Never Mind The Language


For your Father.

Fergus O’Neill writes:

Father’s Day is fast approaching so have a think for yourself you ungrateful cur.

These are lovingly screen printed enormous (A1. 594 x 841 mm) PVC stickers.

You can frame them if you wish (image 1) or stick them to something (image 2).

I’m not saying your Dad is a ‘total bollox’ (unless he is. I know I am) but rather dads know that everything is ‘total bollox’.

This Father’s Day let your dad know, that you know, that everything is ‘total bollox’.

Only €10 (plus €5 postage, blame An Post). available here WHILE STOCKS LAST:
other things for your Dad which are less confrontational at link below….


Irish-made Father’s Day items to marked ‘Father’d Day’ , No fee.

12 thoughts on “Never Mind The Language

  1. Shay Kelly

    Jeez, that’s lazy. Might have sounded like a good idea over a few pints, but lads, it’s a classy as a French kiss at a funeral.

  2. Kevin Quinn

    Congratulations to the creator of this valuable gift. It is particularly impressive that he or she has used the correct spelling for the word. As any Dub can explain, one says ‘That is bollox’ to express incredulity or outrage, but ‘He’s a little bollix’ to express an opinion about someone’s character. Both words sound the same, but are spelled differently, so well done!

    1. realPolithicks

      I agree with you entirely Kevin but nonetheless I’m going to say that that’s a load of boo boos!

  3. dhaughton99

    I wonder if white ink on black paper costs more than black ink on white paper?

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