Attack Of The Forty Foot Women


Ah here.


Forty Foot, Sandycove, County Dublin.

This is why they were banned in the first place.


Thanks Geoff Boyle

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18 thoughts on “Attack Of The Forty Foot Women

  1. Seamus McTavish

    That Shanahan lad would be better off getting himself a job, a real one, not one in his head.

    1. Yefi Hax

      He’s a total Walter Mitty… he goes round telling people he has a string of degrees and masters from Trinity…the only time that lad was in trinity was with a group of Chinese tourists.

    1. Termagant

      Yes. It’s there to provide something to hold onto while people, often elderly, descend the slips, often slippery, into the sea, for to swim.

      Can’t do that now. Bar is broken.

    2. robert

      Ah good old Chesterton’s rusty old bar … that is no longer doing whatever it was supposed to be doing and is probably also presenting an unsightly and dangerous protrusion.

  2. millie st murderlark

    The all deserve a good slap, including the triggered young lad on twitter. Christ!

  3. :-Joe

    lol… another example of eejits becoming the stasi and policing other eejits..

    Facilitated by a regressive, corrosive platform and technology designed and built on and around the concept of concision, publicity and judgement.

    Twitter is an agressive, one-arm bandit / fruit machine, addict generating, surveilance spying nightmare encouraging, psychadelic facist, human abuse video game machine..

    You could have upheld one of the five moral pillars silicon valley, even just one but no, more of the same as usual. It’s no surprise people are losing confidence and why you’re slowly dying off.

    Computer says no.


    1. rotide

      I have absolutely no idea what you are struggling to get across there, but I feel you could have just said ‘twitter is an awful load of dogpoo’ and we would all have agreed and you could have got on with your day

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