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    1. GiggidyGoo

      Some questions to be asking the elderly alright. Especially the one about if they helped their children out with money when they were buying – and how much. Gift tax – sly FG (rhymes with mustards).

      Not to mention that any money they might be able to put in the bank will count as means for various things like pensions, medical cards etc. And if they end up in a nursing home, that cash will be rifled by the state very quickly. Along with their downsized house.

      Kite flying season has formally started.

  1. deluded

    Kildare were quick enough kicking out the ball to Dublim fair play to them. Meath racked up a nice score on Laois but the Dubs were only cantering.
    Dark days.

  2. eoin

    Gee, I had high hopes when I saw the Irish Examiner and its “special report” on the Far Right in Ireland. Finally, the skinny on anti-immigration, anti-EU, pro-Trump groups here? Not at all, there’s peripheral reference to a handful of US/Americas anti-abortion groups which apparently have branches here. And that’s it. A few hours on the internet and you’d do better yourself. Very disappointing.

  3. eoin

    Six of the 30-odd Tory MPs who are contesting the Tory leader contest have declared they’ve used drugs, two cocaine, one opium and three “dope”. But that’s 20%.

    I wonder would a similar % apply to the 158 TDs in our Dail?

    1. Cian

      “declared”. I wonder how many of them have used drugs but are too afraid to say it.

      I wonder would a similar % apply to the posters on Broadsheet?

  4. eoin

    Those fuppers at the G20 at the weekend are intent on undermining Ireland’s international economic offering to US tech companies by imposing flat digital taxes where revenue is generated. For decades, countries have been abusing international tax rules in banking and no-one said a word. Now that Ireland is seen to be prospering with internet companies, they’re coming down on us like a ton of rocks. But only internet companies. Banks and financial companies can still continue to funnel their monies to tax havens without any sanction.

    Bad news for Ireland.

    1. dav

      when you have a government going to court to NOT take €13billion in back taxes from corporate tax evaders you know that something is seriously wrong

      1. kellMA

        Not really; its an objection to tax rule harmonisation which we all know is bad for ireland. I ndeireadh na dala, the decision has been made that it is more lucrative for us to get less in corp tax from these guys in order to get the jobs and the income tax.

  5. eoin

    The Sun has a feature on “Mr Flashy”, the north Dublin city punk who is a middle manager in the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation. We’re back in the 1990s with these names, and “Mr Flashy” is used by the media to avoid naming the individual who may sue for libel.

    But, following Charlie Flanagan’s declaration last week that these people are losers, shouldn’t the press come up with another moniker “Mr Impotent”, that sort of thing.

    1. ReproBertie

      Yes! They should give them incredibly demeaning names. Never mind “Mr. Flashy”. How about “Mr. Flasher”?

  6. eoin

    Will politicians of all shades this week come out and call the EU “training” mission in the African country of Mali for what it is, it’s a military intervention in a war-torn country with the Irish army deployment forced to fight on the government side against a huge Islamist opposition. Ireland has no business there at all, there’s no peace, it’s all-out war.

    And yet, this week, the shifty junior minister Paul Kehoe is going to propose sending another group of Irish soldiers to the country. This is just creeping militarisation, in both the EU and Ireland. Where next? Ukraine? Syria? Yemen?

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Isn’t that a ceist for our Minister for Defense
      ( Leo btw)

      Likewise for the Veteran Peace Activist currently occupying the Áras, President Higgins

      It’s definitely worth an article / thread on its own.


      Suppose tis no harm to mention Rockall either

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Maybe the door to door salesman, now a Defence kinda Minister should take a tour of duty himself? Doubtful though given his reportage on protests at his clinic a while ago.
      Doubtful too if he will hold his seat next general election as any FG votes he got in south Wexford will be hoovered up by the Nice Road Trucker.

    3. ReproBertie

      The proposal is to send 12 members of the Army Ranger Wing as part of the UN peace keeping mission, not as part of the EU training mission. Separately there are 20 members of the defence forces serving with the EU training mission instructing the Malian Army in things like bomb disposal.

