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Brian Lavery tweetz:

Good morning #fortyfoot

(Don’t miss the diver – far left)


A ban on swimming in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s beaches – Seapoint Beach, Sandycove Beach, the Forty Foot bathing area, Killiney Beach and White Rock Beach – was lifted last night.

It follows the placing of the ban on June 6 after a sewerage wastewater overflow at Irish Water’s Ringsend wastewater treatment plant on June 4 and 5.

Swimming ban lifted on south Dublin beaches (The Irish Times)

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32 thoughts on “Scrotumtightening

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    +1 I have traveled a lot, eaten locally, swam locally, and it’s not, until I moved back here that I ended up with the nice Irish antibiotics resistant e-coli and sepsis plus a gift of c-diff from Beaumont.
    It is being down played but it’s rampant in the water system, I won’t even drink the tap water now,
    wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

    1. spudnick

      The reservoirs and Dublin Bay are two different things. I wouldn’t dodge tapwater just because sewage is leaking into the bay.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        saw an article about it being in some of the drinking water systems so I’ll take no chances

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        sorry to disappoint Sweden I don’t do narcotics,
        Your trolling is poor, transparent and lacks subtly,
        like I said last week
        must try harder

        1. Heja Sverige

          Troll is Finland not Sweden

          You have some memory loss and persecution issues/ paranoia. As I said … cut down booze Brigid

          Every week you are here with your friends boasting of being a drunk it’s not cool
          Or healthy

          Only one in EU except Poland racists maybe

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            there’s a big difference in enjoying a drink in moderation and boasting about being drunk,
            again the subtitles escape you clearly
            actually I am part Finnish
            but I digress
            try harder cuz
            you are like a bad contender on a talent show, so bad it’s entertaining

          2. Heja Sverige

            one Day she is going to wake up with worse than usual hangover and say “ sure I just had the one “ or “I was just being sociable like” or all the usual sayings everyone laugh around bed and say what a character and Janet is so brave

            Then. Look down and see liver shriveled on op table and hook to dialysis machine

          3. kellMA

            wow this person can rant…. in a im bordering on a psychotic episode kind of way…Hope you get the help you need :)

  2. Stan

    Have either of you tried it?
    I regularly swim at the 40ft when I’m back and it’s fine. I’d take it anyday -even in the middle of winter – over a swimming pool.
    Though I can’t resist quoting Behan’s remark about how nobody really swims in Dublin bay, they just go through the motions.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      see above, I love sea swimming but after 2 months out of action, and a ban on running while recovering from the docs I just won’t chance it off the Dublin coast anymore,
      I’m glad you didn’t get sick but the danger is real folks

          1. Sweden

            You are typical filthy mouth Irish let me be frank no class easy and drunk or high most of the time

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            my fan is back I see,
            let it all out until you get banned again “Sweden”

          3. Sweden

            I ask you simple question from concern
            And you insult me with swear

            Maybe time for drink for you
            Need to relax

  3. eoin

    A pity that the Morning Ireland interview with Irish Water last Friday hasn’t gotten more publicity. From the comments on Saturday:

    “There was an Irish Water talking-head on Morning Ireland yesterday who said the leak was “only” 90,000 litres of sewage. Also, apart from the current leak, there is a constant flow of sewage from Dublin homes to waterways, streams, rivers, which flow into the sea, but it is so diluted by the waterway that it’s not deemed hazardous. Also, there appears to be regular regulated overflows of sewage into Dublin bay and the only treatment of that sewage is subjecting the pee and poo to ultra violet rays to destroy germs. So, you’re frequently swimming in pee and poo but someone shone a light on it, and Bob’s your uncle and it’s grand.”

    How on earth in Ireland in 2019 can we have houses whose sewage is dumped, not into a sewer which carries it to a treatment plant, but to a stream or river? Why can’t Dublin handle the poo and waste from 1 million people? Why aren’t heads rolling at Irish Water, the Environmental Protection Agency and the ministers (Murphy again!).

    1. Pat

      Because the EPA and Irish Water aren’t to blame silly pants. The EPA are scientists and Irish Water are engineers – they didn’t cause the problem – their job is to monitor and try to fix it.

      Tthe sewage chais in this country comes from decades and decades of inadequate investment and poor planning by subsequent governments and inept local government since the mid 20th century

  4. Jim

    More nonsense here again from Irish Water.

    What about MY boopsie pooper!?!?

    When WILL I BE allowed to defecate in the rivers as every christian is entitled? Timothy 12:5

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