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This morning.

James Joyce Centre,

Photographer Tom Lawlor at the launch of his “Sirens in Bloom”, a new collection of photographs, to mark the the centenary celebrations for Ulysses .

Saskp writes:

They were passionate about finding a voice for the many female characters in James Joyce’s epic novel. Tom instantly knew how he might reimagine the energy and power of the women of Ulysses and tell their stories through these vibrant portraits of contemporary Dubliners.

Sirens In Bloom

Sasko Lazarov /Photocall Ireland

This morning.

Happy Birthday, Ulysses.

In the footsteps of giants: the ultimate Ulysses walk around Dublin (The Guardian)

Pic: Irish Embassy, Athens, Greece

Staying in June 16?

Bloomsday celebrations  on RTÉ.

Joseph Hoban writes:

Starring Killian Scott, RTÉ will air the world premiere of US vs Ulysses by Colin Murphy – the compelling dramatization of the 1933 court case that resulted in the “un-banning” of Ulyssess in the USA. The premiere is presented in partnership with the James Joyce Centre.

Meanwhile, RTE/Ulysses will feature a range of additional content, including the complete RTÉ production – all 15 stories – of Dubliners, along with Joyce’s only play, Exiles. The website features 20 ‘explainer’ programmes, ‘Reading Ulysses‘, hosted by Gerry O Flaherty and Fritz Senn, as well as the Joycesongs series (music from the book performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra), and other audio and visual archive material.

RTÉ will also re-air the almost 30-hour production of James Joyce’s Ulysses worldwide on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra. The full dramatised production – originally broadcast in 1982 to celebrate the centenary of Joyce, and totalling 29 hours and 45 minutes in duration – will begin at the same time as both Stephen Dedalus’ and Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin begins in the book: 8am on 16 June. Audiences can listen live on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, or via podcast at link below…

Ulysses (RTE)


This morning/afternoon.

Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

Joyce fans in period costume, some masked, celebrate Bloomsday at Ulysses-featuring Sweny’s Pharmacy.

Earlier: Buck Starts Here

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


This morning.

Forty Foot, Sandycove, County Dublin.

Niall Burgess, Secretary General at the Department of Foreign Affairs, begins Bloomsday in scrotum-tightening manner.

In fairness.


This morning.

RTÉ has announced that an almost 30-hour production of James Joyce’s Ulysses will be broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra to celebrate Bloomsday on Tuesday,  June 16.

Anne Louise Foley writes:

The full dramatised production – originally broadcast in 1982 (top) to celebrate the centenary of Joyce, and totalling 29 hours and 45 minutes in duration – will begin at the same time as both Stephen Dedalus’ and Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin begins in the book: 8am on 16 June.

The production was recorded by Marcus MacDonald, directed by William Styles, and performed by the RTÉ Players, featuring Pegg Monahan, Patrick Dawson, Ronnie Walsh, Brendan Cauldwell, Colette Procter, Barbara McCaughey, Kate Minogue, Denis Staunton, Laurence Foster, Conor Farrington and Déirdre O’Meara….

Listen live on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, or via podcast here.


This morning.

Brian Lavery tweetz:

Good morning #fortyfoot

(Don’t miss the diver – far left)


A ban on swimming in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s beaches – Seapoint Beach, Sandycove Beach, the Forty Foot bathing area, Killiney Beach and White Rock Beach – was lifted last night.

It follows the placing of the ban on June 6 after a sewerage wastewater overflow at Irish Water’s Ringsend wastewater treatment plant on June 4 and 5.

Swimming ban lifted on south Dublin beaches (The Irish Times)

From top: US Democrat Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, Peter Butitigieg and Jow Biden, viewing an original copy of Ulysses in Trinity College’s library in 2016.

Weaponising Joyce

On the US campaign trail.

Via The New Yorker:

Beto O’Rourke comes to Joyce by way of Homer. Last April, he told a Texas radio interviewer that the Odyssey was “absolutely” his favorite book. He named his first child Ulysses—only, he has suggested, because he “didn’t have the balls to call him Odysseus.” That’s fine. Joyce, too, called his novel after the Latin rather than Greek name of the hero.

O’Rourke’s story starts to wobble, however, when you learn that his next child, a daughter, is named Molly, seemingly referring to Leopold Bloom’s wife—she of the twenty-four-thousand-word, eight-sentence, unpunctuated soliloquy that closes the novel. And his third child, another son, is named Henry. If you’re already in a “Ulysses” state of mind, you might recall that Leopold Bloom hides behind the nom de plume Henry Flower in his epistolary flirtation with the “lady typist” Martha Clifford….

Pete Buttigieg’s Joyceolatry comes across as the best informed and the most authentic. I’ve known how to spell (if not how to pronounce) “Buttigieg” for a long time, because Mayor Pete’s father, Joseph A. Buttigieg, was a literary scholar who wrote a book about Joyce’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.”

Taking that volume down from my shelf the other day, I saw that Buttigieg writes in the preface that “our son Peter Paul has contributed an uncommon measure of patience and tolerance” to the writing of the book. It was published in 1987, when Pete was five—patience and tolerance were no small thing.

Joe Biden’s occasional references to Joyce over the years feel less strategic. He hasn’t been talking about Joyce as often of late—there have been other issues for him to address—though he has a habit of kicking around Joyce allusions like snuff at a wake….After seeing some of Joyce’s manuscripts in the Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin, in 2016, Biden called him “one of my favorite writers”

…But, given the controversy swirling around him, Biden should remember that “Ulysses” contains its own #MeToo movement, or at least moment. In the novel’s most vertiginous chapter, “Circe,” Bloom hallucinates a series of women accusing him of a wide range of forms of unwanted sexual attention

The Politicians Who Love “Ulysses” (Kevin Dettmar, New Yorker)

Pics: Getty/Rollingnews

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