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  1. RiderOnThe Storm

    Anastasia Kriegel

    Requiescat in Pace

    Heartfelt condolences to her Father and Mother

    1. norman

      Sad bit of reality as the perpetrators of such a vile crime are protected from a baying as the rush to protect the identities takes place
      Its not as though they stole a car
      But social media must be controlled

  2. Charger Salmons

    A Prime Minister Boris and Nigel Farage electoral pact is looking ever more likely.
    With Sir Nige the kingmaker deciding the future policy on Europe for the Boris premiership.
    That should see off a hopelessly divided,Marxist-led and terrorist-loving Labour party and usher in a No-deal Brexit.
    The Peacock Taoiseach is going to look quite the chump then as the EU orders their whipping boy to negotiate a way to avoid a hard border using technology and all the other means which he has consistently said is not possible.
    Once the dust has settled watch the EU then come after Ireland’s corporate tax rate or ” watching our back ” as it’s known.
    Oh dear.
    How sad.
    Never mind.

    1. bisted

      …sadly, no deal brexit is a dead duck…and has been for a long time…can’t wait to see how bungling Boris explains that…Bercow shall marshall the large majority of MPs who oppose no deal.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      always nice to revisit our favourite Charger Sameone’s comments from yesteryear

      1. Charger Salmons

        Delighted you appreciate my predictions coming true.
        Next,the winning Lotto numbers.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          between us, charger, I actually do appreciate your comments. they amuse me greatly.

          1. Charger Salmons

            There’s always one I can’t enrage and send quietly demented.
            Or stomp off in a tantrum.
            It’s going to get volcanic when Brexit actually happens.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            stomping off in a tantrum?

            sure you’re back now and that’s all that matters

          3. bisted

            …sorry to disappoint but I too enjoy your comments…I even agree that UK voted to leave the EU and a no deal is the closest to what they voted for…but it isn’t going to happen…even Cromwell* couldn’t steer that past Mr Bercow…

            *how is your alterego ollie these days?

        2. scottser

          you were right about one thing old cock – tories will be quite happy to sacrifice scotland and northern ireland in order to get their precious no-deal brexit. and there was me thinking nobody could be as dumb as you, but how wrong was i, eh?

      2. Lobster

        I find it boring as hell to see half a comment section taken up with trolling. I’d be interested in the views of people who disagree with me, but the trolling is just a pathetic cry for attention. Scrolling past paragraphs of charger shouting “look at me” without having the confidence to engage in an actual conversation. As hobbies go it’s one I certainly don’t understand

  3. eoin

    Just after 1pm today, the 158 TDs in the Dail will vote on the proposal to send 14 Irish soldiers to the African country of Mali for peace-keeping in a country which is riven by several bloody conflicts.

    There was a debate about the motion on Tuesday, read it here.


    “As Ruadhán Mac Cormaic noted, it is also the deadliest. In the past five years, 177 peacekeepers have been killed, including 16 so far this year, by gun attacks, home-made car bombs and improvised explosive devices. It is one of the deadliest of all time. This makes it clear that we are sending our troops into a situation that resembles a war rather than a peacekeeping operation. That is quite clear to anybody.”

    More than 1% of the UN soldiers deployed to Mali have been killed. There’s a 10% chance that there will be a fatality amongst the proposed Irish deployment based on experience up to now.

    FF will support FG at 1pm today and the 14 will go to Mali. On their heads lies this decision.

    The rest of the opposition, SF, Labour, Independents4Change, SocDems, Greens and the Independents ( apart from the handful which is supporting the govt) are likely to vote against.

    1. Gabby

      At one level regarding troubled Mali the Army brass are glad that members of the elite rangers group will be getting a tough and dangerous assignment where their physical and mental military skills can be tested. Small numbers of Irish Army members have been in Afghanistan and elsewhere in recent years gaining valuable specialist experience in intelligence gathering and the dismantling of IEDs.

      1. eoin

        I stand to be corrected but this deployment of Irish soldiers in Mali will mean, for the first time, Ireland is effectively declaring war on the group calling itself Islamic State, which is one of the main combatant groups.

        Now, people may say IS is an evil group of so-and-sos and why shouldn’t Ireland fight them, but we’re neutral. France has been battling IS for ages, and look where that’s got them.

        The deployment of Mali marks a major erosion of Ireland’s neutrality, and it will be waved through in the Dail at 1pm today.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          UN peacekeeping forces are neutral. That is the banner that Irish soldiers serve under on these missions.

  4. eoin

    You have to hand it to the lobbyists for the “space industry” and their quest to get govt funding. Papers plastered with the latest assault by their lobbyists today. Apparently, we’re losing money by not giving money to the space industry. That almost sounds too good to be true (because it’s not).

      1. Charger Salmons

        I dunno.
        Is space exploration more important than hundreds of people sleeping on trolleys in hospital corridors every night ?

        1. Al Bin Man

          If we crack space travel we could always outsource the scum and the sick up there, keep them alive on drips of chlorinated chicks, see I can do Tory

  5. Listrade

    Hey, everyone! Look over here: Porn. No, not over there. Ignore all that cancer stuff we effed up and the homeless, step over them and look over here: BOOBS AND DICKS. That’s the real problem. Porn makes murderers. Aren’t you glad you have us here to keep you and your children safe?

