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  1. Gabby

    At least they’re not blaming Putin for the tanker attack. Wear your halo high, Mr. Putin.

  2. f_lawless

    Just before the Japanese Prime Minister and Iranian leaders were scheduled to meet together and discuss mediation to reduce tensions with the US, Iran decides to attack tankers carrying a Japanese cargo. It’s like a stale, re-hashed Hollywood remake destined to go straight to DVD. This clip says it all really https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfoaLbbAix0

  3. GiggidyGoo

    FG HQ is actually a massage parlour. The massages duly performed by the younger employees. Go in there with an unhappy figure, and leave with a brand new happy clappy one. Guaranteed for 3 months.
    Homeless figures massaged
    Hospital figures massaged
    Broadband figures massaged
    Employment figures massaged
    HSE Spending figures massaged

    FG – a massage for all types of figures.

  4. eoin

    First, it was ex-president Mary Robinson shilling for the Dubai landlord for the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation. Of course Mary would deny knowledge of any of that, she’s merely good friends with the Dubai dictator Mo McToom and his #1 missus.

    Now, The Phoenix reveals ex-president Mary McAleese has joined a lobbying group in Brussels called the “Bussola Institute”. What, pray tell, does it lobby for? None other than policies of the Gulf Cooperation Council. And who are they? It’s a Saudi headquartered group comprising the most backward countries in the Middle East which includes Dubai.


    How much Mary?

  5. eoin

    Front page of the Examiner, you can’t beat the Irish ad for a rural menswear shop.

    “up to 50% off or more”

    Bet they stock Pierre Cardin.

    Compare it with the similarly placed Boss ad on the front of the FT.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Once these sales are advertised as ‘At least 49% off’ i might consider venturing in.

  6. eoin

    Why does Irish media give Jeffrey Donaldson of the DUP the time of day.

    Formerly of the UDR which is, in my opinion, a terrorist organisation, having read Anne Cadwallader’s “Lethal Allies” and the number of UDR members involved in murder and gun-running, these days Jeffrey and his bro, Kingsley are principals at a number of companies which have been accused of providing “security” support to the repressive Bahraini regime. Jeffrey said he was suing after those claims, though he doesn’t appear to have sued the Irish Times, at least not in the Republic and their article remains online.


    Jeffrey is presently holding forth on the Brexit backstop. The only thing he’s an expert in is hotel room pay movies, google it.

    1. Str8bath

      brilliant stuff Eoin

      Just a question do a lot of your exclusives come from the Phoenix? No harm but it will save me buying it

      On your other question I’m not a PR expert, maybe rotide who appears to work in media can chip in here, but it seems once you’re in the good list as a commentator they will just roll you out again and again because they are unpaid interns working in media now who do that sort of thing and who are lazy and demotivated

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Hows Gimmemore doing these days. Not many press releases from his new position in Europe as Special Representative on human rights. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2019/02/28/human-rights-eu-appoints-a-new-special-representative/

    From the article…… ‘As former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore had government responsibility for the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, including its core human rights provisions’ Really?

    1. eoin

      Shure, hasn’t he brought world peace to Colombia and completely wiped out its cocaine trade, replacing it with fresh flowers?

    2. martco

      Gilmore encapsulates everything that went wrong in Labour for me

      trough-loving guttersnipe

      1. Str8bath

        in the fact it’s hard to argue martco

        But I think history will be kinder to this era of Labour
        A bit like the way people look at trump and pine for W

  8. eoin

    Irish women (giving an address in Republic of Ireland) obtaining abortion in England and Wales last year down by 140 to 2,879.

    Irish women (giving an address in Republic of Ireland) obtaining abortion pills last year up 188 to 1,405.

    A net increase of 48.

    The Times Ireland (down to 16 articles today, ex opinion/sport) has the stats for the England/Wales NHS.

    1. Str8bath

      maybe Clampers should give two cents here but I expect he is up to his neck in soiled terries

      A better way of looking at is how many jobs can be secured or created in Waterford if this service can be resumed and expanded. I think it’s working in Knock to be fair

  9. Charger Salmons

    Jeez,that bad Brexit news for Blighty keeps on piling up.

    ” BRITAIN has maintained its position as Europe’s foremost investment hub by attracting more business than Germany and France combined, new United Nations Conference on Trade and Develop figures reveal.

    The country managed to attract £1.48 trillion of inwards investment stocks in 2018, which is more than Europe’s next biggest economies – Germany and France. This leaves Britain the third-largest investment hub in the world, behind the United States and China. ”

    ” Berlin managed to only attract £739billion and Paris just £649bn as both capitals struggle to establish themselves.

