Modus Operandi


Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster

The Archbishop of Westminster was focused on protecting the church’s reputation over the welfare of children, an inquiry into child sexual abuse has found.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols is the current leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales and was archbishop of Birmingham between 2000 and 2009.

More than 130 allegations of child sex abuse have been made against 78 people associated with the archdiocese since the mid-1930s, but the true scale of offending is likely to be far higher, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) concluded.

The panel found the church had “repeatedly failed” to alert police to allegations, and said the consequences of those failings “cannot be overstated“.

The Roman Catholic Church Case Study: Archdiocese of Birmingham Investigation Report

Archbishop of Westminster put church’s reputation before children, says abuse inquiry (Sky News)

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Ireland’s European Commissioner Phil Hogan meets Pope Francis at the Vatican.


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4 thoughts on “Modus Operandi

  1. postmanpat

    Why would the church alert police to allegations about themselves? Why would anyone bring allegations to the church instead of to the police in the first place? Surely the police hear the allegations and approach the church not the other way round. Its like a victim asking an attracters boss to hand their staff over. Are people that stupid? Sorry this is a head scratcher … 1: Priest bums kid, 2:kid , I don’t know , says something to parents or guardian . 3: Kids guardian take these allegations to the polic,,, no ..the bishop!!!!???!! 4: The end…..? Are Catholics in England so insular that they wont talk to the police and trust the bishops ( former priests who bummed there way up the ranks) to hold the priests to account? Maybe the bishops did kind off ?? “Sentence, Ten hail Mary’s Father Murphy” “and it will be twenty if your caught again” . Is it just that despite the child raping , pious parents of raped kids still don’t want to put a priest behind bars?, especially at her majesty’s pleasure , a dirty protestant queen to boot. Catholics dude! the mind boggles!!!

  2. Paulus

    I bet Frankie’s fingers hurt after Big Phil got a hold of him:

    Big Phil; C’mere, sorry the crowd in th’oul Park wasn’t bigger.
    Big Papa: Ees alright; at least nobody threw anything!

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