Ah now..

A day after her writing innocently appeared on the Junior Cert English paper, illustrator Aoife Dooley (top) remains a target for ‘messers’ and nihilistic sociopaths alike.

Yesterday: Swot!

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43 thoughts on “Certifiable

  1. Gentle Ben


    “Young people are the worst”

    “Our generation was so much better”

    Pedantic , ageist drivel

  2. eoin

    Didn’t another Irish Times article appear on the Leaving Cert yesterday?

    What next, an Irish Times editorial in the history exams setting out why we should abandon our neutrality.

    Or, Irish Times property porn in the maths exam, if Paddy and Mary buy this house, how much will they save in rent and how much will their house be worth if it continues to lose 0.5% of its value every month.

  3. The Old Boy

    Don’t make yourself available for direct communication from 15 year old boys who punch your name into the internet.

    In a week they won’t remember you. Then you’ll have peace until next year’s batch of inter certs have been issued with shiny new sets of Folens past papers.

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Or maybe they should be taught not to send threatening message ABOUT CRISPS on the internet like little sh*theads.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    teens are terrifying. theyre the only people out there im scared of. when u hear about people stabbing people, etc. its always teens. . . vote Dr.Fart No.1 and I will rid the country of teens. I will make all teens illegal. Also, eating meanies or any crisps on the bus is genuinely a horrible and selfish thing to do.

  5. Termagant

    Well you’re not supposed to respond to them, that’s internet 101
    It’s almost as if she…. WANTS the attention?

    1. Gentle Ben

      Lol – you think?

      Also liked way she described being on Twitter as her “work”.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        gentle ben: she didn’t. she was talking about her actual work, her writing, which was used in the junior cert paper.

    2. Nigel

      A woman wants, or at least gets, attention, what can she expect but rape and death threats? Jesus Christ, we’re hatng the women in the thread, aren’t we?

  6. Mezcal

    Aoife, you have to take the rough with the smooth, you have embroiled yourself in controversy after controversy, often stoking the flames relentlessly through your social media interactions. I know you didn’t ask to be included in the exam paper, but as usual you certainly pulled as much mileage out of it as possibl,e which you are continuing to do bu engaging with trolls. Take a leaf out of other illustrators’ books, and just let the work do the talking.

    1. George

      She didn’t post on Broadsheet. Email her if you actually want to communicate with her.

    2. Nigel

      Telling the party NOT issuing death and rape threats to shut up, is that the look you’re going for?

  7. Termagant

    Sidebar: do you get paid if your material appears on the state exam? Surely someone does.

    1. rotide

      I’m not au fait with newspapers but I’d guess that the Irish Times paid her for her piece and they now own it, so they would get the money if any were due. I’m not sure if any money would then go on to the original author, I have no idea if royalties exist for newspaper opinion pieces, I suspect not.

    2. dav

      Good question, I’m sure the IT gets paid – do they won the work or the author they have paid for the work?

  8. millie st murderlark

    Aoife, with respect, just ignore them.

    Mute your social media, or block them, or whatever. Don’t read anything unless it’s from a friend. Drop the martyr act too, if I may add, it does you no favours. You’re hardly the first to appear on a LC paper.

    1. George

      If you ignore all message from people you don’t know you are ignoring messages from potential clients. She is a freelancer not someone who just uses social media for personal reasons.

      1. millie st murderlark

        You’d think she’d be better off capitalising on her notoriety instead of complaining about how she “didn’t ask for ANY of this”.

        Ride the wave. It’s not like people will still care next week. My sympathy is limited.

  9. rotide

    Ignoring the whole martyr act ( © Millie) for a second, It would be interesting to know where the cleareance for this was.

    At a guess the DoE cleared the use of the article with the Irish Times, who then didn’t inform Aoife the article was to be used, either through apathy or a genuine miscommunication.

    Unless the DoE didn’t clear it at all, but the Times would probably be on that pretty quickly.

    1. George

      “The copyright in a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work or the typographical arrangement of a published edition is not infringed by its being copied in the course of instruction or of preparation for instruction.”

      You don’t really seem to understand IP law, please stop guessing.

      1. rotide

        Well, IANAL so I’m not intimately au fait with copyright and IP law , just in how we deal with it in my (unrelated) field. Still yet to be sued, so I’m doing something right.

        I’m sure what you meant to say was ‘The latter is correct as the DoE didn’t need to clear the article under the relevant section of law’

  10. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Jesus, everyone’s treating her very harshly here. I mean, what’s up with that? Too much reddit/4chan?
    A bit of empathy lads and ladies. I hope she’s alright.

  11. Murtles

    Don’t know why she’s not retweeting everything. The special head on the fella she did repost looked a bit long in the tooth to be doing his junior cert. But sure if you’ve more interest in keyboard gymnastics and online threats than studying for todays exams, then this is all you’ll need for the future http://www.welfare.ie/en/pdf/up1.pdf

  12. dhaughton99

    Just turn off twitter and bring the dog for a walk. It’ll be over in a few days once they hear that one the bike stands in UCD has been decommissioned.


    Delia Smith told viewers there is nothing worse than a soggy souffle. As an AIDS sufferer I have to disagree with Miss Smiths somewhat selfish view


  14. Ian-O

    If she is getting rape threats and dick picks then the Gardai really need to be getting involved.

    I’d be pretty sure a 16 YO sending a dick pick (even if its their own) is guilty of distribution of child abuse imagery and would be subject to some pretty harsh, life altering consequences.

    If it was me, I would hound each and every one I was able to identify and ensure the law was followed to the letter.

    Does everybody forget we have a dead child in Lucan apparently killed by two other children not much younger than those doing the junior cert?

    It’s simply not on and its simply not on for this to pass without some form of serious sanction.

    Not surprised though at the utter lack of compassion for her, she did not ask for this, it was even somewhat of a nice surprise for her but now?

    Everyone says the younger generation are terrible, blah blah blah, but when I was growing up I couldn’t access videos of gang rape or beheadings when I was ten – these kids can and it seems they are not the better of it.

      1. Ian-O

        Considering I am concise, articulate, informed and if I may say so myself, somewhat debonair (tucked my shirt into my trousers this morning anyway), do not have that distinct ”au de urine” scent off me and detest Jooooooe, that will be a no from me, but thanks for playing.


    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      She’s a great fan of the “soften yer cough” phrase.

  15. Ian-O

    While he has done some great work at Wild Turkey, not sure what a master distiller could do outside of a nice barrel strength whiskey.

    Actually, that’s just the thing, get him on the phone Papi!

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