    Over the past year the value of inward stock into the UK increased by 21 percent, compared to just one percent in Germany and a six percent fall in France.

    Between 2010 and 2018, the value of these inward stock investments into the UK have increased by 77 percent.”

    We’re doomed Captain Mainwaring.
    Doomed !

    1. bisted

      …you and I appear to be among the small number of pro-brexiteers here Charger…but you have to admit…the cartoon on the front page of the Irish Times is, as you might say, top notch…

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’m thinking of posting a picture of a chocolate Hobnob that looks like the Isle of Inishmore.
            Just for the lolz.
            The Phoenix and Private Eye will be cacking themselves.

    1. SOQ

      The only thing Deagio care about is their brand. Pretty sure they done their research into the court of consumer opinion before taking action.

      1. Jeffrey

        its “Diageo” but anyway, of course its about brand but also values. Many others dont care visibly as PJ is going to play …

          1. The Old Boy

            That reminds me of the jury on a particularly knotty murder trial that, several weeks into evidence went to celebrate one of the juror’s 21st birthday during lunch. On their return, an hour late, they were all soused and two jurors were openly groping each other.

            The jury were duly discharged and the whole trial had to be re-heard. They were lucky not to be held in contempt.

      2. martco

        this was a very good call

        London Irish ploughed ahead in hiring Jackson without a care for either their supporter base or their sponsors

        If I was overseeing corporate donations in these circumstances I’d go judge & jury with my money & cancel too

        there’s more to come, just wait for the coming season to get moving

        1. Not Following

          So a man found not guilty is a court of law is still hounded for something nobody could prove he did?

          That the virtuous left for you.

          1. Ian-O

            Not sure I would describe Diagio as being ‘lefty’s’?

            He may have been found innocent of the charge but it would appear it was the Whatsapp messages and his actions on the night including the large amount of alcohol consumed that are dogging him these days.

            Being concerned about that sort of behaviour is neither a right nor a left issue, its down to both respect and perception. Diagio obviously don’t want to be associated with a man who goes on an all day bender and ends up having a 3/4-some with a random lady. Looks like they are tolerating binge drinking.

      3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        While it was inevitable
        In the #MeToo #IBelieveHer environment anyway

        Anyone else think it’s a bit rich
        Even a bit crass
        This climb onto the high morale ground from Diagio?

        Or did I miss them coming out to condemn the long haul Binge Drinking session Paddy and his team mates gloated over


  10. George

    How can a sprained finger be worth €19,000?
    If you work with your hands and get paid €38,000 a year and can’t work for 6months.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      yea, the irish daily mail being very irish daily mail with that cover story. “look at all these sponging plebs claiming thousands of YOUR money!! it’s not really politicians you should be after, turn on each other instead, you working class pondlife”

      1. Pip

        Haha yesterday’s Irish Daily Mail sported a headline about the Irish Priest and METHS.
        The one with an ‘s’ at the end is a rather different substance, innit?

    2. postmanpat

      Like he wasn’t working for 6 months? please! We know now that you can be photographed running and playing field sports while a comp claim for whiplash a sprain and/or “morto” goes through and not only keep the claim but not get criminally prosecuted. Give me a break . sprained finger-man didn’t lose any earnings for 6 months. the 19K was pure gravy. I hope the money brings him nothing but bad luck and the next time he gets injured he loses his whole hand.

  11. Murtles

    Jo Brand channelling her inner Henry Sellers from Fr Ted, “Sack me, SACK ME? I made the BBC!!”

  12. Not Following

    Can you see the scam?

    “State spends €87 million on Carbon Credits as part of ‘Climate Charade’ ”

    The charade first pretends that an inert, invisible, odourless, tasteless atmospheric nutrient (at a concentration of 0.04%) is somehow toxic.

    Anybody still pushing this agenda is trying to pick your pocket.

    1. Ian-O

      I’d be against carbon credits as it does appear to be a scam alright. Bit like upping your health insurance everytime you go on a bender or eat a greasy take away – it might hurt you in the pocket but its still not addressing the bad behaviour in the first place.

      However, its been proven that an increase of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can have drastic effects everything and in high enough concentrations it is toxic.

      But if you think CO2 is bad, what until you meet all that frozen methane locked up in the ground in places like Siberia or under the arctic ice – it could be to carbon dioxide what a Fiat punto is to a Ferrari.

      Irrespective of whether you believe its human made or a natural cycle or something, our climate is definitely changing.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        Its even worse when big corporations buy all the energy from renewable energy thus lowering their carbon bill but you and me are left to foot the carbon bill.

        I want to buy my energy from only renewable sources and pay no carbon tax…
        Can I do that? no

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