What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season



Last night.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Model Abbie Brennan and Liane Smal wear pieces by NCAD graduates among award-winning looks at last night’s Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Future Makers ceremony in the Westbury Hotel.

Lian (top) sports a jacket dress with detachable wool fringing by Edel Traynor while Abbie (above) wears a design by Izzy O’Reilly entitled ‘The Corner Dress & Spit Bucket Trolley Bag’.

As she is perfectly entitled to do.



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33 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Trolley bags eh. Never seen anyone under sixty use one around Dublin. If it’s now a fashion must-have then Guineys better stock up.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      make A LOT of sense

      I regularly use one, but i can carry pretty much any look off , still looking cool and hot

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I know. Sending the wimmin out to shop AND safely land small aircraft. Unfair.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I am just wondering what time they had to get up at in order to have no people on Grafton Street…

    1. The Old Boy

      I think Col could be right above – the lighting is all wrong. look at the shadows. They’ve been placed on Grafton Street by digital trickery.

        1. The Old Boy

          I have spent too much time analysing the edges of the shoes and trolley wheels since I made that comment and my opinion keeps wavering back and forth.

          1. The Old Boy

            You’re right, I’ve got a touch of Friday afternoon fever. There is only one known cure.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Ah now, no need to be negative. As The Devil Wears Prada pointed out, sometimes the point of fashion is to test limits of what can be done.

      While I have no fashion sense whatsoever, and feel I cannot therefore legitimately criticise anyone for their, I must say that I am impressed by the creativity these artist show. And for what it is worth, I would like to compliment the team at Broadsheet for their regular showcasing of these event.

  3. Gokkers

    Last set are of our good friend Val Denton,…Harvey Denton’s long suffering wife ; )

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I agree. Could do without the barcode, but as I said above, I don’t have the creds to critique

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    love that the Moors St. chic ensemble was shot on the safety of Grafton St., rather than the actual markets where ya might’ve had to rub shoulders with the likes of who actually wear these things unironically.

  5. Termagant

    How much has the taxpayer spent on the education required to produce these abominations

  6. SOQ

    Interesting how the Arab market is influencing fashion.

    Strip away the gimmicks and all you see is modesty.

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