Fill Your Boots


More than €1m has been paid to a communications company managing publicity for the National Children’s Hospital, it has emerged.

In 2015, €204,509 was paid to communications company Q4PR.

This increased to €274,567 in 2016,

€276,467 the following year,

and €248,050 in 2018.

The Dublin-based firm’s contract is due to continue until March 2021.

€1m paid to publicists for National Children’s Hospital (Irish Examiner)

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8 thoughts on “Fill Your Boots

  1. eoin

    Since when did it become commonplace for a single building project to need its own dedicated PR?

    This building project is going from bad to worse, €2bn now being openly discussed as the final cost, separate entrance for private patients. Is McDonalds still involved? Why couldn’t we just build a utilitarian box which provided world class medical support for children? Why did we need all the design and gardens and unnecessary architectural finagling.

    1. postmanpat

      To justify expenses, ie: money laundering. The whole project sticks of multi million euro white collar criminality but he police are do busy busting grow houses and instagraming stock photos of rolex’s or bogey rusted rusty homemade machine gun reproductions to care. As for Q4, read all about the sociopaths who run the company here.

    2. phillip

      Its all about greedy little men and women with grubby hands
      We actually deserve it for we tolerate it
      To listen to some muppet in charge of this project saying he is helpless to stop the rising costs is pathetic

      The only solution is stop the project now and go to revamping hospitals

      Not one capital project should be entertained unless under direct control by the EU for we are incapable of getting one thing right

      Maybe direct rule from the EU is the only way forward

  2. Hector Ramirez

    Yet the HSE won’t reimburse a *family their medical Marijuana costs… (even though the family were granted a licence)

    *another BS story today.

  3. postmanpat

    Roll on 202? when the hospital is up and running. Parents of sick children can de-stress and plan their upcoming child’s funeral in some tiny garden area that cost 20 MRI machines to build and costs tens of thousands of euros a month to landscape by a pop up landscaping firm owned by connected people that also takes on jobs-bridge scheme youngfellas or horticulture students every new semester to maintain it and pay them below minimum wage . Featuring a centerpiece bronze abstract monstrosity sculpture the state paid some Orish “artist” Thirty grand and (his art agent, whos friends with the right government people , say ..sixty grand) to bang out in his workshop in Co. wherever and paid a transport firm 10x the going rate to transport it down to Dublin the long way round, but the drivers will be paid the same wage anyway and the transport company owner will be friends with someone of course. Meanwhile the hospital carpark will be contracted to G4S who will have license to rob sick children’s parents blind and fill their corporate pockets and claim the shortfall in revenue directly off the hospital when the projected profits are low at any given quarter because the state blindly signed some one sided contract which guarantees they make X amount no matter who uses the carpark. They will also pay their staff minimum wage ,or less if they get people in job bridge training or whatever its called when Q4 or whichever publicity firm the government pay to rebrand at the time and they need to call it something else. Loads of private companies will be making out like bandits for years, hide the money , claim to be running at a loss, and because the government lawyers signed locked in one sided contracts they didn’t read and likely paid off not to read, the government will have to pay up the creative accountants, made up shortfall, month after month, year after year. The hospital will be running at a loss because of this and will request greater budgets which will be stolen from public money they shouldn’t need in the first place.

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