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  1. f_lawless

    this is a curious story with an Irish connection – an award-winning, Dublin-based German blogger who’s been blogging for years about her relatives’ experience under the Nazis has been exposed as a fraud.

    “This situation looks even more bizarre in the light of the fact that Hingst, who is now in hot water over her bogus stories, did not just manage to persuade her sizeable audience about the existence of as many as 22 fictional Jewish relatives but even deceived Israel’s Jerusalem-based Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem and got them to put her ‘relatives’ in their official remembrance lists by sending them fake ‘Pages of Testimony’.Now, the German Foreign Ministry has had to alert the memorial about the recent revelations related to the blogger”.

    Shades of the dodgy Anne Frank Diaries anyone?
    (PS I’m not a ‘Holocaust denier’. That would be silly)

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar but I'm trying to stop

      that’s pretty sick profiteering from a tragedy

    2. dav

      “PS I’m not a ‘Holocaust denier’. That would be silly”
      I’m getting a real tongue-in-cheek vibe of that last line so I’m inclined to disbelieve it..

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Ne boss of the HSE Paul Reid brandishes the big knife. No cuts to the bloated management or the clipboard madames. Nope, it’s cuts to budget for the elderly and people who need home help. Sure what else would you expect from a FG appointee?
    And yet another FG appointee/rewardee, Zappone (somehow in charge of children’s matters) has similar leanings towards people’s suffering.
    It’s a FG Barnum and Bailey world, this motley crew.

  3. eoin

    €10m for Trump visit, re-reports the Irish World.

    He’s flying in on his own plane, he’s using his own transport to bring him to Doonbeg (which he owns), he’s not visiting anywhere else, he’s using his own transport back to Shannon.

    Where’s the €10m going?

    Even 1,500 Gardai at 2-days at 12 hours at say €30 is just over €0.5m.

    Is Denis O’Brien’s Siteserv/Actavo charging €9.5m for the roadside barriers?

    Also, why is Leo denigrating the office of Taoiseach by meeting Trump at Shannon airport for “the sole official engagement”. There’s courtesy and appreciation of the role of the office of the president of the US, and then there’s cringy backside licking, have some respect man.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The Leo lad simply has no idea. For some reason he thinks his childish behavior towards Trump benefits this country, or benefits his own chance of re-election. Trump may well get a second term. It’s in his remit to create any taxes he likes on the US multinationals – such as the Presence In Ireland Tax – if he so wishes. Treatment of and comments by Varadkar (who for some reason is wheeled out to represent us) about Trump is in the realm of utter stupidity.

      Then again, maybe Trump didn’t want a yoke like Varadkar anywhere near his Hotel.

      62,984,828 = the people’s popular vote for Trump as President.
      00,000,000 = the people’s popular vote for Varadkar as Taoiseach

      1. Cian

        00,00,000 = the people’s popular vote for anyone as Taoiseach.
        We don’t have a directly elected Taoiseach.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          True. You have a situation where the views of the ordinary membership of the party have their views binned and the hangers on decide who should lead the party.
          The general public don’t have a say in the election of this country’s ‘leader’. Good thing for Lad Leo eh.
          So someone not elected by public vote thinks he has some sort of mandate to push his personal agenda – directed at the leader of a country that can cause economic hardship on us. Clap clap. Good man Mr Apologist Eoin.

          1. rotide

            Can you point to a single taoiseach who was elected directly before going on this rant about mandate?

            cool, thanks.

          2. The Great Wall of Gammon

            That and our system is really rather similar to theirs at a base level. They have a directly elected president (albeit with a complicated dollop of electoral college on top). And we have a directly elected president. They have a House of Representatives where the majority party elects a Speaker. We have a Dail where the majority party (remember dem days?!) elect a Taoiseach.

            So g’wan outta dat!

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Rotide. When you begin to even try understand what is written, i might humour you.
            Mise le Meas.
            Gammon. Our president is a figurehead. The US President is a leader and can make decisions that affect his country. And ours. Varadkar is basically his equivalent in that respect here.
            G’way and try some other angle.

      1. eoin

        Sadly there won’t be any ground to air missile operatives this week because Bridget is back working in the Ireland South count centre from today and she can’t do both jobs at once, even though she asked.

        Correction to Garda figs above 1,200 x 2 days x 12 hour x 30 = €1m. Still though, where is the other €11m going?

        1. Cian

          Just a guess, but a Garda presence will be needed on the run-up to Trump arriving. There will be a large secret service presence here in the run up – are they allowed to go around on their own – or do they need garda escorts?

          1. Cian

            Where are yours?
            The figure (€10 million) has been “widely reported and used by Irish media and not been challenged”. Which means “someone made up the figure“.

            Anyway, how do you calculate such a figure? If a Garda normally works in Shannon airport, and is working the day of the visit – do you include his salary for the day?
            The Defence Forces are paid regardless, but if (say) 10,000[1] of them are working in/around Co Clare this week do you include their wages for the week?

