Courageous To The End



Former Sgt Maurice McCabe’s father Michael passed away.

In the above clip from last year’s RTÉ documentary Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story, Maurice credits his father for his painstaking commitment to seeking justice.

In the 1970s, Michael McCabe took a stand against businesses polluting Lough Sheelin in Cavan with pig slurry.

In the same clip, Maurice’s wife Lorraine also credits Michael for instilling in Maurice an ability to continue his fight, despite setback after setback.

Last year, Supreme Court judge Peter Charleton found in the Disclosures Tribunal that Maurice was the victim of a ‘campaign of calumny’ by former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan, aided by former Supt David Taylor.


Michael row the boat ashore (Anglo Celt, October 2015)

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7 thoughts on “Courageous To The End

  1. Bebe

    So glad Michael got to see his son Maurice gain the respect and admiration of the Irish at home and abroad,who read about and witnessed the appalling injustices he and his wife Lorraine and family endured. Were it not for the recording I’m not sure Maurice despite truth being on his side could have withstood the pressure.

    Maurice walked in giant footsteps of his dad and made him proud. A sad day for Maurice and family – condolences on the loss of a wonderful role model and dedicated family man.


  2. eoin

    Less than a year of experiencing the total exoneration of his son.

    More than a decade of witnessing the abuse.


    [just took a look at Martin Callinan’s wiki entry and it would make you sick how unscathed he is after everything he did to Maurice McCabe]

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