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This afternoon.

Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

Protestors including Richard Boyd Barrett TD (above left) and Hasan Sm Zafar (top) with protesters outside Val Issuer Dac offices holding placards with a picture of Sean O Sullivan, a director of the vulture fund.

Around 50 families are facing eviction from their homes in Richmond Street and Clanbrassil Street in the Rathmines area of Dublin after the properties were bought by Val Issuer Dac last November.

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Off Clanbrassil Street, an Apartment Block of Tenants Told They Have to Leave (Lois Kapila, The Dublin Inquirer)

The Department of Housing confirmed to The Sunday Business Post that a number of homes which were sold by Nama to Cerberus in recent years are part of a portfolio of properties under offer by the Housing Agency.

The homes are contained in a portfolio of almost 200 homes currently under negotiation between the Housing Agency and Cerberus, code-named Project CB by the state authority.

The Department of Housing confirmed that 26 of the homes in the portfolio were previously controlled by Nama.

“The vast majority of properties being progressed in the current transaction are not related to state institutions or state-financed institutions. A small number of properties have loan charges that were acquired from Nama by Cerberus,” a spokesman for the agency said.

State pays market price to buy back properties sold at discount to vulture funds (Jack Horgan-Jones, Sunday Business Post)

Ulster Bank is to sell 5,200 non-performing mortgages to affiliates of so-called vulture fund Cerberus for €1.4 billion.

The portfolio of loans includes around 2,300 mortgages relating to private homes and around 2,900 mortgages covering buy-to-let properties.

Good times

Ulster Bank to sell non-performing loans worth €1.4bn to Cerberus (RTÉ)

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