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Fontaines DC – Sha Sha Sha

Fancy a day at the circus? Then let Brian Chatten and his crew be your guide.

Directed by Hugh Mulhern, the new video from the Dublin post-punk tyros sees them larking about in costume at Duffy’s Circus amidst the acrobats and the bikers. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

‘Sha Sha Sha’, whose riff has echoes of The Clash and The Cure, can be found on their album ‘Dogrel’, which has been generating a serious buzz across the Atlantic.

Nick says: Bring on the dancing horses

Fontaines DC

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11 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. BS

    Cosplay working class

    faux inner city dublin accent and appropriating “dogrel” in order to get some authenticity points. Theyre are doing well in the UK/Europe but anyone i know here thinks theyre awful and not representative of most decent Irish bands.

    unfortunately there will be a whole slew of knock offs now to jump on the fontaines bandwagon and try to make a few quid

  2. Termagant

    Does post-punk just mean punk without any of the teeth or style that got people to let bands off the hook for not having any talent or skill?

  3. Al Bin Man

    Of course
    If anyone thinks they can do better they can put their own video up here for comment

    Still too relentlessly aggressive lovely patient mods with the thankless task of making the comments section less unpleasant?

  4. J Dizzle

    Best album I’ve heard in years. Hard to keep all the Picture This and Script fans happy though.

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