc. but if I was the subject of an attempted fraud like this I’d want some additional satisfaction over my costs?!

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            I reckon they could

            Their reputation is now damaged
            People think their premises is unsafe and they operate faulty swings
            Guests are afraid

            The legal costs
            The upset it’s caused their wonderful staff

            This has been a terrible time for The Deane

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Just read that. Yet people still voted for him (it seems anyway unless there were additions to the electoral register, or tampering either ballots – but sure that would never happen here, would it?)


          Would it?

          1. martco

            I’m kinda wondering that myself

            maybe tis a very local variation on Lowry, y’know he fixshed de planning application skullduggery type of stuff, getting things done for the right people (and by whatever means necessary)

            I still can’t get my head around that Fitzgerald is going to get a nice fat job and gets to truck along like all is well

            it’s just plain wrong….it would be the perfect time to be taking a weeks holiday somewhere a loong way from here where Ireland doesn’t get any mentions, but alas

          2. deluded

            Galway council voted to keep Michael Stroke Fahy’s seat for him while he was in jail for defrauding the council.

    2. eoin

      “Court papers say she was a “keen runner prior to the accident but could not run at all for three months post-accident and has had to reduce her activities significantly since”. Social media posts show that on August 3 [3 WEEKS after the swing incident] she ran The Bay 10k in Dun Laoghaire in a time of 53 minutes and 56 seconds.” says the Herald,

      Wasn’t FG TD Alan Farrell similarly exposed in his proceedings when a picture emerged of him up a pole hanging a poster despite his injuries?

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        if she was off running for three months that’s still a doable time for a woman her age,
        that aside she is a disgrace

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          I think you might be picking it up wrong…

          she said she was out of action for 3 months after the accident

          She was running a 10k 3 weeks after it.

        2. eoin

          If you claim you “can’t run AT ALL for 3 months”, then doesn’t it look bad that you actually RAN a 10k in 53 mins after just 3 weeks? Sorry for the caps ;-)
          Or, Janet, would you not consider keeping up a 11 kmh for 53 mins RUNNING?

  4. eoin

    University of Limerick paying €8 million for what looks like an acre of a run-down shopping centre in Limerick to develop as a campus. The seller is the notoriously greedy Dunnes Stores. €8m an acre? In Limerick?
    After the national centre for hazing excellence, UL needs to be watched like a hawk.

  5. eoin

    It’s the last days of Rome at the Times Ireland ahead of its closure in a month, they’re really not even trying, have read Niamh Lyons’ “Katherine Zappone pledges €2.2m to end sexual violence” three times now and have no idea what it’s on about, but am fairly sure that €2m won’t end anything. Today’s paper has 16 articles (ex sport), it’s four commentaries, and the other 12 are items that have been aired online in the past 36 hours. Not a word on the elections at all. Pretty shameful stuff for a group which includes some very good journalists.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      The Elections?

      Not even a mention …
      Thats deliberate neglect

      Cheezus lads, have some pride

  6. eoin

    That pic of the summit of Mount Everest with the closely-packed line of climbers. I saw that earlier this week and thought it was photoshopped to show how popular climbing Everest had become. Turns out it’s a real pic. But I suppose, it’s 66 years since the first person climbed Everest, and there’ve been such huge improvements in knowledge and equipment since.

    It’s 50 years since the USA says it put men on the Moon, you’d think there’d be a similar pic of queues on the Moon. Strange that…

      1. Johnny

        Morning Eoin,nice work on the election,WaPo story this morning on conspiracies:)

        “In response to a query from The Washington Post, NASA spokesman Allard Beutel issued a statement saying there is “a significant amount of evidence to support NASA landed 12 astronauts on the Moon from 1969-1972,” and specified some of that evidence: NASA has “842 pounds of astronaut-collected Moon rocks studied by scientists worldwide for decades; you can still bounce Earth-based lasers off the retroreflector mirrors placed on the lunar surface by the Apollo astronauts; NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imaged the landing sites in 2011 . . . ”

        1. eoin

          Hi Johnny, bought one of those Fisher pens in the 1980s,you know , the ones that were “designed for space” and supposed to write upside down. Stopped working after a week. Bit cynical ever since.

          As for the WaPo, why would NASA in 1969 place reflector mirrors on the Moon? Did they somehow predict the subsequent cynicism about the Moon landings? It’s hardly the sort of thing you’d leave behind unless you thought there wouldn’t be any manned flights to the Moon for a lengthy period into the future. .
          And, no-one is doubting we haven’t been able to send unmanned craft to the Moon. Could a reflector mirror have been deposited on the Moon by an unmanned craft? Could a crashed unmanned craft in fact be a reflector mirror?

          As for the 852 lbs of Moon rock, how would Moon rock be any different to, say, Earth rock or asteroid rock? Also how would you check Moon rock, if it did in fact come from the Moon, was “astronaut collected” and not robotically collected?

          1. Johnny

            Hi Eoin,very sorry hear about your pen and can totally relate,it’s Memorial Day (weekend) here,so spare a moment for all the brave men and women serving or about serve in our new and exciting Space Force,all thanks to our very stable genius:)


            Ps-completely agnostic on men or women on the moon-would not put it past the govt if it all was a hoax.:)
            Appreciated you insight and comments on the election,enjoy your weekend.

          2. Mickey Twopints

            I bought a pair of those X-Ray specs which were a NASA technology spinoff supposed to let you see under girls clothes. Had to go down to the AIB and get dollar bills, and send the whole thing off with a coupon clipped out of a Superman comic. A bit like buying something from BangGood, it took weeks to arrive from Honor House Products in Lynbrook, N.Y.
            Damn things were useless, never got a glimpse of velcro. Definite proof that the moon landings were faked, if you ask me.

          3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Isn’t that sweet

            Watching ye all play nice fake moon landing together

          4. Nigel

            Wait, so Flint Michigan isn’t full of crisis actors? Phew, finally something real!

        1. deluded

          Do you guys imagine you are Elliott Gould?
          That’s sweet. I’m concerned though, if that means you believe things in the hope that there will eventually be evidence as opposed to understanding the current evidence leading you to justified doubt.
          That’s just a form of religion.

  7. SOQ

    Interesting the way some of the media is attempting to frame May as being noble and a patriot when in fact she put the Tories before the country at every single turn.

    Now the hype is that Johnston is the favourite in order to influence the 1922 committee because it is them who will decide who runs for the leadership contest.

    1. SOQ

      On a site claiming objectivity or at least balance, in proximity and history the country most infected/affected by British intelligence is Ireland.

      Now nobody has an opinion as to what is going on across the pond? Weird.

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