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    1. Mickey Twopints

      Girl power!!!

      Howya, Frilly!

      Are we really the first?

      Arrah sure, grab a couple of glasses of the good stuff before the mob turn up. Save one for Janet – those avatars give her an awful dry throat. Would ya hide those daycent Pringles from that gabhail eoin, he’ll be here any minute now and wallpapering the place with his analysis of current affairs.

    2. ReproBertie

      The England Scotland game today should be a cracker. Rumour has it the Scots are travelling in numbers as their lads haven’t been in a major tournament for a while. Scotland seeking revenge for a 6-0 hammering and all the pressure’s on England.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Good for them. Tis great t’ see lads supporting their own
        Whatever the code

        Brazil v Jamaica which throws in at the 2.30 slot
        Would be my pick for the day

        An’ if ye fancy rowing in behind a side – suggest
        Who play the Septics on Tuesday (8pm)

        I don’t fancy their chances against 3 times winners of the tournament mind
        But Fox are carrying it, banners n’ stickies n’ all
        so you can be sure they’ll have it trending

        have ye’re hashtags, @s and Hup Thailand ready
        Just to bring them down a peg or two like
        Here https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/06/womens-world-cup-2019-team-guide-no-21-thailand

        And now if ye’re betting
        Lash a sky diver on Norway

        All there on the TnaG btw

      2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Ah here

        I actually had a lengthier post about the WWC
        That doesn’t seem to have made it

        Anyway, Brazil v Jamaica today at 2.30 will be the perfect curtain raiser for the Eng v Scot aka Brexit v Remain derby

        Tip: Put a sky diver on Norway

        And if ye fancy rowing in behind a side : Thailand
        v the Septics on Tuesday
        Deserves a few Hups and hashtags
        Just to weewee off Fox

        All on the TnaG btw

  1. eoin

    British papers dominated by Tory leader contenders setting out their stalls.

    Boris wants to tell the EU where to go with the £39 billion divorce bill (which will, in part, pay for UK projects and UK pensions for EU workers for years to come).

    As for Micheal Gove. “Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now! Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now! SCATTER!”

    1. hope

      Gove promising to abolish VAT
      Believe that believe anything
      Bet the Charlie has fried his brain
      God love us looks like Boris will be the winner if Gove is anything to go by

  2. eoin

    SBP is more than 50% property “opportunities”, reviews of TV, books and cars.

    The cyber security splash of articles this week appears to be mostly about scaring the poo out of you to buy expensive and sometimes questionable services.

    Lots of unfamiliar new names penning articles selling one opinion or another. One name that is familiar is Cathal Mac Coille ex-RTE who is now a columnist.

    What’s left. Probably a handful (<5) of articles by a couple of decent journalists.

    Sad to see.

  3. eoin

    The Sunday Times has a story about Shane Ross texting the FAI for two free tickets to the 2017 Europa League final in Stockholm.

    The tickets would have had a face value of around €280 if they were the top tickets.

    Shane Ross didn’t declare them on the register of gifts.

    Separately, “at the [Wayside Celtic, a football club in Ross’s constituency] club’s “mini-World Cup” tournament for children on June 17 last year, both Delaney and Ross attended an event to present medals and trophies…Ross said: “I hope to see you all in the Aviva in the autumn [Delaney was providing 700 free tickets to the club]. Because John Delaney, he’s not like a politician, he keeps his promises.”

    So, was Ross getting free tickets which he wasn’t declaring plus free tickets for his constituency which he was riding for all it was worth?

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Not having a moan
      All that photo- bombing and cringy goombeening deserves to be splashed, memed and shared till it’s worn thin

      But anyone asking
      Like people who call themselves Journalists
      And thems’ whose voices n’ faces can never be forgotten or mistaken
      What is he doing with his Government brief?

      I’m led to believe he’s never there
      And seniors in the Dept have said openly that he treats it and them
      Like an Absentee Landlord from back in the day
      Grants to Wesley and the like would be sorted over tea- time pints like

      So if no-ones asking what he’s doing all day
      Maybe it’s ok to ponder who he dishes out freebie tickets ta’

      On a personal pov
      Beyond tacky opportunism and bandwagoning
      Like jetting into Rio after the Hickey arrest

      All I see him at is butting inta other Minister’s work

      1. martco

        Ross has a piss-easy glamour gig
        worse still anyone who’d have a genuine interest in sport would near do the job for free…and Ross clearly knows squat about the concept

        I’d say his fellow cabinet members are very jealous of him

        amazing what having a vote can achieve for you, wha?

