All Up In Your Grill


This afternoon

Vegan-triggering chef Kevin Dundon (left) and Rugby’s Sean O’Brien launch Supervalu’s #LoveMeat campaign aimed at carnivores omnivores to “try more adventurous cuts of meat on the BBQ this summer”.

Shaped like vegetables perhaps.


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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32 thoughts on “All Up In Your Grill

  1. Ian-O

    Who and who now? Never heard of either myself.

    As for this ‘more adventurous cuts’ do they mean the anal sphincter muscle or perhaps the testicles?

    What about some nice stomach or perhaps a bit of cows brain, yes?

    Rather moronic campaign.

    1. Lemonheadlenny

      As for this ‘more adventurous cuts’ do they mean the anal sphincter muscle or perhaps the testicles?

      – marinated thigh?

        1. rotide

          You seem to be itt of the loop Janet, let’s just say Sean’s new shirt should have a number 1 on it

  2. missred

    I prefer this to ads for vegan stuff which is incredibly tiresome…..
    More meat, I say

      1. missred

        No, I just hate the over-saturation of ads for vegan food and also the preachiness that comes with it. The supervalu thing is a nice antidote to the ubiquitous Happy Pear pair – bitta quality meat does no one any harm, offal & all.

        1. Tony

          I can’t think of an ad for vegan food except maybe Linda McCartneys Quorn sausages. By ‘over saturated’ do you mean ads for fruit and bread and stuff?

        2. SOQ

          Happy Pear are vegetarian not vegan and imo not very good vegetarian either- there is no real producers of meat free protein focused foods produced in Ireland as yet.

          Take a walk through a M&S food hall. About 1/4 of their produce is now plant based and they are doing it for one simple reason- because the demand is there.

          1. Tony

            How are they ‘not very good vegetarian’? Do they sneak rashers into their lentil stew?

          2. millie st murderlark

            Wait til I tell you about the sausage I found in my vegan lentil stew.

          3. missred

            Yes ok, vegetarian you are right. And their stuff isn’t the best, it’s basic stuff for those who want to be told how to eat. They’re nice fellas, but they are ubiquitous and I’m a little tired of seeing them everywhere.

        3. f_lawless

          missred fair enough, sorry..I eat meat too but am kinda disturbed that we’re all collectively burying our heads in the sand for what’s coming down the road soon, if the scientists have got it right. The meat and dairy industry is a bigger driver of climate change (or ‘climate crisis’ is that the new term?) than even the fossil fuel industry, so they say. Should we really be urging people to #LoveMeat at a time like this?

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar but I'm trying to stop

            you’re dead right, I have been trying to cut down to twice a week

          2. missred

            Oh I’m not a massive carnivore or anything, I eat meat only once a week. I know the global effects of the cattle industries. It’s just good to see an ad for quality meat not for crappy processed products.

        4. dylad


  3. class wario

    people who boil their entire personality down to eating meat in a sort of defensive reaction to the existence of vegans have long surpassed the ‘preachy vegan’ stereotype in letting you know about their eating habits

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