‘Severe And Debilitating’


Mairead McGuinness (right) canvassing during the European Elections on May 25, 2014 with Avril Doyle and then Taoiseach Enda Kenny  a week after winning her claim against a car hire firm for an incident that left her with ‘severe and debilitating’ injuries

McGuinness, 60, told the Irish Mirror last night: “I don’t even remember the details of it and I’m not going to discuss it because I’ve given you my comment about the Vestager (EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager) issue.

Look, I’m not going to discuss the case with you.”

The former RTE journalist and Ear to the Ground presenter claimed to have suffered “severe and debilitating injuries” according to court reports in the Irish Times at the time of the civil action in Castleblayney.

In the civil bill, issued on 14 May 2004, the MEP said her injuries were severe and debilitating and “interfered with her enjoyment of life and all routine and other activities”.

This was less than a month before she won a seat at the European Elections that June.

Compo claim Fine Gael MEP now says she forgets details of insurance settlement (Irish Mirror)


34 thoughts on “‘Severe And Debilitating’

    1. topsy

      or possibly have a Baileys and fall from one’s grandiose perch.
      These people are the moral barometers of our society. Disgusting stuff. Yet there is a long history of dodgy carry on by politicians, yet many of them are elected again at the next election. So really we deserve what we get.

  1. Al Bin Man

    Everyone! To the pitchforks!

    This is the real story folks!

    Not the €3Bn Children’s Hospital

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      there can be multiple things happening at once. in the case of FG, it’s usually the case. One controversary overlapping the next. Makes it easy for people to forget, especially the dumb voters of ireland.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        or cervical screening scandal, hospital waiting lists/bed shortage/staff shortage, housing crisis .. they’ve an endless list of failings running into each other. yet dooppy boopers keep voting for them. It reminds me of Mrs.Doyle saying “maybe i like the misery”, think they really tapped into the Irish psyche there. No other explanation. We love an abusive power structure.

  2. Paulus

    I’d forgotten about Avril Doyle: Now there was a tough brass-necked old bird if ever there was one.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      She bucked the trend. She was sued for 38k for a motor accident. Though driving charges were dropped due to a delay by the state in dealing with the case.

  3. George

    How does anyone know she wasn’t up to her eyes in pain-killers to get through the election campaign?

  4. eoin

    Jebus, imagine if the media had gotten hold of this bombshell three weeks ago! Or alternately, imagine the pressure some media will have come under not to publish this bombshell three weeks ago. And wasn’t it a good job that RTE had no idea about this questionable insurance claim at the pre-election height of the Maria Bailey compo rumpus, imagine Miriam quizzing Mairead for five minutes about it, like she did with Mick Wallace and his bankruptcy.

  5. Joe Small

    This is not news. The Evening Herald reported it on 2 June 2004. Its being regurgitated in the context of Maria Bailey. Apparently her husband was in a collision with and American tourist (Gerard Rooney from Connecticut) and they sued Hertz Rent-a-car. This happened on 21 September 2003, the year before she became an MEP.

    The settlement was reported in the papers in April 2005 – https://www.wexfordpeople.ie/news/mep-settles-claim-with-car-hire-firm-27662710.html

  6. DOC

    “Look I am not going to discuss this case with you”
    I see Fianna Failures are the most popular party at the moment
    Does it really matter who is in power after the Election?
    Fianna Failures or The Blueshirts
    It is like swapping a penny for another penny
    This has been going on for OVER A CENTURY
    I do not know who said “All politics is local” but they were right
    One example Shane Ross Five Million for an Airport that has not had a commercial flight in Three Years
    One of many many examples
    Entltlements, Allowances, Expenses
    “I am not going to discuss this case with you”

  7. I post things vaguely related to the image/subject

    In other news, insurance companies are still making huge profits, despite the compo lovin’, relatively wealthy people who know how to ‘use’ the legal system. Little suggestion from the media that there’s an insurance cartel in operation, and even smaller amount of attention given to the possibility that said cartel is the main reason for high insurance quotes.

    Can’t wait for the likes of Vestager to sink her teeth into this. It’s only the likes of her that will investigate all possibilities.

      1. Vince

        Blueshirts are long gone. McGuinness is a good representative. Knows ehat shes talking about. Not always waffling half truths.

        I do think compo culture is gone mad. But was Mairead’s claim genuine. Doesnt look great and that s very disappointing

  8. Ian-O

    We are heading for a situation whereby FG members will need to sign a waiver to be allowed enter your garden to beg you for a job.

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