8 thoughts on “The Glory Years

  1. :-Joe

    I’m certainly not sympathetic to her but in fairness, one thing she can take credit for is by dragging us all through political and media purgatory and not completely letting the malevolent monopoly man and his pet project, bojo the clown have everything their own way.

    As a result, bojo the walking brain hemorrhage elect has become toxic to half the country, especially half of all the deluded tory-ites who confuse him with some kind of lovable rogue british imperial teddy bear and not the dispicable anti-democratic tory opportunist that he really is.

    Just goes to show it’s all bs and it’s bad for ye…


    1. Charger Salmons

      Dry your eyes mate.
      And don’t panic – Nigel is on his way to put you out of your misery.
      Toodles !

  2. eoin

    Is that a dig at the “hostile environment” and Windrush scandal which saw those of a darker shade of pale kicked out of the UK after decades of residence.

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