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      1. eoin

        Yep, like if the party starts at 8pm and you get there at 7.30pm and you stand around like a lemon for 30 minutes saying, “am I really the first”.

  1. eoin

    I’m sure Charlie Flanagan and Drew Harris are very smart men. So, what is the rationale of sending fresh-faced Templemore graduates to organised crime group hotspots, Drogheda and Dublin, where they’ll be thrown in at the sharp end with extreme violence and crime that is, well, “organized”.

    Also, is it true, as it is rumoured on the front page of the local newspaper in Drogheda that several Templemore graduates resigned from the force when told they were to be stationed in Drogheda? The local supt says he’s heard the rumours but doesn’t believe them.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Baptism of Fire Eoin. Raw recruits being sent into battle zones. What will happen is that the older established Gardai will now sit back when there’s an upsurge and send these young ones out where they themselves fear to go.

    2. SOQ

      During the troubles, the British army used to send clueless kids into the worst areas as cannon fodder- not that An Garda Síochána would ever admit to such a policy.

      I suppose the visibility is more to do with reassuring the general public than anything else.

  2. eoin

    The Tory party leader contenders aren’t what they once were.

    A few days ago
    “A Tory leadership candidate has admitted he smoked OPIUM in what he described as a “stupid mistake”. Rory Stewart ”

    And today in the London Times, “Michael Gove has admitted to having taken cocaine before becoming a politician, a “mistake” that he “deeply regrets”.”

    Don’t you yearn for the time the Tory candidate was a wet blanket who dressed up as a clown to shag Edwina Currie when Norma wasn’t around.

      1. martco

        I’d practically guarantee it. bring an analysis kit along to any of your usual tier 1 company facilities & you’ll get hits…the hallowed turf of Leinster House won’t be much different.

          1. millie st murderlark

            Not me.

            More, we all studied for our exams and finished our education to be told ‘sorry, there are no jobs’.

            We all partied my botty.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Sorry Cian. That’s not directed at you really. Just more at that attitude. I was a student at the time of the crash, so the “we all partied” thing is occasionally gets a rise out of me.

          3. johnny

            Its great that people who have lived a little can now be more open about their recreational drug use,politicans who have done some blow or smoked a few spliffs are more reflective of society,who hasn’t smoked the occasional opium pipe:)

            One the most disturbing and troubling long term effects of the ‘partying’ is a completely dysfunctional and broken housing market.The older generation in many cases owned(ok the banks) numerous properties,often in far flung places.But they are now trying now normalize younger people having live in squalid and unsafe conditions,with an ah sure back in the day attitude of, oh I lived in a tiny dark and damp rat infested basement as a student and sure what harm did it do…

            Spec housing is incredibly capital intense, there is insufficient liquidity for Irish developers/builders and the responsibility for that that rests with the govt and NAMA.

          4. martco

            in all fairness to @Cian I think it was meant to be a badumtish quip

            that’s how I took it anyways

            on the subject itself I worked a contract for a particular IDA star yank outfit in the 90’s whose HR dept wheeled in a drug testing crowd one afternoon to subject their employees to a random test. One lad was sacked when he refused to submit himself to be tested claiming his rights. There was a fair kerfuffle over it…was the concept even legal etc. twas buried in the contract of employment somewhere apparently.
            Some years later I ended up working again alongside one of the HR heads involved who confided to me that in fact the REAL reason they’d triggered testing caper in motion was because there’d been an active attempt to establish a union on the site & in an act of pure retribution & control HQ handed down instructions, show em who’s boss keep them down logic etc. horrible.

  3. eoin

    The religious orders are taking advantage of land values to sell. The Irish Times details more than 10 current transactions worth more than €200m, including €100m for 19 acres in Drumcondra. The proceeds will go to providing for the church employees in their dotage and to compensate victims of abuse, though, if you were a betting person, you’d say the former will get far more than the latter.

    Strange though that Bertie never thought about forcing them to sell the Drumcondra site in the 2000s boom to fund the redress scheme he authored.

    1. johnny

      The church here is dealing with a initial report that detailed extravagant living, lots cash gifts and certainly looks like extensive and ongoing fraud and corruption,reaching to the highest levels.

      “Lori oversaw an investigation of Bransfield that was ordered by the Vatican in September after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. A team of lay investigators detailed their findings in a confidential draft report to Lori in February, recommending that Bransfield be removed from ministry for alleged sexual harassment and financial abuses.

      Lori ordered that the names of senior clerics who received gifts — including himself — be edited out of the final report to the Vatican,..”


        1. johnny

          Good morning Eoin,here you go its a really nice sunny Saturday,hope your enjoying your weekend.As Katie Taylor settles into her new life and parish in suburban Hartford,Ct,this is a partial list of the sexual predators from her local church.Unlike the poor children abused by these so called men of god, at least Katie can defend herself.

          “The priests identified Tuesday include: Gregory Altermatt, Joseph Buckley, Stephen Bzdyra, Herbert Clarkin, Stephen Crowley, Robert Doyle, Ivan Ferguson, Stephen Foley, Glynn, Paul Gotta, John Graham, Philip Hussey, Edward Hyland, Joseph Lacy, Robert Ladamus, Felix Maguire, Terry Manspeaker, Richard McGann, Daniel McSheffery, Peter Mitchell, Edward Muha, Howard Nash, O’Connor, Raymond Paul, Louis Paturzo, Arthur Perrault, William Przybylo, George Raffaeta, Edward Reardon, Adolph Renkiewicz, Joseph Rozint, Robert E. Shea, Kenneth Shiner, Edward Tissera, Felix Werpechowski and Peter Zizka.”


