Coming To America


A request to extradite Julian Assange to the US has been signed by the home secretary but must still be approved by a judge on Friday before the WikiLeaks founder can be sent to face trial in America.

Sajid Javid said he had signed the extradition order but maintained it was a “decision ultimately for the courts”.

On Tuesday, justice officials in Washington formally submitted an extradition request to the UK over claims Assange published classified information and conspired with former US army private Chelsea Manning to crack a defence department computer password.

Julian Assange: Extradition order signed by home secretary ahead of Wikileaks founder’s court hearing (The UK Independent)

8 thoughts on “Coming To America

  1. eoin

    Without Assange, we would never know about the scale of US wrongdoing (including murder) in Iraq.

    If he had a sexual crime to answer for in Sweden, fine, extradite him there.

    This is just about the leverage of the US and it’s a sad day for democracy. Just another day in police-state Britain though.

      1. f_lawless

        I don’t think the espionage charges even relate to the DNC email leaks, only the material Manning released

      2. jerry

        I have not seen it mentioned that trump is 100% pushing for this – either way the door is now open for him to go further as his name has been cleared – its all to gain and little to lose

        someone is desperate to prove it was the russians who “hacked” the dnc – they could of course end up finding out it was leaked or that multiple people hacked hillarys bathroom server (this was not the target of the muller report, just the dnc hack/leak was in focus – they could if they wanted divert into other areas of interest but the areas they chose were more for trump campaign “corruption” or payments, rather than Steele dossier fabrication and Obama spying)

        such damage done to journalism for attacking Assange over and over for telling the truth about the murder of Journalists

        p.s tootkins-pootkins to the guaridan

    1. deluded

      Why were all the other reports of the scale of US wrongdoing (and murder) in Iraq not believable?

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