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The Divine Comedy – Norma and Norman

It sometimes seems that we take Neil Hannon for granted. For nearly 30 years he has been one of Ireland’s best songwriters and his new single is a case in point: a three-act love story that is warm, witty, wise and with a killer chorus. And he makes it seem so effortless.

The video is also brilliantly edited and directed.

Neil is touring his new album ‘Office Politics’ this autumn when his band play Dublin Bord Gais Energy Theatre on October 6; Belfast Ulster Hall on October 7; and Cork Opera House on October 8.

Nick says: How many pop songs namecheck the Battle of Hastings? Genius.

The Divine Comedy

9 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. David

    I witnessed Neil Hannon supporting Robbie Williams around 1998. Or maybe 1999. It seemed like an accident more than anything. To say his subtle lyrics and gentle humour was lost on the WKD-guzzling mostly female population of the Point that night is a powerful understatement. (Everyone joined in for the Father Ted sing-a-long though.)

    1. Mezcal

      When you say “we” take Neil for granted, do you mean “we English”, since that’s all he writes about?

  2. Mezcal

    Oh, where? I’m just pointing out that Neil writes exclusively about Little British culture and Brexit types. I just think it’s funny is all. He could be writing about middle America all the time and I’d point that out too, or the travails of the working class in Portugal, it is remarkable is it not?

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