          1. ReproBertie

            As reported yesterday, Ireland’s undisputed Lightweight Champion of the World will be staying in Bray as she recovers from the fight, not settling into Connecticut.

          2. ReproBertie

            As reported in the Irish Times.

            I’ve already answered your Gentle Ben nonsense.

          3. johnny

            Repo it was my understanding she was going recuperate and celebrate in Bray,Irelands Tijuana for a few weeks, before returning to her home and new parish in safe, suburban Connecticut.Safe that is now that people are wide to the predators in that cult she belongs to:)

          4. ReproBertie

            It’s not a secret that she trains out of Connecticut. Have you not seen the documentary about her? She’s staying home in Bray for a while to recuperate though.

            Why are you trying to present some link between her and a church that abuses children when you could do that with any Catholic in Ireland?

          5. johnny

            Its not ‘some link’ the ESPN piece above, describes a scene pre fight with the devotional Ma leading the family in prayer circle,tears are involved.Its just very off brand as is the shooting at the gym, instead KT she should go with GG (gangsters and god).

    2. SOQ

      The Irish Times details more than 10 current transactions worth more than €200m, including €100m for 19 acres in Drumcondra.

      Is that the parish of ‘Drumcondra’ or the actual land parcel? Either way, the risk of human bones being found on Catholic Church owned grounds is quite high and a bunch of archaeologists setting up camp is every developer’s nightmare.

      Don’t be surprised if these land parcels sell at well under market value.

  4. eoin

    The book charts for the week ending 1 June 2019 are out.

    Alan Shatter’s doorstop debuts at #5 in the paperback non-fiction selling 395 copies (Fat Freddie by the Sun’s Stephen Breen, with a lotta help from the Gardai, is at #1 with 518 copies).

    Given the Shatt’s book didn’t have an index and it’s nearly 500 pages long, I wonder how many copies were bought by politicians on expenses to see what list they’re on, “liars” or “oh, no, they should be in the other pile”.

  5. eoin

    Keep away from several beaches in Dublin today.

    There was an Irish Water talking-head on Morning Ireland yesterday who said the leak was “only” 90,000 litres of sewage. Also, apart from the current leak, there is a constant flow of sewage from Dublin homes to waterways, streams, rivers, which flow into the sea, but it is so diluted by the waterway that it’s not deemed hazardous. Also, there appears to be regular regulated overflows of sewage into Dublin bay and the only treatment of that sewage is subjecting the pee and poo to ultra violet rays to destroy germs. So, you’re frequently swimming in pee and poo but someone shone a light on it, and Bob’s your uncle and it’s grand.

    This isn’t acceptable in 2019. We’re paying world-class salaries to Irish Water and the Environmental Protection Agency, not to mention their political masters. Heads should be rolling.

    1. Ger Mc

      Last time I swam in an Irish beach was about sixty year ago, down in Kerry with my Da. Great memories.

    1. martco

      jasus I just read that, what a load of kak!!

      (perhaps there’s a reason she’s a failed candidate, wha?)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I wonder which of her own family have had compo claim (s). Seeing as its so normal for her to make such a statement.

  6. martco

    jasus I just read that, what a load of kak!!

    (maybe there’s a reason she’s a failed candidate, wha?)

  7. johnny

    Some coverage of the visit/trip with Breen coming across and portrayed as the village idiot, why would he be discussing how good looking or otherwise the President is-head shaking stuff.

    “Mr Trump looked very different from what the pictures show. In fact he is a fine looking man and very pleasant. We talked about the important role that the resort in Doonbeg plays in local economy,”-Breen in IT

    “Trump also discussed his resort with Ireland’s minister for trade, employment and business upon his arrival at Shannon Airport….

    “The State Department began signing contracts for the trip on May 22. Among them: $1,023,940 to rent cars and limos; $10,866 to install temporary phone lines and $16,325 to rent golf carts for the Secret Service agents protecting Trump on the golf course.
    In all, the department gave out $1.5 million in contracts for the Ireland detour..”


      1. Johnny

        Pelosi triggered him with “lock him up”,which has the Republicans appearing to live and inhabit an irony free universe.Probably meeting and talking about his private business,run by his sons,may not have been one Breens,best ideas.

    1. eoin

      It’s amazing no-one from our brave media has visited with the Bray county Wicklow funeral directors JP Ward and Son Limited to ask them about the €900,000 for the hire of a few E-class cars for a couple of days.


      Is this the CIA trying to resurrect Threadstone, by approving falsified and wildly inflated invoices and then diverting the cash. What’s Jason Bourne up to these days.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Far be it from me to attempt to compete with the Conspiracy Gamers and Lifers in these parts

        But any chance those jammers were getting retrofitted
        Mobile Situation Room
        Missile proof
        Air purification system
        Hair n’ Make Up
        What have ya

      2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Far be it from me to attempt to compete with the Conspiracy Gamers and Lifers in these parts

        But any chance those jammers were getting retrofitted
        Mobile Situation Room
        Missile proof
        Air purification system
        Hair n’ Make Up
        Tinted windows
        What have ya

        1. martco

          yes, definitely

          armoured bodywork, floorpan, petrol tank & tyres
          bulletproof glass
          uprated braking, suspension, motor
          oxygen & vacuum systems
          radio jamming & backup comms

          & of course de hair n makeup

          the escort vans have lots of toys on board including gear to acquire any mobile & data comms transmissions being made within range of the motorcade…in conjunction with drones in theory you can not just intercept comms but locate/identify the suspect

          see if you can get a trade-in on your next motor with these fellas:

          1. martco

            X7? I’d say that tractor practically drove itself while you sat back & enjoyed the view…a weeks wage for some, wha?

            I have a mate into high end motors who’ll take test drives about once a month, never to buy or anything just for the hobby craic like

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