‘We Have Still Yet To Know The Actual Cause Of Death’



From top: The late Sylva Tukula (centre); Great Western direct provision centre in Galway


Via The Irish Times:

Sylva Tukula was buried in a HSE-owned plot on May 9th at the Bohermore cemetery on the authority of the city coroner

Galway city coroner Dr Ciarán Mac Loughlin, who signed off on the burial, said he was not informed her friends were waiting to retrieve her body.

“Had we known anyone was interested we would have informed them but no one said anything to me or the bereavement officer in Galway,” Dr Mac Loughlin told The Irish Times, adding that she was found to have died of natural causes.

“We certainly would be very upset if people thought this was done in any surreptitious or underhand manner. It wasn’t, we had nothing to hide behind. If the interested parties had said they wanted to take custody of the body that would have been fine, we would have released it to them.”

A spokesman from the Department of Justice said it regretted “the unintended distress” caused to Tukula’s friends but claimed that despite the best efforts of the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA), news of her burial was only released after the event.

Miscommunication between State bodies led to woman’s burial without mourners (Irish Times)


Further to the report yesterday about the death of Sylva Tukula, who identified as a transwoman, in the men’s-only Great Western House Direct Provision centre in Galway and who was buried unbeknownst to her friends in May…

At the time of Sylva’s death last August, it was reported that she had requested to be moved out of the all-male centre where she reportedly had a single room.

Several weeks after her death, Sinn Féin TD Donncha O’Laoghaire tabled a question for the Tánaiste Simon Coveney and the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan, in which he asked about the criteria transgenderpersons in direct provision must meet in order to be accommodated in centres of their preferred gender.

In response to the question, on September 20, 2018, Fine Gael TD and Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration David Stanton said:

“All persons seeking international protection are offered accommodation under regulation (7) of the European Communities (reception conditions) Regulations 2018. In offering that accommodation a number of factors are considered including whether a person requires any special reception needs

Where a person concerned has disclosed their self-determined identity to the Reception and Integration Agency, they are, in so far as is possible and practicable, assigned accommodation based on their needs.

At any time during a recipient’s stay in an accommodation centre, the option to request a transfer to a more suitable centre is also available to them.

“The policy of the Reception and Integration Agency is to promote equality, prevent discrimination and protect the human rights of all. Staff within accommodation centres receive regular training to equip them with the skills to support all residents.”


Two months later, the Government was still being asked to guarantee transgender asylum seekers be housed in accordance with their gender identity.

A study by the National LGBT Federation (NXF) led to the publication of a report called Far From Home: Life As An LGBT Migrant In Ireland which was published in November 2018.

Co-authored by Dr Chris Noone, Dr Brian Keogh and Dr Conor Buggy, the study was dedicated to the memory of Sylva who contributed to the design of the research.

One of the study’s recommendations reads:

“Direct provision should be ended and replaced with a more humane way of welcoming asylum seekers. In the meantime, actions need to be taken to protect members of the LGBT community who are living in direct provision from isolation and homophobia.

These include guaranteeing that LGBT people are accommodated in areas where they can access LGBT-specific services, that they are housed in accordance with their gender identity and that they are kept safe.”

Last night, The Department of Justice and Equality said of Sylva’s death:

Members of staff in the Department of Justice and Equality express their sympathies and condolences to the friends and colleagues of the deceased. Ms Sylva Tukula

All deaths and serious incidents that occur within accommodation centres provided by the Department are referred to the Gardaí Siochana as a matter of course and the Gardaí in turn refer all deaths to the local Coroner’s office.

As is the case with all Gardaí/Coroner matters, the Reception and Integration Agency is not privy to information pertaining to individual investigations carried out under their remit.

This afternoon, MASI, Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland responded:

It is totally regrettable and unacceptable that a [Department of] Justice spokesperson can come out and cry crocodile tears, that it was unintentional for them to secretly bury one of our own just like that.

More than we hate the system of direct provision, the one thing that it does is it brings us together and we become a family, not by choice.

We are a family in these centres from very strange circumstances.

When one of us suffer, we all suffer, we feel each other’s pain.

When we are even denied the very moment to say properly ‘goodbye’, it simply demonstrates how we are not treated as human beings in Ireland under the racist system of direct provision.

How do you undo what has been done already, we are hurting and no amount of sorry will ever change what you have done and are still doing to our people.

We are still yet to know the actual cause of death, even this will be kept as secret. Shame on you, Minister for Justice] Charlie [Flanagan].

Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (Facebook)

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8 thoughts on “‘We Have Still Yet To Know The Actual Cause Of Death’

  1. postmanpat

    Well, at least if this happens again you all know who to put pressure on when figuring out about burial arrangement and that’s the men and women of the highly secretive Gardaí who are experts at covering things up and stonewalling.

    1. SOQ

      In Britain, there is this thing going on where the authorities do not think some gay asylum seekers are gay enough, which has the makings of a comedy series in it’s own right but, when it comes to trans it should be fairly obvious.

      And if it is not to those making the decisions then the solution is very simple- employ other trans people as advisers. It’s not like employers are tripping over each other to give them a job in the first place so they won’t be charging the usual 2 grand a day.

      On second thoughts, maybe that is part of the problem.

  2. :-Joe

    It’s already a miserable situation for everyone involved.

    If there is suspicion of foul play apart from the situation of the body being buried so quickly without waiting for others to claim it, then maybe there needs to be an investigation.

    Get a few people together, raise some money and have the body exhumed and examined independently before having a proper funeral and wake. Unless a partner or family member has a legal objection.

    Privatised racism for profit thanks to the FF party officially and the F-f/g coalition of the establishment unofficially and in reality, the natural racist consequence of working for the shareholder finance minority before basic morality and the majority of individuals.

    “You are weak and vunerable, therefore a failure within our system and because it’s your fault and nothing can be done by us that isn’t inconvenient and costly, you are less important and fair game to be treated as such”

    Remember that at the next ballot box or others can feel free to openly call you a supporter of exploitation and profiteering from racism and anti-human rights practices against the most marginalised and vunerable people in Ireland along with the 10,000+ house-less… – to say the very least..


    1. Cian

      It took 9 months to bury the body.

      Another article said that the delay was due to them trying to contact her family in South Africa.

      And yes, immigration policies are racist by their very nature.

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