Shannon Watch


This morning.

Shannon Airport, County Clare.

Preparations for the visit of US President Donald Trump to his golf resort in Doonbeg



Pics: Dan Whitehead


In fairness.

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9 thoughts on “Shannon Watch

  1. eoin

    Has Shannon Airport been baby-proofed in advance of a visit by a FG politician? Put those gates on the escalators to force Leo to take the lift, install handrails and put some soft cladding on any sharp edges, that type of thing. And make sure there’s at least one supervisor, preferably five, accompanying him at all times. Force him to take a full body scan to check for pre-existing soft tissue damage before he enters the campus. Also, make sure your public liability insurance is up to date.

  2. eoin

    3km of barriers, 3km of fencing.

    All supplied by Denis O’Brien’s Siteserv/Actavo? What’s that costing us.

    1. Cian

      I’m going to say €107 million.
      If nobody from the government, Gardaí, or Defence Forces contradict this figure – it is a fact.

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