        1. eoin

          Yea, yea, Ross is a buffoonish gombeen, it’s a carefully honed self-image. He needs to be watched like a hawk though for the important decisions on transport, the expansion of Dublin airport, huge capital projects, these dwarf expenditure on sports but because everyone can relate to sports, the huge stuff is going below the radar. The amount of lobbying on transport is unbelievable.

          1. SOQ

            Well his drink drive limits alone should have rang alarm bells- especially for women.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      read for free

      Don’t think so hon’
      I’d need *brekkie in bed
      At least
      Before I’d touch that link

      * n’ I’m talking proper Sunday brekkie now;
      juice, fruit, sourdough toast, rashers, coffee in me favourite mug – and a refill in the posh sippy cup ready to go. And depending if I’ve worked up an appetite maybe a fresh french pastry plait

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I just did an nice open spiced lamb on pumpkin seed toast, Greek yogurt and hot hot dark dark coffee,
        the skies are almost blue, the whole day stretches ahead,
        enjoy your Sundays BSers

        1. millie st murderlark

          Ooooh Janet I’m so jealous. Next time you’re making that, I expect an invitation.

        2. SOQ

          So we have Janet, Mr Janet, Millie, Bertie, and a partridge in a pear tree on a Sunday morning in bed together.

          Where to begin with that swinging law suit?

      2. Mickey Twopints

        You two are wrecking my head with your luxurious breakfasts. Just in for mine at 10:15 after more than two hours weeding and tidying the garden.

        No-added-sugar muesli with a few pieces of mandarin orange and two dollops of 0% yoghurt. :(

        I think I prefer yours.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          his are all welcome, it’s a king-size mattress
          here Mickey, forget that 0 percentage, what they put in to substitute the 100 percent isn’t better for you,
          just eat clean and tear up the garden ;)

          1. Mickey Twopints

            Anything to oblige the lady. :)

            The windows are steaming up a bit in here. Must be the threesome on the kingsize up above.

  4. eoin

    The Catholic charity which provides sex education to schools, I think Arch- bish Diarmuid Martin is on the board. It was given the boot at one school in Dublin yesterday, according to RTE.

    Why is the Tusla giving this charity €700,000 of our money each year to indoctrinate youngsters in an approach to sexuality which is unwelcome to some (many?).

    And speaking of sexual advice, this supermodel is causing a storm in conservative Catholic Poland with her sex ed book and videos.


  5. eoin

    There was an important meeting of the communications committee last Wednesday which got lost in the tangerine lump’s visit to Doonbeg. KPMG were in front of the committee to answer questions about the €3bn National Broadband Plan. They refused to answer lots of questions on commercial sensitivity grounds.

    Seems the only press or broadcaster to cover the car crash of a hearing last week was Colin Gleeson of the Irish Times.


    There will be further hearings this week which may lead to the government dropping the current plan.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      How da’ púc can the final bid still be under wraps stamped Commercially Sensitive

      The winning bid were the only Bidders
      – so no other Bid Team have any purposeful use of the finer details
      – and, they got the gig, so there is NO RISK of their bid being exploited for commercial gain by others

      Ya know what lads

      We deserve to be fooled and codded
      And ripped off
      Again and again and again

      1. GiggidyGoo

        egg-flipping-xactly. We are being played by these leeches. KPWCMG have it well sewn up, and all they need to do is hide behind the ‘commercially sensitive’ wall of silence. Remember the face of these that was on the Lottery draw some years ago. (the recorded lottery draw actually – not live) – little dotie smile, as if to say ‘you can trust us’. Makes you wonder.

  6. eoin

    The Sunday Times reports convicted FFer Bill Kinneally has written to TDs about statements made in the Dail, claiming they constitute offences under the Incitement to Hate laws. The standard response would have been to tell the child sex abuser to get lost, but now that the Supreme Court has decided it has a foothold on utterances in the Oireachtas, you wouldn’t be so sure.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      As long as it doesn’t affect his sentence, let him rock on. Having said that, I haven’t came across any reporting of what he’s referring to. But typical snout in the nearest accessible trough as usual.

