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Mark Hennessy

Via Paul Reynolds of RTÉ News:

The garda who shot dead the man who abducted and killed Jastine Valdez last year will not face criminal charges.

Mark Hennessy kidnapped and murdered the 24-year-old student as she walked to her home in Co Wicklow in May last year.

He then dumped her body off Puck’s Castle Lane in south county Dublin.

The case was investigated by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission.

A file was sent to the DPP, who has decided the garda was not to be prosecuted.

Garda who shot Jastine Valdez’s killer Mark Hennessy will not face charges (Paul Reynolds, RTÉ)

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42 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

    1. jonathan shortall

      Yeah, like your implying his guilt of murder, without any evidence. Really poor stuff.

    2. Bodger

      Changed now. Thanks, Kevin. Directed at Paul Reynolds’ copy rather than the guard.

  1. Tom

    Nothing to see here? What’s your point?
    The case was investigated by an independent body. The DPP who are also independent of the gardai have dropped it.

  2. rotide

    Plenty to see here, including witnesses and a video. All of which helped to conclude that no wrongdoing was perpetrated on the part of the garda

    1. Cian

      Yes, that poor Garda. He shot the bloke in the arm/shoulder and the bullet ricocheted and killed yer man (if I remember correctly). It must be awful to have killed someone.
      It must have been a tough year for him waiting to hear if criminal charges were to be brought or not.

  3. Mickey Twopints

    Oh well, Hennessey undoubtedly deserved it. I suppose at least that means they can now turn their attention to investigating exactly how an off duty Guard doing a little unofficial vehicle recovery accidentally managed to unholster, remove the safety, cock, and subsequently discharge his personal weapon into the leg of an unarmed citizen who was posing him no threat?

    1. Bodger

      Because the guards say he did it, as opposed to a jury, and he was killed in a car alone without a firearm.

      1. Tom

        Let’s be clear here. You know nothing about this beyond what is reported in the media. Yet somehow you still feel entitled to pretend that you know the real story.

          1. pedeyw

            A jury listens to and weighs up evidence, they don’t say anything. The guards gave their evidence and and sent a file to the DPP. The DPP, which is not the Gardai, has decided not to prosecute.

          2. Tom

            His comment above together with the original headline is wildly inaccurate. He’s saying that the garda acted as judge,jury and executioner.

      2. rotide

        “Because the guards say he did it, as opposed to a jury”

        Are you casting doubt on the guilt of Mark Hennessy?

        1. dav

          roitde the law states that hennessy was innocent until proven otherwise, you want the law to be set aside for execution purposes, off with you..

  4. ReproBertie

    The role of the guards and the defence forces are completely different. The army cannot just change uniform and act as a civilian police force.

    The big question is how you can’t understand this simple distinction david.

  5. eoin

    Pity that GSOC itself couldn’t issue a press statement about this matter.

    Conor Lally of the Irish Times reports “it [GSOC] was also legally obliged to send a file on the criminal case to the DPP at the conclusion of its inquiry.”

    but GSOC’s own statements on its procedures indicate that a file *may* be sent to the DPP *if* the situation warrants it.

    So, the question remains, even if the Garda’s actions didn’t meet the evidential threshold for a criminal charge, do they warrant disciplinary proceedings.

    [Also, RIP Jastine, she and her family were the true victims of this awful crime]

  6. postmanpat

    Execute a suspect during a still ongoing search for a kidnap victim who might have been alive somewhere. Sitting unarmed in the driving seat of a car with the window rolled up. Guess they thought they had no further questions for him. I mean, they hadn’t discovered the whereabouts of the kidnapping victim he might have shed some light instead we got. oh my god he has a little knife and is . might be ,,,,eh ,cutting himself but …..bang bang bang bang . there saved him, pheww, no wait …he dead, and didn’t have weapon at all…oh well, who cares. We are the guards!! We get away with everything! Arm the trigger happy police for a twitchy police state!! No wrongdoing ?. Please! there was plenty of wrongdoing on behalf of the guards. Officially there is no wrongdoing but that just your standard run of the mill , never admit your wrong attitude from police forces around the world. Every one knows the guard in question was in the wrong. Let not forget that . A police could shoot a kid point blank in a playground in front of a hundred witnesses and get away with it . It just how the guards work. “Investigation”….whatever guys!!! go back to your speed traps, you pathetic joke of an organization.

    1. rotide

      “Every one knows the guard in question was in the wrong. Let not forget that ”

      This is not even close to accurate.

      1. Cian

        rotide: why pick on that sentence?

        postmanpat’s entire post was not even close to accurate.

          1. postmanpat

            I finished off going on about police murdering innocent civilians all over the world and getting away with it time and time again. Id say it hurt your wee head alright, police fanboy. Tell us Rotide, whos the guard in your family? is it your big brother?, your old man? Uncle? I know you have a guard close to you, its obvious . I bet you a million bucks you have a Garda in the family. is he your super duper hero? awwwwwww.

      2. postmanpat

        He shot an unarmed man. Disproportionate response, so ..yeah , it is more that close to accurate. twitchy trigger happy guard who shouldn’t be allowed near a gun, You probably have a guards in the family so I understand rotide/Cian, circle the wagons and all that.

        1. rotide

          Many people on this thread and the previous time this came up didn’t think he was in the wrong.

          The DPP didn’t think he was in the wrong.

          Hence , not accurate.

          If you would like me to help with any other reading comprehension issues you have, let me know.

          1. Lash me

            The DPP chose not to prosecute

            Regarding this case these are the only facts known about the DPP. Reading comprehension you say?

            We don’t know whether he thought the Guard was in the wrong. Prosecutors are careful about which cases to try given the burden of evidence required.

          2. postmanpat

            Lash me . rotide obviously has a guard in the family. Its the typical defend the guard you-don’t-know-what-you-talking-about rubbish you get from close friends and family of guards. They are always in the right because they are the police. I get it . People aren’t good with cognitive dissonance . what ? police make mistakes? =Mind blown= society collapses etc. people need to believe the guards are competent and responsible with guns , intelligence and equipment. It doesn’t matter how many people are shot in the back, run over, wrong front door battered in with a ram and innocent family’s terrified in the middle of the night or bags filled with machine guns and spare ammo falling out a boot of a police car onto the street, fake breath tests. fake OT claims. The guards get away with it. always. This is why you still have people that think Steven Avery is guilty. The police say so I guess its true , switch off brain…..The thin blue line holding society together? Give me a break!

    2. Trouble

      I believe the Garda in question was concerned that she was in the car in the passenger foot well and that he was going to stab her

  7. The Old Boy

    The DPP, lest it need saying, has to decide whether there is (a) a public interest in prosecuting the case and (b) a realistic prospect of conviction based on the evidence. Nothing else.

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