Red Ribbon Army


This afternoon.

Baggott Street, Dublin 2

More than 3km of roads across Ballsbridge and Donnybrook in Dublin 4, stretching to Lower Baggott Street , Dublin 2 have been festooned with red ribbons to highlight the potential loss of trees as part of the BusConnects programme.

UPDATE: the trees pictured will remain.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

17 thoughts on “Red Ribbon Army

    1. edalicious

      +1 The trees aren’t being cut down for buses, they’re being cut down for cars.

  1. kellMA

    I do love tree lined streets. That street will be the poorer for not having that lovely boulevard effect

  2. Pavel

    Baggot street lower between Pembrook street and Fitzwilliam street is not part of Bus Connect – the trees there are fine even though they have red ribbons. A little misleading on the pictures

  3. George

    This is what is know as “fake news”, Bodger. Please update your post. These trees aren’t part of Bus Connects

  4. dhod

    there’s a house on the rathgar rd with a large red ribbon around a tree in its garden. The rest of the garden is levelled, tarmacked and has 8 parking spots marked out in white paint

  5. Sam

    And we go on about trump
    Meanwhile the plastics factory is going ahead on the wild Atlantic way and tree cutting the new conservation

  6. Samis6

    are we not talking about 5g also ,whatever about conspiracy theories there has been some significant felling to urban skerries so I have no doubt Dublin and moreover rural Ireland will be especially decimated. we need the trees they are the most important thing now to our lives !!

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