      There’s an important distinction between the roles of the members deployed with the two missions.

  7. Gabby

    If Michael Gove wants the media to forgive him, maybe he should wear sackcloth and ashes and climb Croagh Patrick on reek Sunday.

  8. johnny

    Good piece on rec legislation in UK.
    “According to a 2018 survey commissioned by the drug policy thinktank Volteface, which has ties to Hanway, 59% of the British public supports cannabis legalization. But the political dynamics that have made legal marijuana all but inevitable in the US are absent in the UK.”

    There does not seem to be a site in Ireland with good information and the reporting in the Irish MSM,is not very good so…I will try and write a weekly roll up (piece/column) on weed as Johnny Green,covering:

    -Legislation-comparison with 11 states that have rec in US and Canada,what worked and why.
    -Rec-best rolling papers-how big is the market ?
    -CBD-not really my area but include some info.
    -Companies-who’s active in Ireland,lobbying for a lic ?
    -Social Justice-are 75% court cases in Irl really for small time possession ?
    -Weed Price Index

    Reviewed this over the weekend-appears be latest attempt at legislation in Ireland.

    Hopefully this week will finish first piece and try get something in weekly,going forward.I have nothing to sell nor do I own any weed company stocks, or have any interest in ever getting a lic in Ireland-just some great flower when I visit:)
    FYI-the weed is Ireland or hash I got last time wasn’t that great.

    My own area would be in the design/build of large scale indoor farms with an emphasis on structuring,green energy deals, hydro,solar,co-gen so will include something on that.

    Starting point is the current,or proposed legislation so reviewing this, will find its status and next steps.


    ps-as Johnny Green will take up what little free time I have I probably won’t comment much as ‘Johnny’-if people want a particular area covered feel free ask.I’m not a journalist, this is just an attempt to inform people in Ireland better, and maybe have some fun too.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      That promises to be a great feature Johnny
      ‘ looking forward to it


      Btw Sweden
      You know there’s a firmer British Soldier trying to drum up business for a thing he’s titled Sanity 4 Sweden
      Maybe you should put a few bob into his kitty
      Seeing as he named it after you

      1. Johnny Green

        Thanks V-hopefully it won’t be about all about ‘me’ and some useful info will be provided to better inform people,its almost a year now since this….

        “Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said that an expert group currently considering the decriminalisation of cannabis is examining the systems in jurisdictions in which cannabis has been decriminalised for recreational use.”
        Last November, the Minister for Health Promotion and the National Drugs Strategy announced the establishment of the working group to look into alternative approaches to the possession of drugs for personal use.


        Oh I’m also not a lawyer :)

        However, I selected Rhode Island and Connecticut as working examples to compare/contrast Irelands proposed legislation with.Both states have medical programs but not rec,they each pursued completely different strategies with different outcomes.

        Rhode Island has issued lots growing/cultivating lic’s but only 3 dispensaries lic’s.
        Connecticut issued only 3 cultivating lic’s but almost 20 dispensary ones (stores).

        Rhode Island today for example, has a large a protest by craft growers on the monopoly situation with the dispensaries, but will explain all that controversy over time, it involves social justice and craft growers.

        Did deep dive on both states legislation over weekend-hopefully spell check it today and it will be up next few days, there is really is no ‘expert’ in this field,so corrections are welcome,mistakes will be made.I don’t diligently follow the Irish news or papers so link anything useful or worth reading in UK/Irl.

          1. Johnny Green

            But I’m not a journalist Cian-yes just haggling over the beni package with Bodger:)
            Will submit pieces next day or two on Rhode Island and Connecticut so that I can compare Irelands proposed legislation.Cali is so far ahead I don’t consider it a comp,with rec consumption lounges, delivery,its about 5-10 years ahead Irl.More realistic comparison is RI/CT.

            Finally and hopefully for last time,I smoke ‘flower’ or weed, with a cup tea some not every evening,I’m not a wake and baker,dont drink alcohol at all.I firmly believe weed should be regulated and available in Ireland,this is just an attempt to better inform Irish people about weed and hopefully cultivate/assist in informing people about developing an Irish weed industry.

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