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Mairead McGuinness (right) canvassing during the European Elections on May 25, 2014 with Avril Doyle and then Taoiseach Enda Kenny  a week after winning her claim against a car hire firm for an incident that left her with ‘severe and debilitating’ injuries

McGuinness, 60, told the Irish Mirror last night: “I don’t even remember the details of it and I’m not going to discuss it because I’ve given you my comment about the Vestager (EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager) issue.

Look, I’m not going to discuss the case with you.”

The former RTE journalist and Ear to the Ground presenter claimed to have suffered “severe and debilitating injuries” according to court reports in the Irish Times at the time of the civil action in Castleblayney.

In the civil bill, issued on 14 May 2004, the MEP said her injuries were severe and debilitating and “interfered with her enjoyment of life and all routine and other activities”.

This was less than a month before she won a seat at the European Elections that June.

Compo claim Fine Gael MEP now says she forgets details of insurance settlement (Irish Mirror)