    I’m surprised Eoghan Murphy hasn’t taken credit yet, by saying that by having more children homeless, they don’t have access to the internet and therefore he is protecting them from porn and we should be thankful, not angry.

    Anyway, I just watched an interesting documentary on the internet about The Holocaust, so I’m off to start my own genocide because, you know, that’s how it works you watch something on the internet and then you go out and repeat the exact same thing.

  6. eoin

    You have to be impressed by the speed with which the courts are hauling in reps of Twitter and Facebook to the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin today to warn them about the identification of Boy A and Boy B, the murderers of Ana Kriegel. With what seems like less than 24 hours notice, representatives from the Dublin offices of the two companies will be in court with the legal reps.

    The courts can act with lightening speed when they need to (that said, I think there are exceptional grounds to identify both children in this case, but that’s for the courts to decide).

    1. Jeffrey

      At this rate the all country has seen the boys – how would you keep this from getting out? impossible. But for sure they can prevent the picture to remain on the main sites…

  7. eoin

    Day #22 of the “fortnight” long, internal FG review of the Maria Bailey dodgy compo claim and the role played by Josepha Madigan.

  8. eoin

    Lovely syndicated story by Gordon Deegan in several papers today. A farmer is single-handedly blocking Intel’s €3bn expansion.

    There are allegations of collusion between Intel and FFers

    “In his five-page handwritten appeal, Mr Reid has enclosed a news article from the Liffey Champion newspaper from December 3, 2016, which he said “reveals a photograph outside Leinster House which clearly identified three members of Intel Ireland and three members of Fianna Fáil”. He alleges that “this photograph without a shadow of a doubt confirms that political collusion in planning has taken place”…Timmy Dooley, the Fianna Fail TD, said: “To make such an assertion based on a photograph of Intel executives with politicians is a rather bizarre attempt to undermine the planning process.” He said that it would not be unusual for politicians to meet representatives of companies “and it would seem in this case that the meeting was done in a very transparent way with a photo taken outside Leinster House”.”

    You wouldn’t think the farmer, Thomas Reid has much of a chance but he has had some court success against Intel previously when it wanted to compulsorily purchase his farm.

  9. SOQ

    There appears to be some heavy duty health concerns being raised about the radiation levels in the vicinity of the 5G antennas. I know I wouldn’t want one near my home until the health implications are fully known.

    From the link below- “Many countries such as China, India, Poland, Russia, Italy and Switzerland have far more protective and stricter radiation limits which will not allow the deployment of 5G as the increased 5G radiation would exceed their limits. These countries are creating roadblocks to the 5G rollout and industry has launched large scale efforts to loosen limits”


  10. eoin

    Sad story from Mick Clifford today about a death by suicide.

    The last line is frightening, nine Gardai died by suicide last year. Out of a service with 14,000 staff, that’s 64 per 100,000 compared to just 7 per 100,000 in the general population (352 in 2018 out of a population of 4.857m according to the CSO’s vital stats for 2018).

    “Join the guards, you’re nine times more likely to top yourself” is hardly the best ad for the service.

    1. Cian

      Not comparing like with like.
      The general population isn’t equally likely to die by suicide.
      The Crude rate (per 100,000) for men is 11.7; for women it’s only 2.9
      An Garda Siochana is 73% male…. so the combined crude rate would be nearer 9.3/100,000;

      Suicide is less likely in children and old people. The crude rate (CSO 2013) for the age groups 20-65 is anything between 22 and 29.

      “Join the guards, you’re nine three times more likely to top yourself” is probably more accurate.

  11. eoin

    Has Johnny Green heard anything about Ireland’s former richest man, Denis O’Brien’s Digicel? Its bonds have crashed to a new record low this morning. Digicel doesn’t publish financial information but its bondholders usually get a briefing within two months of the quarter end and that usually leaks to the media. There’s not been a peep about Digicel’s quarterly results for Jan/Feb/Mar 2019, which is unusual and strange.

    What’s up?

    1. Johnny Green

      Morning Eoin,I’ve moved on to higher things than dodgy third world telcos:)
      Lots ‘news’ regarding Anguilla or Antiqua,the few hundred inhabitants are fighting over a license,but the IT is doing a great job cutting and pasting the local reporting,a few days late.

      Don’t know when start with this-all joshing aside will ask around in NY today Eoin

      ‘Ten tickets to five of Carnival’s “most anticipated” events including “Slippery when Wet” and “Brunch and Soca” are up for grabs by several persons as part of Digicel’s Carnival promotion.‘


      1. Al Bin Man

        the main thing I read was that Antigua had ordered Digicel to sell back their license- that could’ve been why market sentiment sent prices down

        1. Johnny Green

          Hi Al-there are some suggestions/allegations that the license was shall we say…..plus ça change.

          “The letter to which he referred, identified the telecommunications officer by name, Clement Samuel, and revealed that in September 2012, APUA officials expressed concern over the officer’s “arbitrary” distribution of spectrum “without consultation with ALL of the Telecoms Operators” and the then Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer mandated a solution be found.”


          However,its a very small market and unlikely moving the bonds this much, more likely the burn rate is rapidly depleting the cash reserves from recent raise.

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