7 thoughts on “The Talented Mr Riley

  1. Owen C

    “”In 1974, Peter Muscat Scerri initiated a joint venture with Riley Potato Crisps of Scunthorpe UK and Murphy Crisps (ie Tayto) of Dublin Ireland. The Maltese Government at the time prevented imports of such products. Hence in collaboration with Riley’s and Murphy, Rimus started to produce snack foods locally. They did so under the brands and logos of the two foreign partners.”


    is tayto prak dngerous?

    not being a diservice shiill..

    but i imagine it to be somthing like the marly park playground bak in the 80’s

    ye know?

    all that wooden stuff..

    or maybe its great.. so says a m8 a mine..

    just driove by it the odd time.. & i think what really does it…

    is it reminds you your in kildare… where f’all ever happens

    1. Spud

      That Marley Park playground in the late 80s / 90s was savage!
      Seemed like the biggest hills / slides ever!
      Would be ripe for compo claims if it existed today… would walk out with scrapes and our shoes full of little pebbles. Used to be a joy running about in it!

      As for Tayto Park… fire remains a real risk.
      It could be burnt to a crisp!

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