Here For You


A message sent out on June 9 by Gary (Gaz) Smith (top), chef at Michael’s seafood restaurant in Mount Merrion, Dublin 4.

Gaz added:

I’ve not had the balls to discuss this for 20 years…. I’ve written and deleted these words so many times over the years but now I feel brave enough to admit my suicide attempt. Chat to somebody, anybody, me, I’m here.

Gaz on Twitter

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11 thoughts on “Here For You

  1. Owen C

    One of the genuine good guys out there. Keep an eye out for his amazing “kids eat seafood free” thing he does in September (hopefully again this year).

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    very brave to share,
    fair play on reaching out to help others,
    if one person sees this and it helps it’s already worth it

  3. Andrew

    I’ll put up with the adds that’s fair enough but the constant flicking between articles as you read has now forced me to delete your app.

  4. Bebe

    Incredible honest testimony that obviously is not easy to reveal to the world. I am in total awe of this wonderful human being who puts his own fears to one side to reach out to those feeling overwhelmed in a world that has become cruel and unresponsive to the needs of the most vulnerable. Our MH services are broken; our sense of community and responsibility for each other has long since left us – and lives are fractured with loneliness enveloping and addictions to end the pain providing short lived if any comfort.

    This gesture is incredible in a world of ‘fk u I’m alright and one-upmanship.

    We need more people like Gaz. I hope Gaz gets to do a Ted talk as obv pondered for a long time on reaching out in a way that is so public yet makes himself available so that others may overcome that intense and consuming darkness to have the will to live.

    Well done Gaz – sending you lots of love – you’re doing something incredible positive for all of us. You’re truly inspirational – Thank You sooooooo soooooo much x x

  5. Marbe

    Thank you a hundred times over. May your words travel to those who need to hear. So glad you woke up and are here now.

  6. lolly

    Here Here to the above, he’s a great restauranteur also, loved by his staff and customers – a must visit – amazing seafood, best chips in the city and the best béarnaise sauce also (the three go together)

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