Coffey Break


This morning.

The Irish Fiscal Advisory Council published its Stability Programme Update 2019 with chair of the council Seamus Coffey giving a presentation on the same (video link above).

Mr Coffey has also helpfully tweeted a synopsis of this thoughts on the report.

The 176-page report can be read in full here.


Social Democrats tweetz:

Estimated cost of National Children’s Hospital has doubled in six years according to @IFAC_IE report, & cost of Broadband plan has overrun by 500% 👇

We’re brining a motion to Dáil today for Government to get to grips with public finances & invest to address #ClimateEmergency

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6 thoughts on “Coffey Break

  1. eoin

    The concentration of corporation tax receipts on a few dozen companies should be keeping people up awake at night. Much of that tax is not based on real Irish labour and productivity, it’s based on international rules for profit recognition and tax, which can be changed over-night. That’s always been a risk but the writing is now on the wall, especially for US tech companies. That tax income can’t be banked into the future, yet our supposedly economically literate FGers are spending it as soon as they get it, and they’re making permanent upward changes to spending (new hires, wage increases, tax cuts).

    It’s voodoo economics (with apols to the voodooists).

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      So change the loophole (s)
      And lose circa 4.68 billion ( based on YE18 10.4b)

      So I suppose this is the figure you’ll be getting used to hearing a lot now

      Don’t know what the Soc Dems are hoping to achieve
      A bitta’ve speaking time before the summer recess?
      Put themselves as natural replacements for Clare and Mick’s seats should a GE?
      Record some footage and news time before a likely General?

      Ah shur’ lay’ve them at it
      I’d rather hear from Catherine and Roisin
      Than Paschal or Richard or Leo or Heather

      Cheezus even listing out the FG Senior Ministers’ is a pain in the ____ rhymes with soul

  2. kellMA

    Dublin port tunnel looking like good value for money relatively speaking. Can’t believe I am actually saying that….

    1. phil

      It was probably quite difficult to do any funny business when Japanese company Nishimatsu was the lead ….

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