From the Department of Housing.

Rules around short-term lettings – defined as the letting of a house or apartment, or part of a house or apartment, for any period not exceeding 14 days- are changing on July 1.

Under the new arrangements applicable in rent pressure zones:

Homesharing (the letting of a room or rooms in a person’s principal private residence) will continue to be permissible on an unrestricted basis and be exempted from the new planning requirements.

Homesharers will be allowed to sub-let their entire principle private residence (house or apartment) on a short term basis for a cumulative period of 90 days where they are temporarily absent from their home.

New Regulation of Short- Term Letting (Dept of Housing)

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19 thoughts on “Up To 90

    1. Stephen

      The original concept of Air BnB was quite good
      You have an apartment with spare room but don’t want the commitment of a full time tenant so you occasionally rent it to tourists to make a bit of extra money, or maybe you rent it when you are going on holidays yourself.

      The problem is it has morphed into people turning what should be residential houses into short term let properties.

      The problem isn’t Air BnB though it was letting the properties be let in that fashion which the government are now closing the loophole on. I’m not their biggest fan but this does seem like a decent bit of legislation.

      1. Rob

        It was actually taxed less than normal rental income.

        Because it is classed as a trade all interest is deductible, as opposed to a percentage of interest when renting. This is changing for 2019 returns.

        I believe you can also write off what would be pre letting expenses in a normal rental, which would not be deductible.

        I’d say a withholding tax of 50% on short term letting income would be appropriate. People will be far slower to write things off and look for a refund, rather than to write them off and just pay less tax.

        1. Rob

          (The above is based on pub conversations, not actual research, before anyone goes relying on it.)

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I meant other income in general rather than rental income

            revenue has been very clear that it’s trading not rental income

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    read about this earlier on and no staff has been hired to enact these new regulations. so basically if you ignore the new rules .. nothing happens. i knew they wouldn’t do it right. nothing will change. murphy is utterly toothless.

    1. Leopold Gloom

      They could probably use reassign staff. Civil service and associated depts have areas in which there are far too many staff scrambling for work and others where there are not enough

    2. Col

      It’s not about actually doing anything. It’s about making it look like you’re doing things and then saying phrases like “housing is a very complex problem” and “it can’t be solved overnight” etc etc ad nauseam.

  2. Cian

    Thanks blushirts [1]!

    [1] I’m not being ironic here.
    FG have introduced sensible legislation to clamp down on using residential properties for short-term tourism lettings!

  3. eoin

    Is it true that there won’t be a single person employed to police these new rules? So, it will be like court fines which according to the Examiner last week, 93% are not paid.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      in January, DCC said it would need €800,000 per year for additional staff and resources to enforce the regulations as then proposed. it wasn’t given any extra cash. and hasn’t employed any extra staff to enforce this. so it will be down the 8-person team currently responsible for planning enforcement to take this on.

    2. rotide

      Maybe they can reassign the gardai that were responsible for arresting abortionists now thats legal?

  4. Rob

    Can they not just get all the data they need from and Airbnb and cross reference it with a list of registered properties?

    Have the excel spreadsheet / mail merge fire out a load of fines, payable directly from Airbnb/ takings.

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