  7. Tommy Bohan

    I don’t know what game the “Irish” Mail on Sunday are playing. They seem absolutely obsessed with the British Royal family, again this morning they have on their front page a story about Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Half their paper or more is just a copy of the British Mail on Sunday but I feel it very strange how nearly every Sunday for the last few months they put a Royal Family story on their front page. I know their sales have collapsed (all papers are declining but theirs seem more rapid than all others) but they are completely alienating readers like me who expect an Irish Sunday paper to focus on Irish stories. Surely that io not too much to ask! Their daily sister paper is even worse, just take a look at their letters and questions pages – a huge proportion of them are from English & Scottish addresses, obviously I have nothing against those people, but you would expect practically all of same to be from Irish people.

    1. eoin

      Tommy, you may have missed the news a few months ago that the Irish Mail (including Sunday edition) were making ¼ of their 135 workforce redundant, with job losses at the sharp journalistic end. That means the Irish Mail on Sunday and Irish Daily Mail will be looking a lot less Irish, and you’ll be seeing more generic celeb pics with revealing-this and plunging-that.

      I’d recommend you switch to the Sunday Times Irish edition, though frankly the traditional Sunday role of the press, providing interesting background to significant issues, has sadly largely disappeared from all the Irish press.

      1. Tommy Bohan

        Thanks for that information Eoin, I didn’t hear that redundancy news a few months ago. It makes sense when I see what both papers are producing of late. I know the newspaper industry is in crisis (falling circulation, online news as alternative, etc) but it’s really disappointing to see how little Irish content there is in a lot of Irish papers e.g Sun, Mirror, Mail, etc. The Times Ireland edition was the same, they had some superb writers, but once you went past the first 4/5 pages the amount of Irish material was practically 0%

  8. johnny

    “The grandson of immigrants from Co. Mayo, Mr Mulvaney was the first Republican to be elected from his district in North Carolina since the 1880s.”

    Mulvaney represented his district in South Carolina.

    “His private conversations about women have been well aired, but Mr Trump didn’t give any impression of misogyny. In this dinner, in fact he seemed outnumbered. Each time I got up – I found my own excuses – I turned to face him and he looked me in the eye, gave a big smile and said hello.”

    Been surrounded by some may indicate he’s not sexist,but it has no relationship to misogny,there is a big difference.There are too many instances of Trump’s personal attacks on women who challenged him to list, always aimed at their appearance and intelligence.
    That’s a misogynist which he absolutely is.


    1. johnny

      -John Lee who wrote the above homage with way too much fromage,is the political editor at the Mail on Sunday (Ireland edition).
      Fact checking appears to be irrelevant-a few lowlights from his piece.

      “A gregarious, Irish American of legendary bonhomie, there is steel in any man who rises to the top in Washington DC.”
      Mulvaney was a washed up nobody who describes himself as a ‘right wing nut job” from a state most people can barely find on a map, including the author.

      ‘The grandson of immigrants from Co. Mayo…his mothers family are Polish.

      “He describes his Polish-American mother as a natural fiscal conservative who saved ketchup packets from McDonald’s and soy sauce from the family’s monthly Chinese dinners. “She probably still has them,” Mulvaney says. His Irish-American father, a former teacher…..”


  9. GiggidyGoo

    Have spend the past three weekends going through 20+ ….sorry……30+ years of gathered bits and pieces that had been in my garage. Not for the squeamish. Must be over a ton of all sorts from CDs, VHS, Tvs, Xbox, Playstation, – unbelievable what has been kept. Not to mention papers etc.

    Anyway to cut to the chase – I seem to have gathered lots of music tapes (loose, not in cases) from a band or artist named ‘See Inlay Card For Details’. I can’t remember them and haven’t a tape player anymore. Anyone remember them?

    1. realPolithicks

      The fact that you actually wrote anything on your cassettes back in the day is very impressive.

      1. SOQ

        Mad isn’t it? Back then people loved music and played the medium to death.

        Now we have 2FM bringing back by popular demand a person of questionable taste in the first place. At what point did this teeth ‘n tits bad haired person return to a tax funded radio station by any sort of popular vote?

        I know it is partly the stupid money RTE people are paid but its also that after Louis Walsh, everyone wants to conform- which is an absolute disgrace. I have the first CHIPS recording held hostage btw, Walsh has a lot to answer for.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        It was printed on them. I remember now. Bought in boot sales. I’ll have to buy a player to find out what’s on them.

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