Copying The UK


Today’s Irish Daily Mail

This morning.

Skeptik writes:

Interesting to note that the British have quietly shelved the age verification system, the same one plastered all over today’s Irish newspapers as being “the saviour of our children”…


UK government quietly cancels “age verification” system that would have compiled a database of every Briton’s sexual fantasies (BoingBoing)

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20 thoughts on “Copying The UK

  1. Manta Rae

    I see the Mail shysters are in court on a contempt charge on July 4 over their sensationalist coverage of the Ana Kriegal case.

    Hypocrites, the lot of them.

  2. postmanpat

    So what if kids learn about sex through pornography? That how most people have learned since the printing press was invented. Its not like you can (or would want to … urgghh) watch your folks going at it or spy on the stable boy banging the milk maid from your hiding place behind a hay stack and taking mental notes as if you were still in some pre-industrial society. The Irish Daily Mail .:putting the fear of sex back into society. Right wing scum.

          1. postmanpat

            Really Ian-O? So that’s why I find real sex more fulfilling than masturbation. Thanks for settling that argument. Wait until I tell my wife about this!!

          2. Tony

            Be honest now Postie – isn’t your “wife” just your own hand with lipstick and eyelashes drawn on it?

        1. millie st murderlark

          I learned an awful lot about my sexual preferences by reading erotica. Porn was useful too, but erotica was better

          1. Ian-O

            An analogy of the differences might be something like the difference between drinking a few hot ports or whiskeys on a cold winters evening or lashing back 12 cans of Dutch Gold by the canal on a July weekend.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane


      Parents should know what their kids are at on those yokes
      My ‘wans face is never out of hers

      I’m an unapologetic hypocrite here because I don’t check myself, her Dad does tho’

      I’m naturally very uncomfortable prying – I don’t even go into her room only to leave laundry on her bed, I don’t folly her on any of the apps they have, I don’t even check her school bag
      But I do make sure I know who her friends are, and get to know their parents and where they live
      And always ask teachers at the PTAs about her beheaviour in class, and is homework done on time etc

      Either way
      If a child has porn on their phone – presumably a devise provided by the parent and funded likewise
      or Accessing adult content, anything from Paddy Power to Tinder to Nazi propaganda
      It is absolutely our job as Parents to know about it and to take full responsibility

      The moment she’s 18
      She’s on her own

  3. shortforBob

    Even if such blocks were workable (they aren’t) you just know it would be another law that is barely enforced.

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