Goths In Heaven


Tonight .

Malahide Castle.

Top pic Via Cormac Fullard


Tinny sounds?

No mate, that‘s how they sound.

*applies lipstick clumsily*




Slane Castle.

Metallica with rainbow In support.


Not entirely men then.


7 thoughts on “Goths In Heaven

  1. shayna

    Hmm… tinny sound -that’s a tad disappointing, I love The Cure – it’s a capture from a smart-phone, but it didn’t sound great. Perhaps they should invest in hiring some more base bins?

    1. ReproBertie

      I heard no issues with the sound but I was quite close to the stage.

      Very happy man leaving tonight.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        so jealous would have loved to have gone,
        usually find Malahide good for the sound

      2. Ian-O

        I was there and the sound was fine and I was stone cold sober so not sure what others were hearing?

        It was a great gig and I floated out having finally seen them live.


  2. Jade

    The sound started out weak compared to the support acts but it got better as the gig went on.
    Either that or I got too drunk to notice.

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