Off Clanbrassil Street, an Apartment Block of Tenants Told They Have to Leave (Lois Kapila, The Dublin Inquirer)

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  1. Mountain Talk

    Bain Capital / is this the slimy predatory eel Mitt Romney owns. Yes it is. Sensata, I remember was the big highlighted thing during his cough cough Jobs, Growth campaign bullpoopy poop poop. Thing was, not only was the company
    outsourced. But the workers, had to stomach the extra low indignity of training in the asian workers who would eventually replace them. “Bain Love in Ireland” marketing idea

    (via Huffington)
    In Freeport, Illinois, 170 workers at a Bain-owned Sensata Technologies plant know the effects of the Romney Economy all too well. During a community meeting last weekend, Sensata employees — many of whom have spent decades building the company and contributing to its profitability — shared how Bain’s decision to relocate their jobs to China by the end of this year will thrust their families into poverty and likely decimate the economic base of their community. When the Sensata workers discovered a few months ago that their factory was owned by Bain Capital, they extended a public invitation to Romney (who was campaigning only about 50 miles away) to come meet with them and perhaps use his continuing business relationship with Bain to help prevent their jobs from being shipped to China — a request that the Republican presidential candidate has so far ignored.

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