            [1] nobody from Defence Forces have challenged this figure – so it is accurate.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Well you’re the one that’s putting forward some airy fairy unsubstantiated argument. If you haven’t grounds for it, well and fine. Shill on then. As regards me having any figures – well, unlike you, I didn’t ‘guess’ anything and didn’t put myself forward as regards figures. I was calling you out. Your last line though speaks volumes – pathetic conclusion.

          3. Cian

            Where did I make an “airy fairy unsubstantiated argument”?

            Oh, that’s me “called out”.

            I admit it. I made a big mistake. I shouldn’t have responded to you.

    2. SOQ

      We have sent our secret weapon to meet Trump- Micheal D. A 4 hours poetry reading would have had the orangutan back on the plane directly afterwards.

    3. rotide

      How is ‘meeting the most powerful politician in the world’ cringy backside licking?

    4. realPolithicks

      [he who must not be named] is personally installing a solid gold water meter on the flog course, there’s your 9.5 million right there….plus another couple of mil in add ons..

  4. eoin

    We’re now in week #3 of the Maria Bailey compo story. RTE Prime Time will air “brass necks” tonight about compo culture. RTE radio is still crowing about its Sean O’Rourke interview with round-the-clock clips of that interview. And today, the Independent reports:

    “Mr Kennedy [the senior barrister engaged by FG for the Maria Bailey probe] is also expected to interview Culture Minister Josepha Madigan about what role, if any, she had in advising her colleague. Ms Madigan worked with Madigan Solicitors at the time of the incident – but stepped away from the business, which is now owned by her brother, in June 2017. She has refused to say whether she worked on the Bailey case at any stage. Ms Bailey has claimed she received legal advice that she had a “clear cut” case.”

    It’s still entertaining and all that, but it’s pushing a lot of other questionable government actions off the headlines.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Preparations well under way for the summer recess. Many kites will be flown over the next few months. I wonder which three ministers will be the ones fielding media questions over the summer. It’s usually a month each, and they’re responsible for answering questions on all departments.

  5. eoin

    European Commission body (how much do we spend on it, we’ll never know) says we’re a shower of racists and beastly towards everyone perceived to be different. It thinks DP at Mosney is a model for other DP centres, are they not aware of the protests there in recent weeks?


    “ECRI strongly recommends that sufficient resources are invested in ensuring that
    asylum applications are processed more efficiently in order to reduce time spent
    in direct provision; that efforts are made to assist asylum seekers to access the
    labour market and find alternative housing; that solutions are found to LGBT
    concerns in direct provision and that the good practices employed in the Mosney
    direct provision centre are extended to other centres around the country. “

  6. eoin

    Last days of Rome. Just 17 articles in Times Ireland today (ex sport). Less than three weeks before it shuts down print ops.

  7. eoin

    Katie Taylor’s scorecard from NY


    Every single round was scored 9 or 10 for both boxers, no 8’s or less. That’s an amazingly narrow range of scores.

    Katie won 94-96, 94-96 with the third judge awarding a draw 95-95.

    Her opponent stormed off immediately after the match result was announced and is now challenging the result.

    If Katie does have a rematch, it won’t be in Ireland, because of “serious security concerns”.

    I wonder how much money was bet on the NY fight.

    1. The Great Wall of Gammon

      The only way the Belgian’s bullish approach was only ever going to succeed was to put KT down and out. She didn’t. KT landed more clean punches and that is simply that.

      Sure, the Belgian looked like she bossed the fight and she did to be fair but she was neither clean nor controlled. So home she stormed.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      If it were the other way round, Katie’s team would be appealing and the entire country would be exclaiming ‘she was robbed’.

      That’s ‘Elle a été volée’ in machine-translated French.

      1. The Old Boy

        My French is a bit rusty, but I think that’s robbed in the same sense as Mrs Doyle talking about her friend Mrs O’Dwyer.

        “No, I don’t think you understand me Father. She was robbed – they stole her.”

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Yeah, figured that and was hoping for correction, Actually I’ve made a mess of the whole thing as Katie’s opponent is from Flanders, and so that should be Dutch, ha!

    3. rotide

      “Every single round was scored 9 or 10 for both boxers, no 8’s or less. That’s an amazingly narrow range of scores.”

      No it’s not. A boxer is only scored 8 if they are knocked down. This is not amataur boxing where the scores a lot more varied.

      Stop vomiting out rhetoric about things you clearly know NOTHING about. You are the blog commenter equivalent of an instagram ‘influencer’

  8. Cian

    you say “‘LUDICROUS’ 40% CHILDCAR HIKE” I say “Government implements better childcare standards”

  9. Gabby

    His Majesty had a wonderful time at Buckingham Palace and would like to buy the site and install a golf course at the back. To be named Dunmor.

  10. Catherine costelloe

    It was nice to hear the UK embassador to the USA correct the record that it was Her Majesty that made a mistake last year when Donald visited the UK with reference to inspecting troops.
    Not that the media here will correct the record ; full to the gills with fake news.

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