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Last night.

Tree blazes at Santry Demesne (top) and St Anne’s Park.

‘Wanton act of vandalism’ damages landmark Dublin tree sculpture (RTÉ)

This morning.

Airfield Estate, Dublin 14.

Telly’s Kathryn Thomas and her daughter Ellie (2) at the launch of Self Help Africa’s ‘One Million Trees’ campaign, sponsored by Glenisk.

‘One Million Trees’ is a local-to-global initiative that aims to plant 100,000 native trees in Ireland and one million trees in sub-Saharan Africa this year ‘in a bid to tackle climate change’.

Self Help Africa

Leon Farrell, Photocall Ireland

Last night.

On Saint Canice’s Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

Paul Guy tweetz:

It’s a sad day for Saint Canice’s Road. These mature trees, here since the 1930s are being felled tomorrow [Wednesday] by Dublin City Council. Massive loss for our road, our environment and the natural habitat trees support. Some could’ve been saved with responsible tree management.

Beats modern art.



IMMA (Royal Hospital Kilmainham)

This morning.

Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

Buzz O’Neill Maxwell writes:

Despite empty promises about consultation Dublin City Counci went in this morning and destroyed dozens of healthy trees in Brickfield Park…

What is going on?



More felling?

BearYear writes:

Clare County Council did this outside the local library [Harmony Row, Lifford, Ennis, County Clare]…disgusted. They said the trees blocked light to the next building…which is Clarecare a private health company. FFS…


Friday: Over 7,000 trees felled by local authorities in 18 months (Irish Times)

Thanks Irish Wildlife Trust

Via CassandraVoices:

The real issue is that, if realised, BusConnects will make permanent space for private motor cars. This would be achieved at the cost of the city’s built heritage and green infrastructure – including thousands of road side and privately owned trees.

As such, this element appears to contravene both the Dublin City Development Plan and the EU Habitats Directive.

Thus, Objective GIO27 commits:

To protect trees, hedgerows or groups of trees which function as wildlife corridors or ‘stepping stones’ in accordance with Article 10 of the EU Habitats Directive.’

While Policy SC15 seeks:

To recognise and promote green infrastructure and landscape as an integral part of the form and structure of the city, including streets and public spaces.’

And Policy SC12 aims:

To ensure that development within or affecting Dublin’s villages protects their character.’

It is noted that at a public meeting earlier this year in the Clayton Hotel off Leeson Street, on behalf of the National Transport Agency (NTA), Hugh Cregan, stated that plans have not yet been prepared for replacement of trees.

Given the massive scope of the scheme, it seems essential to provide plans for what will occur after the initial destructive phase – otherwise, the plan is missing key elements, and is premature.

Road-widening schemes for Dublin during the 1970s and 1980s were not a solution to our transport ills then – and do not provide one now.[More at link below]

Dubliners Deserve Better Than Bus Connects (Ruadhan MacEoin, CassandraVoices)

Top pic: Rollingnews